The Manchester bombing


The best article I have read so far on the Manchester bombing was by James Thompson and included the following extracts:

The plan, such as it is, appears to be to keep on taking casualties in the hope that a policy of massive unselective racial and cultural immigration can be made to work. Sometime.

…The Islamic terrorists are making a clear statement: We can kill you whenever we like; we can kill your children; we can kill you in your most important public places; we can make your leaders hide behind bodyguards; we can make you partly undress every time you go through an airport; we can make fools of you by using your laws against you; we can make you scared of making fun of our religion even while you make fun of what remains of your own; we can have more children than you do and get you to pay for them; we can breed resentful losers in such large numbers that any one of them can become a murderer, and it is unpredictable which Mohammed will take the predictable step of murdering you; and you will accept our excuses that we had no idea that that particular Mohammed would take the logical step of biting the hand that fed it, in the sure and certain knowledge that you will feed us once more…

Meanwhile, at a desk somewhere, a young intelligence officer is doing a simple calculation: we have over 3000 Mohammedans with an urge to kill us, embedded in almost 3 million Mohammedans with no particular urge to kill anyone, but with some reluctance to denounce a fellow religionist on the basis of no particular feeling other than that they are taking their religion too seriously…

…Keep alert, but do not panic, and whatever you do, do not question the wisdom of unselective mass immigration.

The whole article is here.


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