What’s wrong with liberalism?


Some lefties think my views are nasty. I know this because they occasionally say that despite my views I am quite pleasant. Though I would disagree that my views are horrible – I just think they are true – I can understand why a liberal might think they were. After all, their own views are just so nice: we should let ‘refugees’ in regardless of whether they are really refugees or not; the tax payer should fund higher education, which should be free to all who want to take advantage of it, even the stupid and lazy; we should redistribute the wealth of those who create it to those who don’t, for whatever reason, good or bad and this will have no ill effects on either the economy or society as a whole; disparities we see in outcome between different individuals and different ethnic groups are all down to environmental advantages and disadvantages and thus can be eradicated with enough government programs etc. etc.

I have several objections to these views, the main one being that they store up trouble for future generations. We already have huge national debts so who is going to pay for free university education for everyone and a burgeoning welfare bill? The next generation of course. Who is going to live in societies split along ethnic and religious lines? The next generation. So while lefties have solidarity with everyone alive in the world today, my allegiances lie with people who lived in Britain before me and who will come after me.

My second objection is that even if liberals were right, it could still be the case that their views are only appropriate to societies that have achieved an unassailable level of safety. But what kind of society would you prefer to be in if we found ourselves in a life and death struggle with Islam: manly conservativism or caring sharing liberalism? Or if, after decades of immigration from black countries, we found that the kind of views voiced in rap songs had gained traction with a large section of our society? Then the views of conservatives like Douglas Murray, Mark Steyn and even Tommy Robinson would look like the height of gentility.

I personally wouldn’t give very good odds for the survival of a society that spends its time worrying about gender neutral pronouns, transgender bathrooms, making sure that the police and army are gay friendly, ensuring that all jobs are proportionately represented by the correct ratio of women to men, blacks to whites, regardless of how suitable everyone is for the job. I mean, just look at Diane Abbott here and here. She must surely be one of the stupidest and most mendacious people that ever to walk God’s green earth yet because she is black and female she is Shadow Home Secretary! It’s incredible. A society that wants to preserve itself does not raise lying nobodies like her to positions of power. The only reason we think we can afford such magnanimous gestures is that we believe ourselves to be both safe enough and wealthy enough to get away with it.

I’m willing to believe that picayune progressive liberal obsessions may be worth pursuing when there is nothing better to worry about but I don’t think now is that time. Had Britain had such a culture during World War II we would have finished second in that war within a week or two of the commencement of hostilities.

Apart from all the above, I think progressive liberalism breaks a pact with our ancestors and descendants. Those who fought in wars and did backbreaking work down mines and in fields presumably thought they were doing so to secure the future for their children and their children’s children; basically for their own descendants and people. I would love to ask them if, had they known we were going to give away our countries to Middle Easterners, Asians and Africans, they would have bothered sacrificing their lives and toiling so hard. I suspect many would say they wouldn’t. I personally can see little difference between a Britain run by Jew-hating, gay-bashing, goose-stepping Germans and a Britain run by Jew-hating, gay bashing, woman-dominating, religiously-enthralled Muslims.

I therefore think we are acting in bad faith when we give up our societies so thoughtlessly. We are merely stewards, charged with safeguarding and passing on to our descendants what our ancestors fought for and passed on to us and, unlike them, we are failing miserably.

Here is a terrific article on liberals by Patrick West.


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