Whitey Dämmerung


What I wrote below was part of an email I was writing to my Irish friend. After finishing it I could picture his crestfallen look on receiving it and an exasperated ‘Oh Christ, not this stuff again. I suppose I’ll have to read it and comment on it’. My friend doesn’t share my views on the demise of the white race or even appear to be aware of it. So rather than obliging him to read my hate-filled screed I thought I would post it here instead. Then people can either nod along or dismiss it as they please.

I’m becoming ever more adventurous in my reading. Today my WOT add-on for Chrome flagged up as ‘dangerous’ a website I was about to visit. It had poor ratings for trustworthiness and very poor ratings for child safety. It apparently peddled ‘Hate’ and ‘Discrimination’. Usually I heed the warnings of my antivirus, firewall and everything else related to computer security but this time I steeled myself, took a deep breath and plunged in.

I didn’t stay long enough to see if the site really was the den of iniquity it was made out to be. Instead I quickly found the essays I was looking for, downloaded them, and escaped ASAP back to the safety of my usual sites, much to the relief of my WOT add-on. The essays I downloaded were on human nature written by an Australian academic called Frank Salter. Frank doesn’t agree with the liberal consensus that mass immigration and diversity are always good for the receiving nations. This is probably why the site was flagged as dangerous: anyone who disagrees with progressive liberalism must be a hate-filled Nazi.

Just as bad as exposing myself to such hateful ideas about diversity, a few months ago I found myself reading a piece by a Holocaust revisionist…and enjoying it! I have always steered clear of such writers since I have a very positive view of the Jews and don’t think it right to question the unquestionably horrible reality of the gas chambers. I also tend to be suspicious of the motives of such revisionists, just as some people are suspicious of my interest in racial theories of intelligence and behaviour. They feel it must be my bigotry that drives my interest, though it was actually the other way around. Even so, neither my doubts about Holocaust revisionists, nor my determination to dislike and disagree with everything they write prevented me from surprising myself and enjoying this particular revisionist (David Cole, himself a Jew). I learned about the distinction between Holocaust denial (stupid) and Holocaust revisionism (reasonable) and also that there are some things most of us think we know about the Holocaust that are probably not true. Still, I’m not interested in going into this in more detail because whether the number of Jews murdered was 6 or 4 million, and whether Auschwitz was or was not an extermination camp does not materially change the horror of it all.

Because of my reluctance to sully my beautiful mind by engaging with anti-Semites I have until now avoided the writing of Kevin MacDonald. Of course criticising Jews doesn’t automatically make you an anti-Semite, any more than noticing that men commit a lot more crime than women makes you a man-hater. MacDonald believes that Jews have historically been behind the progressive liberal program to flood white cultures with mass immigration, probably to make themselves less visible to the sometimes hostile gentile majority among whom they live. There might be some evidence for this but again, I can’t generate much interest in it since even if Jews have been among the most vehement advocates of mass immigration into gentile lands, it was still stupid us who implemented their fiendish plan. If we are that idiotic then we deserve everything we get.

Whether or not Kevin MacDonald is right about scheming Jews I can’t say but he does have sensible things to say about other topics. Unlike a lot of academics he finds nothing to be ashamed of in white people wanting to defend their culture and their numbers. Though nepotism is frowned upon nowadays in western societies, in my opinion it is no worse than colluding in the decline of your own people and culture, which is what many progressive liberals do. Such anti-white attitudes by whites is now considered enlightened by some. However, prior to the 1960’s it would have been thought perverse, disloyal and treacherous. I tend to look at it in the pre-1960’s light.

In 1950 whites made up 28% of the world population. At the end of this century it is predicted that number will have been reduced to 7%. In 1950 whites constituted 87% of the US population, the other 13% being made up almost entirely of the descendants of black slaves, with a few Native Americans and a handful of Mexicans thrown in. Now whites make up just 62% of the U.S. population and are projected to become a minority within the next 26 years. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton appear to view this change as ‘progress’. But such a huge transformation is bound to have consequences and I think these will be mainly negative, both for whites and non-whites. After all, when people are being honest with themselves they have to admit that non-whites generally benefit from the achievements of whites. This is why many of them risk everything to try to reach countries built and run by white people.

Some white Alt-Righters are doing what they can to stop the white race’s slide into demographic oblivion while the rest of the pale-faces are either unaware of the rapid darkening of the world or don’t care. At the other extreme to the Alt-Righters are the progressive liberals who seem positively gleeful at the prospect of a world void of whites. Eagerly joining these white traitors is a motley of blacks, Hispanics and some of Kevin MacDonald’s Jews. The same demographic changes that are transforming America are also changing  Britain, though at a slightly slower pace. Even so, the recent migrant crisis of Middle Easterners and Africans will speed up this transformation.

Reading Kevin MacDonald and Frank Salter‘s writings has brought home to me just how odd it is that whites have been so easily persuaded not to care about the demographic decline of their race. Just the threat of being called a ‘white supremacist’ or ‘racist’ seems to be enough to silence most white people.
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