Letter to Sam Harris


Dear Sam,

Rather than inviting onto your podcast the kind of conservative who agrees with pretty much all of your views (David Frum), why not invite one who doesn’t? How about inviting John Derbyshire, Peter Brimelow, Pat Buchanan, Jim Goad, Fred Reed, Gavin Macinnes or Steve Sailer? You could tell them precisely what is wrong with their obsession with demographic stability, limiting immigration to what is beneficial to the host nation, enforcing existing immigration laws, stopping people from terrorist-exporting countries entering the USA, preventing both legal and illegal immigrants taking American jobs which depress wages, plus anything else you might like to say.

They in turn could tell you how social scientists have found that multiculturalism undermines trust in a society, how failure to integrate leads to ghettoisation, how successful integration erodes diversity, thus requiring ever more not-integrated immigrants to maintain the diversity. They could tell you how silly it is to import large numbers of low-IQlow-skilled people just when automation is rendering such workers redundant. They could explain to you how some people find it a refreshing change that America now has a president, Donald Trump, who talks more honestly about the link between Islamism and terrorism, a president who doesn’t pander to race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter activists.

Perhaps you don’t want to invite a real conservative onto your podcast because you and they would have almost no common ground. After all, you want a progressive liberal country while they want a more traditionally conservative country. I’d be interested how you would go about showing them that they are wrong. Not wrong in their strategies, but wrong for wanting what they want. You talk about peaks and valleys on a moral landscape and I’d be curious to know why you think the peak they are aiming for is any lower than yours.


The Unrecorded Man


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