Trump’s travel ban


I have just finished watching the BBC East Midlands coverage of Donald Trump’s travel ban. It seems that a demonstration against the ban was held in Leicester, my hometown. Of course we didn’t hear from anyone who actually agreed with the ban. This could be because there wasn’t anyone or because the BBC failed to ask. Or maybe they chose not to broadcast any dissenting views. I wouldn’t put that past the BBC.

Of course it could also be the case that the BBC did ask but dissenters kept their views to themselves. Why would they do that? Because anyone who thinks it might be sensible to curb immigration from terror exporting countries must be a Nazi and a fascist and thus fair game for the Antifa’s and other good, caring people. And anyone who believes that the Left is not the side that disrupts their opponents rallies and meetings, shouts down opposing views and viciously attacks anyone who disagrees with them hasn’t been paying attention. Perhaps it is because the Left sees everything through the prism of politics that even small differences of opinion are seen as part of a historic struggle of good against evil.

If I were asked by a BBC reporter in the street what I thought of the Trump travel ban I would probably keep my pro-Trump sentiments to myself. I have no desire to be followed and intimidated by a mob of self-righteous fools. And if some leftie from my neighbourhood happened to recognise me as the pro-Trump interviewee from the telly I wouldn’t be surprised to receive a brick through my window one night. All is fair in love and politics.

Trump wants to protect America’s borders and believes illegal immigrants should be sent back to their country where they can legally apply for residence just like everyone else. This makes him equal to Hitler in some people’s eyes. Yet I agree with Trump that all countries, including America, should be able to protect their borders and to send back those who couldn’t be bothered to apply to the legal way. If this makes me ‘literally Hitler’ then maybe I’ll have to reassess my view of the Führer.

Hitler was responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews, for invading other countries and for starting World War II and Trump has done none of these things. In fact it looks like he wants to meddle less in other countries’ affairs than either Bush or Obama. So the people who accuse Trump of being like Hitler clearly don’t know their history.

Trump’s travel ban is not a Muslim travel ban. If it were, then all fifty majority-Muslim countries would be banned. As it is, only seven are. 85% of the world’s Muslims can still travel to America. That’s not much of a Muslim ban. The list of the seven worst terror exporting countries was drawn up, not by Trump, but by the Obama administration. And the fact that these countries are all majority-Muslim is not Donald Trump’s fault. It’s the fault of a combination of the Religion of Peace and huge populations with low average IQs. All Trump is doing is responding to a truth familiar to those with eyes to see, namely that Muslim countries are often hotbeds of barbarism, backwardness and religious fanaticism.

Of course some people will say that only a small number of Muslims are terrorists. True, but so what? Only a small number of Germans were Nazis. The others just went along, just as most Muslims go along. And you only need a handful of maniacs to kill hundreds of infidel, maim thousands and inconvenience everyone. Since neither we nor Muslims themselves seem unable to tell the good from the bad, why not just ban the lot? After all, what good do they do us?

I once read about an Irishman working with a British camera crew during the IRA bombing campaign of mainland Britain in the 1970’s. He was regularly stopped and questioned while his British colleagues sailed straight through the checkpoints. This annoyed his British colleagues who thought he was being unfairly discriminated against because he was Irish. Well, yes, he was. However, the Irishman understood perfectly well that since most terrorists in Britain were Irish in those days it made sense to check him more thoroughly than non-Irish. Just because most Irish people weren’t terrorists didn’t make the bombs any less dangerous. The way that Irishman saw things is how I and most sensible people would. Yet I have never heard a single Muslim acknowledge that the growing Muslim presence in western countries is causing problems that the natives could do without. All I have ever heard is moaning and accusations of victimisation. Where are the Muslims who say, ‘Most westerners never wanted us here in the first place and since we are becoming a pain in the arse for all concerned, why don’t we do the right thing, go back to our ancestral lands and leave these people in peace?’ Now that’s the kind of Muslim I would like.

Here’s Douglas Murray on the subject.

20.01.16 - Trum
Anti-terror measures are racist!

2 thoughts on “Trump’s travel ban”

  1. Once again I completely concur with your points. I particularly liked “Where is the Muslim who says, ‘Most westerners never wanted us here in the first place and we Muslims are becoming an ever bigger pain in the arse for all concerned. Why don’t we do the right thing and just go back to our ancestral lands and leave these people in peace?’ “.

    I have a lefty friend who insists that “the Right cannot do satire by definition”, so I’ll be sending him this. Please keep blogging!

    1. Hi Joseph,

      Sorry, the messages telling me that someone had commented on one of my posts somehow went missing. I just assumed it had all gone very quite. However, I have just seen your comment. I have now set things up so that comments are immediately accepted and don’t need to be moderated by me first. I can’t even remember why I wanted to moderate them in the first place. It certainly wasn’t to sift out the abusive ones. I’m more than happy to let people show how vile they can be. I think it was just in case one of my friends referred to me by my real name. A right-leaning blog on the internet is perhaps not the best place to use your real name. Unless you’re famous. Like Hitler.

      I would love to claim that I do satire but I just don’t see which bit of my Trump post was satirical. I meant every word!

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