Some immigration questions


I have a few questions for fans of mass immigration and multiculturalism:

  1. Is mass immigration good for Britain or is it a punishment for our past sins?
  2. If it is good for Britain, could you show me the evidence? After several decades the economic and social evidence (e.g. an increase in trust) should be clear.
  3. If adding 10 million of your own people to your population merely causes a housing shortage and doesn’t raise the GDP per capita one bit, why would bringing in 10 million poorly educated, low IQ, religiously intoxicated people who barely speak English put no pressure on housing and miraculously raise GDP per capita?
  4. If mass immigration is a punishment for our past colonialism, how long must the punishment go on? Forever? Or will there come a time when we have paid off our debt and can have our country back? Does the fact that the standard of living for most Indians rose dramatically during the Raj but fell after the British left count for anything?
  5. On what do you rest your claim that present day Brits must pay for the alleged crimes of their ancestors? Where else is collective guilt considered reasonable?
  6. If collective guilt can indeed be justified and past Brits can be considered guilty, when will you be asking Turkey to let in millions of people from the Third World to atone for the crimes of the Ottoman Empire? And Russia for what they did during the Soviet Era in Hungary and Czechoslovakia and many other places? And the Mongols? And the Huns? And the Barbary Pirates? They were guilty of kidnapping a million white men, women and children. And the Japanese for the Rape of Nanking and other atrocities in the 1930’s and 1940’s? And the various Native American tribes who slaughtered each other and white settlers? And the various African tribes who captured members of other tribes and sold them to Arabic slave traders?
  7. If multiculturalism is so great, why don’t other countries voluntarily adopt it? Why do they believe that diversity brings disharmony rather than strength? How, for example, would you convince a Japanese person that his country would be better off with several million Africans, Pakistanis and Middle Easterners?
  8. Assuming that immigrants are not all equally productive or easy to integrate, wouldn’t it be better to take in people from countries similar to our own if, that is, we actually need any immigrants at all?
  9. If you think white people are often racist, why are you encouraging non-whites to come to live with us? Surely they would be safer well away from us?
  10. Why don’t you ask Japan, China, the Gulf States or other Muslim states to take in Muslim refugees? Why are western countries allegedly able to take in an infinite number of migrants without negatively affecting their societies while other countries, better placed than us, take none?
  11. The foreign aid we give allows inhabitants of the Third World to pay people traffickers to get them into Europe. The whole point of foreign aid is to help improve living standards in poor countries, not to help poor people escape their rotten countries and come to us. What is your solution to this problem?
  12. Given that the Middle East and Africa can produce babies and wars at an incredible rate, is it Europe’s duty to mop up the resulting mess until saturation point?
  13. Can an obsession with ‘white guilt’ border on the pathological? And doesn’t it play into the hands of unscrupulous people who are more than willing to encourage white guilt if they can get something out of it?
  14. In a recent poll two-thirds of British Muslims said they wouldn’t inform the authorities if they suspected someone they knew of being involved in jihadist activity. Are people who worry about these figures Islamophobic? Does it suggest Muslims are well-integrated? And where does it leave the idea that our problem is with just a tiny minority of radicalised Muslims?

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