Social mobility or meritocracy?


Many people talk about social mobility as though it were a good in itself but I don’t see why. If someone moves up the social scale then someone must inevitably move down and why would a constant churning of society be preferable to stability? Just so that each family could have their day in the sun?

I suspect that most people want poor but talented people to have the opportunity to rise in society and relegate incompetent Hooray Henrys to the Third Division. I’m all for this too, but surely the goal here is meritocracy, not movement for its own sake. After all, it is perfectly possible to have a meritocracy with almost no movement up and down the social ladders. How? Well, if talented parents tend to give birth to almost equally talented children (and they do), then one shouldn’t expect that much social mobility in a meritocracy.

I said almost equally talented because genes only make up about 50% – 80% of our intelligence and only about 45% of our personality. Also there is the law of ‘regression to the mean’, in this case the mean of one’s gene pool. This law predicts that the children of highly talented parents are likely to be less talented than their parents while the children of thickoes probably won’t be quite so thick. However, children only regress part of the way to the gene pool’s mean, so they actually regress towards the mean, not ‘to’ it. Because of these two factors (environment and RTM) there is bound to be some social mobility in a properly functioning meritocracy.

Yet the end goal of all this is meritocracy, not mobility per se. The latter is just a means to an end. It’s like adjusting a thermostat to get the right room temperature. Your goal is not to adjust the thermometer.

Of course if you are a Social Justice Warrior then you will want equality over everything else, even if this means putting mediocrities like Dianne Abbott into powerful positions. Meritocracy won’t interest you. Since SJWs believe that everyone would achieve exactly the same if given the same opportunities then the fact that some people do better than others must be due to unfair privilege. SJWs therefore resent successful people, especially those who come from a long line of successful forebears.

If your definition of social mobility is simple movement up and down the social ladder then this post can stand. However, if by social mobility you mean the opportunity to rise providing you have the talent then reader, you can safely disregard this post.

2 thoughts on “Social mobility or meritocracy?”

  1. This is a comment I posted on a forum recently:

    “IMO politicians are almost always dishonest when they talk about social mobility. Imagine a politician who only ever talked about how money would be spent and never how it would be collected. That’s what they’re like on the subject of social mobility: they only talk about the winners, never the losers.”

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