The New Europeans


First diversity enthusiasts assured us that only a few immigrants would come to Britain. Besides, they said, immigrants would probably all return home one day. Anyone doubting this was branded a scaremonger and racist.

When it became clear that the immigrants were coming in large numbers and none of them were going home, we were assured that they would all soon integrate and be indistinguishable from the rest of us.

50 years on and indigenous Brits are now a minority in their capital city as well as some other towns (mine, for example). National Geographic tells us that ‘new Europeans’ are reshaping our continent.

Wonderful. Bloody marvellous. Thanks a lot for that.

Whether those old cheerleaders for mass immigration who laughed at Enoch Powell are laughing now, I can’t say. I do know though that I, along with other native Europeans, don’t feel remotely like laughing. More like smashing something. And please don’t tell me that immigrants are good for the economy. I neither believe this, as argued here, nor care about it anyway. After all, what good is a strong economy to me if I no longer feel at home in my country and prefer to live somewhere else? And why would I want Britain and Europe to prosper anyway now? Just so that the ‘new Europeans’ can live comfortably? I would rather, like a retreating army, burn the whole thing to the ground.

2 thoughts on “The New Europeans”

  1. It’s ‘r selection’ engulfing us mate.

    Brilliant presentation introducing the subject from Dave Cullen
    (16 mins)

    Or for in depth try Stefan Molyneux series.
    “Gene wars: r/K Selection Theory”

    The premier source for “r/K Selection Theory” is

    I recommend following the Blog for real time coverage of current events from the r/K perspective.

    Once you understand r/K it is useful as a predictive tool.

    Think of it as Epigenetic reproductive strategies at play….

    “In group r’s (liberals) prefer out group r’s (migrants) to In group K’s (Patriots & conservatives)”

    All the best and good luck sir.

  2. I thought Dave Cullen was very good and I will seek out more of his stuff. Thanks for the tip. That said, not only do liberals reproduce at a lower rate than conservatives, also I don’t see why the liberals would team up with immigrant r strategists to overwhelm the Ks. Such behaviour would go against Genetic Similarity Theory, which I’m quite attached to. Still, clearly liberals are favouring immigrants so maybe I will have to reassess Genetic Similarity Theory…But then again, if people are not drawn to their own ethnic group then surely the whole conservative argument for ethno-nationalism is undermined.

    Okay, my head is starting to hurt from all these contradictory thoughts so it’s time to stop.

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