Proof of police bias?


It seems to me that the American police, and police forces in pretty much every other multiracial society in the world, must have a bias against blacks while being strangely lenient with people of east Asian origin (Chinese, Japanese and Koreans). After all, the arrest rates of blacks are way above the national average while the arrest rates for east Asians are way below. The only possible explanation is that American policemen unfairly target blacks while letting Japanese-American criminals off scot free. What else could explain the huge disparity in arrest rates?

We see precisely the same bias when it comes to university enrollment. Take UC Berkeley for example. Only 2.5% of last year’s students were African-American despite constituting 13% of the national population. On the other hand Chinese-Americans alone make up about 20% of Berkeley’s student population but only between 1 – 2% of the national population. Like the police, the admissions office at Berkeley appears to have something against blacks while oddly favouring east Asians.

These two examples show what a deeply racist country America still is. Only when all races are neither over- nor underrepresented in all areas of life will people concerned about inequality be able to rest.

For an alternative explanation to all this, watch this video by Jared Taylor.