Flogging a dead horse


Slavery in America ended over 150 years ago yet some people still insist on advancing it as the main reason blacks do worse in today’s America than any other ethnic group. These people never bother to explain why blacks do worse than everyone else wherever they are in the world. This is even true of places where slavery never existed and where blacks themselves have always been in charge. Nor do they bother to explain why blacks living 60 years ago who were much closer to the slave era were actually doing better than today’s blacks.

Though there is no way that I can prove it – or prove anything else in the sphere of human affairs –  my intuition is that had Jews, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Irish, Indians or pretty much any other ethnic group been subjected to slavery and then freed over 150 years ago, they would by now have caught up with white Americans, or even overtaken them. If only black Americans had 15 more IQ points they would never bother to talk about slavery and wouldn’t continually invoke it to justify Affirmative Action programs, set-asides, Disparate Impact, reparations and all the rest.

Though opportunities for blacks in America have greatly improved in recent decades the gap between them and everyone else has barely narrowed. One possible explanation is the direction in which the modern world is heading, namely away from manual work and towards intellectually demanding tech work, the kind of work that highly intelligent groups like Ashkenazi Jews and east Asians are so good at. Whites too, though slightly less so.

For me the arguments surrounding the causes of black underachievement resemble debates about the existence of God: both issues were actually settled long ago but like Japanese soldiers hiding out in the jungle 40 years after the end of hostilities, one side still refuses to admit defeat and so we all end up flogging a long-dead horse. Nor is there any sign that in-denial-blacks and their progressive liberal supporters will any time soon concede that DNA, a grievance culture and stupid liberal policies might have anything to do with the predictable and chronic failure of blacks.

Looking at the picture at the top of the page I think there must have been a falling off in black society since the 1960s. All the gentlemen in the photo (with the possible exception of the mean-looking guy in the white mac) look civil, decent, thoughtful and altogether unlike the hysterical Social Justice Warriors of today. Still, I suppose the same accusation of a fall in standards of dress and comportment could equally well be levelled at whites. This is probably a society-wide deterioration and not race specific. Even so, I find it likely that this decline has hit black society harder than white, in the same way that poor children abandoned by their father are harder hit than the abandoned children of the rich. This is a genuine case of ‘disparate impact’, in contrast to the dishonest and euphemistic use of the term to excuse the abnormally high rates of crime and school delinquency among blacks.

4 thoughts on “Flogging a dead horse”

  1. Hmmm, this has given me food for thought. It seems that for African Americans and Afro-Caribbeans living in the UK, the emphasis has shifted from trying to emulate the best of white society and instead switched towards embracing feral, lascivious and thuggish behaviours.

    That said, regarding the photo, hasn’t the public appearance and manners of the average white person also (at least in the Anglosphere) declined in terms of clothes, healthy BMI and general posture and bearing? I’m always shocked by how much thinner, neater and more civilised looking people are in photos from the past (pre-1970s), compared with the fat, aggressive, casually clothed slobs out and about today. Even the working class dressed up back in the day – my dad was thoroughly working class, but would always put a tie on, polish his shoes and wear a jacket for a night out at the Working Man’s club. I think a lot of that pride in being seen in public as someone who has basic standards of dress and behaviour has fallen by the wayside in the last 50 years or so.

  2. Very good point about a fall in sartorial standards and manner affecting whites just as much as blacks. I constantly revise my posts, generally in an attempt to make them shorter and simpler but also to change something that just doesn’t ring true or is poorly expressed. I find it impossible to write good first drafts. I am really more of a proofreader than a writer! Anyway, some time soon I will revise this post to take in your good point.

  3. Nice bit of editing – I really like your closing paragraph now, especially the use of the word “comportment”!

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