I’m a hater


After listening to John Derbyshire’s latest podcast I started wondering if there is another country I could emigrate to. It’s not that life has become intolerable here because it hasn’t. I have my own house, sometimes play golf, play in a pub quiz team on Wednesday evenings, order books from Amazon that I read at my leisure, go to the doctor’s and pay nothing, and have enough money to go where I like and eat what I like. Basically I live in what Steven Pinker calls ‘primate heaven’.

My problem is that I no longer want to share the same air as people who don’t mind what has happened to Britain. I hate the fact that Muslim grooming gangs can turn young British girls into sex slaves and neither the police nor the social services have a problem with this.

Lucy and Sarah Lowe

I hate the fact that the father of Lucy Lowe, a Telford girl groomed and then murdered by her Muslim ‘boyfriend’, didn’t feel he could prevent his 13-year-old daughter going out with a Muslim taxi driver ten years older than her. Did he fear it would be too ‘authoritarian’, ‘patriarchal’ or ‘toxically male’ to intervene? Lucy was just 14-years-old when she had her first child and at 16 was pregnant with the taxi driver’s second child when he set fire to the house one night with Sarah, her 17-year-old sister and their parents inside. Before starting the fire he carefully placed his baby daughter under a tree in the back garden, wrapped up in a blanket. Only Sarah’s father, who was sleeping in another room, managed to escape. The taxi driver was charged with the murder of three members of the family but no charges for sex offences were ever brought.

Since when can you get 13-year-old girls pregnant and nothing is done about it? Since Muslims came to Britain, I guess. The murdering Muslim taxi driver will soon be due for parole. Lucy is just one among thousands of British girls who have been groomed this way.

I hate the fact that a young female Egyptian engineering student can be beaten to death on the streets of Nottingham and no one came to her aid, even though her attackers were a bunch of girls. Were there no men around to stop it? I hate the fact that the girl and her sister had been attacked by the same group of girls a few months previously yet the police seem not to have bothered to investigate it. The reason for their lethargy could be that the attackers were black and the police were loathe to risk being labelled racist for arresting ten black girls. The ethnicity of the attackers was only revealed by an Egyptian newspaper; no British newspaper mentioned this apparently irrelevant detail. So was it a hate crime? No evidence of that, say the police. Hmm, I’m pretty sure it would have been a hate crime if 10 white girls had beaten a black girl to death.

I hate the fact that people who speak up against any of this are immediately investigated by the police or not allowed to enter the UK in the first place. I hate the fact that the presence of anyone who doesn’t go along with the progressive liberal narrative is considered ‘not conducive to the public good‘. In what way is having millions of Muslims here in the public good? I hate immigration officials who let in a Muslim ‘child’ who actually told them that he had been trained to kill by ISIS and who later told his British teachers that it was his duty to hate Britain. Even so, he was placed in foster care and given all manner of goodies up until the moment the bomb he planted half-exploded on a London train, injuring 50 people. Here is Douglas Murray on this nonsense.

The same immigration officials who allow ISIS-trained ‘children’ to enter the UK refuse to allow in mild-mannered, middle-class journalists who speak up against the transformation of western societies. These immigration officers, many non-native Brits themselves, are so poorly educated that they are incapable of writing a refusal of entry letter in proper English. There were so many mistakes in the letter that a lot people online assumed it must be a forgery, falsified by the journalist who had been detained. Nope, our officials really are that illiterate.

I hate the fact that anyone with anything negative to say about the mass immigration of Muslims and blacks into Britain, no matter how politely expressed, is automatically labelled ‘a hater’. Isn’t it possible to be against something without hating it? Can’t you just be averse to it, lukewarm about it or just indifferent to it?

As far as I can tell, the people who run Britain, as well as the young people they have indoctrinated into their ideology over the past 50 years, are totally cool with all this. No one admits to having made a mistake or thinks we should perhaps reconsider our policy on mass immigration. None of them have anything to say against the persecution of people like Tommy Robinson by the police and security forces. None care that the BBC regularly suggests that the threat from the far right is as great as that from radicalised Muslims. Has it not occurred to them that the growth of the so-called ‘far-right’ is a reaction to mass Muslim immigration and the arrogant attitudes of Muslims towards the natives? People wouldn’t be driven to the political right if the centrists had policed, reported and followed the wishes of the majority in the first place. The fact that young girls, some as young as 11, were left unprotected by the police and social services was not the fault of the far-right. Nor was the fact that commuters and concert-goers were blown up. The blame lies squarely with the cheerleaders for multiculturalism and the chinless, spineless wonders who were placed in positions of power.

I am genuinely mystified as to why they have done all of this. Almost no British people wanted this invasion but we got it anyway. Jim Goad seems to think it is because our elites hate us. I am more inclined to think they made a mistake and now can’t bear to admit it. Or perhaps they genuinely believe that the Britain they’ve created is an improvement on what we had before.

In a nutshell, I hate what Britain has become, hate the people who brought this about and I hate the smiling nincompoops who have nothing to say against any of it. They sometimes come over all outraged by some ‘hate fact’ or when someone uses a non-PC expression to describe non-whites but seem totally perturbed that their country is in the final stages of being given away by a cabal of treacherous fifth columnists to a group of invaders who don’t deserve it.

If there were some dissident island populated by the likes of John Derbyshire, Tommy Robinson, Mark Steyn, Amy Wax and Gavin Macinnes, I would move there tomorrow, regardless of the climate, standard of living or frequency of natural disasters.

3 thoughts on “I’m a hater”

  1. While I have limited experience with Europe, I did spend a month in Czech Republic and I think it has potential. A similarly promising choice (so I’ve heard) is Poland. Japan is a wonderful country that I’ve spent a good deal of time in, but I doubt an Englishman nostalgic for his old culture would find it satisfactory. I could be wrong though.

    And though it might seem a rather boring option, may I also suggest giving America a chance. We were heading into the same madness as UK (and EU) but we caught ourselves just before going over the edge and we’re now starting to right the ship. Political correctness here still prohibits expressing certain opinions if your livelihood depends on public opinion, but as a legal matter the right to free speech is still very, very strong.

  2. I liked your last point that distinguished between livelihoods that depend on public opinion and legal rights. And I don’t find the American option at all boring. I have often thought I would like to try somewhere in New England. For a reason I can’t explain Maine appeals to me, though I know next to nothing about the place.

    I actually taught English in Koszalin in Poland for a year about 20 years ago and I liked it: lots of drinking and playing pool. However, I’m now too old and lazy to consider learning another language, especially one as difficult as Polish. I’ve been working in Japan for the past 15 years and know no more of the language than I did when I first arrived.

    I think I’m dreaming that some Orania-style community will form, or that some blue state breaks away from the union and votes in Pat Buchanan as its leader. Or that by some miracle the British elect a no-nonsense politician as Prime Minister. Of course that couldn’t happen since most people equate plain speaking with callousness. They prefer someone who emotes and pretends to care and implements hopeless policies that history has already taught us don’t work.

    No, I will probably retreat ever more into myself until the neighbours look on me as some kind of Boo Radley figure.

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