Remainers and immigration


Today I found myself idly wondering if the people who voted in favour of Britain remaining in the EU are the same people who support mass immigration from non-EU countries. If so I blame them for the spike in knife crime caused mainly by members of black gangs and for the presence of the 23,000 Muslims who are currently on our security forces’ watch list.

Countries such as Poland and Hungary have never gone in for the mass importation of blacks and Muslims and thus have no problem with either black gang crime or Muslim terrorism. Do British immigration enthusiasts ever stop for a moment and consider that it was policies they favoured that gave us these problems? Are they ever tempted to admit they got it wrong?

On the face of it there is no real reason why a British person in favour of close economic and legal ties with other European countries should also be in favour of unselective mass immigration from the Third World yet to my mind supporters of one are often supporters of the other. Why would that be? What is the thread that binds two ostensibly unconnected beliefs? Or am I wrong and there is no overlap between the two groups?

After thinking about it I suppose the link, if there is one, is globalism. But wasn’t there a time when ‘good whites’ hated globalism? Didn’t they say that big western companies were exploiting the inhabitants of the Third World by setting up factories there which paid peanuts for wages? How come globalism has suddenly become a good thing?

I just can’t keep up. Who is Oceania at war with now?

2 thoughts on “Remainers and immigration”

  1. Would you mind if I made a comment about today’s Windrush fiasco? A lot of people on the left are trying to paint this as something to do with racism, bigotry, xenophobia, etc. I think that’s total nonsense. What it’s actually down to is the ridiculous jobsworth attitude that people who work for government bodies have these days, where they insist on applying laws and regulations in the most rigid and technocratic way. They should be using common sense and discretion to determine that the recent immigration laws were in reality designed to apply to recent arrivals, not to people who came here many decades ago. But of course that would involve a subjective judgement, and that’s not allowed in their way of thinking. I’m furious about what’s happening because people who came here from the West Indies in the 50s, 60s and 70s certainly shouldn’t be targeted in this way.

    1. I see. I’m glad you explained it. The whole thing was a mystery to me. First we let in absolutely anyone, including men who admit to being trained by ISIS, and then we start sending back people who have been here for ages, have worked and fitted in well into the community. I wondered if the government had suddenly realised its policy on immigration, especially under the Blair government and since, had been wrong and decided to have an immediate crackdown by tackling the ones who would put up no resistance: the ones who fill in forms, send them back and answer in an honest way questions regarding passports etc. As I say, I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Now your explanation clears it up. Under every new government policy there should be a rider which states: Do all the above but USE YOUR COMMON SENSE FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!

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