Some good recent articles


Here is a good article in the Spectator by Rod Liddle on how, when the political left lose they scream, shout, blame and desecrate. Yet when the right loses nothing untoward happens. They just analyse why they lost and blame themselves, which strikes me as being the adult and civilised approach.

And here is Fred Reed who I like more every day. His topic this time is the sheer awfulness of many black people and their culture and my thoughts on reading it were ‘At last! Someone has finally said it.’ Not even John Derbyshire said it quite as plainly as this.

That article put me in mind of another Fred Reed article from a couple of months back that I have thought quite a bit about since. The article basically says that we only read to have our prejudices confirmed, which I think is depressing but largely true. I sometimes feel I ought to read articles I disagree with but I just find it unbearable. Therefore I can’t really blame lefties for never bothering to find out what John Derbyshire, Douglas Murray, Mark Steyn or Fred Reed actually think.

Here’s a video of Gavin McInnes, unsure of whether liberals are serious or just kidding.

And here is John Derbyshire with his weekly podcast. I especially liked his thought experiment at 15 mins 11 secs. This connected to the earlier segment on political violence, which he claims is committed predominantly, though not exclusively, by the progressive left. I agree with this, though I know that if you are a leftist you believe either that violence is committed equally by both sides, or that Trump and Tory supporters are generally the instigators. You will also probably believe that, culturally speaking, Trump supporters and Tories represent the status quo and dissenting from their views is bold and dangerous. According to this view, American playwrights take their lives in their hands when they criticise Trump and films that deal with slavery and the alleged continued oppression of blacks by whites are ‘transgressive’. The media is capitalist and thus on the side of dumb populists and against vulnerable minorities. School teachers are brave to expose the brutal history of white colonialism and empire, and so on.

This is all hilarious stuff though leftists seem to believe it is an accurate description of the world we live in. And this despite the fact that I am generally the only person in the room with a good word to say about either Trump, Farage, the Tories, Le Pen or European history. Why is it that these people think I sound like a crank yet still believe it is they who are an embattled minority? Why do they still pretend that the police are likely to knock on their doors at 4 am rather than on the doors of Tommy Robinson or some poor bugger who has made a joke on Twitter about Middle Easterners?


2 thoughts on “Some good recent articles”

  1. I know Derbyshire from his math books, and that one article about “The Talk” he got into so much trouble for a few years ago, so I was excited to listen to the clip you linked to. Nothing gets my curiosity like a good thought experiment. But when I got there, it was almost unlistenable! Why the hell is is talking so slow? What is going on?

  2. Hi Iconjack,

    Well, I guess Mr. Derbyshire is getting on a bit (70) and older people’s minds and mouths slow down. There may also be a strategy in there somewhere. Christopher Hitchens used to take his time when expressing a point, polishing his glasses, selecting the right word, and he had me hanging on his every word. Conversely, someone with a motor-mouth often leaves me feeling exhausted. I feel they are in a hurry because they aren’t convinced they are magnetic enough to hod an audience for long.

    Someone who talks as quickly as Steven Crowder, Stefan Molyneux and Gavin McInnes may be suitable for a younger audience whose neural networks fire at an incredible rate but for many paleoconservatives a plodding pace works better. Horses for courses. Having said all that I don’t believe John Derbyshire has a strategy; this is just how he talks. Maybe you should just read him if listening to him is too painful. I have found that I can’t listen to Theodore Dalrymple, despite the fact that I enjoy his writing.

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