The Great Replacement


There are misanthropes and radical environmentalists who think our planet would be better off without humans. After all, we mess up the environment, cause climate change and destroy the habitats of animals.

I admit that the earth would probably be more beautiful and cleaner if humans went extinct. Planes would rust in their hangars and cars would block the roads but this wouldn’t matter because buffalo would just step around them. Weeds would grow in the cracked asphalt, forests would flourish, our cats and dogs would probably go to the wall though the meanest, quickest and shrewdest of them might go feral and survive. Given enough time our cattle, sheep and pigs might man up, learn to finally provide for themselves and slowly start to resemble their wild ancestors, the ones that we domesticated a few thousand years ago.

This would all be fine with me because I like nature. Even so, without anyone around to appreciate it what would be the point? It would just be lots of animals eating plants or eating each other with a bit of rutting and reproduction thrown in to spice things up. I seriously doubt that pigs will any time soon gaze up at the night sky and wonder at the beauty and mystery of it all.

However, most people don’t want our species to go extinct though some do say they want the white race to do so. I have heard various black people and even a few whites claim the world would be a better place without us pale skins. Susan Sontag voiced this sentiment decades ago when she wrote:

The white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it alone—its ideologies and inventions—which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself.

Most white people don’t hate their race as much as Susan did, though many do seem oddly sanguine about the prospect of being gradually replaced by lots of ‘diversity’. These white people, invariably liberals, appear to believe that as long as someone is living in Europe, what does it matter who it is? Black, brown, yellow, red or white, who cares about such things other than white supremacists? Besides, we are all immigrants if we go back far enough, all of us came from Africa and the socially constructed concept of race, long ago debunked by science, is based on trivial differences in skin colour.

Of course ‘if we just go back far enough’ then we are all fish. And if all of us are immigrants from Africa, does this mean that Africans in Alabama and Mississippi put other Africans to work in their cotton fields a couple of centuries ago? And describing people who, thousands of years ago, blazed a trail into the frozen wastelands of the north as ‘immigrants’ is like describing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony as a ‘ditty’. Still, I guess it serves the progressive liberals’ purpose of obfuscation.

Whites seem peculiarly nonchalant about handing over their ancestral lands to others in a way that Tibetans and native Greenlanders aren’t. I’ve never heard anyone from either group say it hardly matters to them who lives in Llasa or Nuuk: Tibetans or Han Chinese, Eskimos or Danes, it’s all the same. So does this make Tibetans and Eskimos far-right ethno-nationalist narrow-minded bigoted racists? If so, then I’m one too.

In 1950 white people accounted for 28% of the world population. By 2060 it is estimated that it will be below 10%. By the end of this century, 4 billion of the world’s 11 billion people will be Africans. Say what you like but a world heavily populated by blacks and Muslims will look very different to a world full of Europeans and east Asians. What happens out there in the world is of less interest to me than what happens in Europe, especially Britain, and as long as Africans and Muslims agree to stay in their ancestral countries then as far as I’m concerned they can do what they like.

Being replaced by a more advanced civilisation, like the Romans muscling in on the Celts, is one thing, but being replaced by more primitive cultures is quite another. The immigrants coming to Europe are more likely to put the clock back a couple of centuries than move us forward. Their horrible cultural practices: rap music, drugs, knife crime, superstition, misogyny, child grooming, religious enthrallment and much much more, are precisely what one would expect from populations with low average IQs and what I hoped we had moved away from for good.

So I don’t care if some parts of the world, like poor old Zimbabwe and South Africa, revert to primitivism but please, please don’t let it happen here.

2 thoughts on “The Great Replacement”

  1. I hear ya! It’s been a particularly infuriating and galling last few weeks on the news front. The whole hoo-ha in England over the Salisbury attack has been really grinding my gears. We apparently give more national priority to the Russians taking out one of their own (if you believe the official claims) in the murky back-stabbing world of espionage than we do about THOUSANDS of underage white English girls being groomed, drugged, raped and even killed by Muslim gangs. Muslim gangs that have NO BUSINESS being in England in the first effin’ place, and who no sane person would ever want in their country. I am supposed to return to England this summer for a few weeks of holiday, but I am seriously loathe to do so at this point because I despise the ruling class and sentiment over there and I don’t want a penny of my money going towards supporting HM government. What to do?

    1. Yes, I believe the official claims. The Russian counter-claim is just hilarious: either the British government can’t protect their own citizenry from chemical attacks or they perpetrated the attack themselves on a Russian national. Well, duh, I think I’d go for the first option. No country can protect its citizenry from anything very much, not Russia, not America and certainly not Britain.

      Yes, the whole situation with Muslims and our government is infuriating. Writing it all down helps me. My Irish friend, who agrees with very little I say thinks I have a mono-mania when it comes to immigration, consoles me by saying, ‘Well, at least no one will be able to accuse you of not having done anything if the multicultural experiment all goes wrong’. That’s his way of saying we need to change the subject.

      As regards your trip to England, I view that as I view my Facebook account. Twice in the past few years I have deactivated my account, both times because I didn’t want to support Mark Zuckerberg and his globalist ideas. Both times, within a day or two, had reactivated it. The inconvenience to me just far outweighed any damage I could do to Facebook by deactivating my account. I know ‘every little helps’ and ‘it’s a matter of principle’ but practicality trumps both those worthy ideals!

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