Honest Rod Liddle


I have seen black people on BBC Question Time lecture whites on how great diversity is and how bigoted some white people are for demuring. Yet most of us are aware that diversity is good for black people. After all, they get to escape the hell-holes they have created and come to live in our well-run countries. So of course they are keen on diversity in the same way I’d be keen to set up a joint bank account with Bill Gates.

There has recently been a spate of killings in London, mainly of young black men by other young black men and mainly by stabbing. It is the first time in modern history that the murder rate in London has exceeded that of New York. On TV a local (black) politician blamed the London Mayor and the Home Secretary for not coming to visit the area, as though that would make any difference. Does anyone seriously believe that youths will stop murdering each other because Amber Rudd is there? Or do they think she can only learn about the situation by actually going there?

There is talk of the Police being underfunded and Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police Chief, was asked if her force had lost control of the streets. What she should have said was that if everyone who lived in London was either white or east Asian the police force would be more than adequate. Yet if you insist on populating what was once a very nice European capital with blacks then no amount of funding is going to stop it coming to resemble any old sub-Saharan African capital. This is especially true if you hamstring your police force by making sure it doesn’t stop and search, or even arrest, more young black men than elderly white ladies. So instead of talking only about funding and policing and what politicians can do to help, could we have a bit of honesty and just for once talk about the young black men who are actually doing all the stabbing and shooting?

I take the fact that some black people don’t recognise what a poor deal diversity is for whites as evidence that they either don’t care about us or aren’t capable of putting themselves in anyone else’s shoes. After all, they have the lowest IQs of all races yet the highest self-esteem and are thus unlikely to consider others.

The Spectator contributor Rod Liddle got it about right when he wrote in 2009:

The overwhelming majority of street crime, knife crime, gun crime, robbery and crimes of sexual violence in London is carried out by young men from the African-Caribbean community. Of course, in return, we have rap music, goat curry and a far more vibrant and diverse understanding of cultures which were once alien to us. For which, many thanks.

These comments caused a furore among ‘good whites’ and black people, including the usual idiots (Diane Abbott, Bonnie Greer etc.) and led to complaints to the Press Complaints Commission who censured Rod Liddle for being unable to prove his claim. Even so, the extract below from a June 2010 edition of the Telegraph puts his supposedly erroneous claims into perspective:

The statistics suggest that Mr Liddle was largely right on some of his claims – notably those on gun crimes, robberies and street crimes.

The figures suggest, however, that he was probably wrong on his claims about knife crimes and violent sex crimes.

Curious about this, I decided to look up those figures Liddle allegedly got wrong. In 2010 12% of London’s population was black yet 59% of robberies and 67% of gun crime in London were committed by blacks. For street crimes as a whole, which include muggings, assault with intent to rob and snatching property, as well as the aforementioned crimes, the percentage committed by blacks was 54%.

So Liddle was ‘probably wrong’ inasmuch as the 12% of Londoners who are black committed knife crimes and violent sex crime at some figure lower than 51%. In fact they committed 46% of knife and crime 32% of the sex offences. White Brits, who made up 69% of London’s population in 2010, committed 49% of the sex offences. My maths is pretty poor but this looks to me as though blacks commit sex offences at at least 4 times the rate of British whites.

The same issue of the Telegraph stated that, ‘The statistics also suggest that black women are responsible for a disproportionate amount of violent crime committed by females.’ Great. Still, as long as it’s not ‘a majority’ then I suppose there’s nothing to worry about. Much easier to go after journalists who draw attention to such trends rather than tackle the criminals themselves.

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  1. Yup, you might be living in a hell hole, but just remind yourself of the amazing range of restaurants available.

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