Multiculturalism is only for whites


About a year ago a friend of mine sent me link to a video of a black academic talking about colonialism. He blamed most of what was wrong with his country – Nigeria, I think – on the British having carved up Africa without regard to tribal borders.

Personally I feel that Africans are more than capable of messing up their countries without any assistance from whites. According to research that seems credible to me, the people of sub-Saharan Africa have low impulse control, high time preference (they will eat one marshmellow today, even if it means forsaking two tomorrow, a thing successful people rarely do), high testosterone levels (the women too!) and an average IQ of around 70. This low IQ doesn’t mean that they are borderline retarded, just that they tend to think like your typical 11-year-old white. It is therefore highly unlikely that they will build Tokyo-style societies. Even so, I do agree that splitting up a country so that two large tribes are forced to live together is a really stupid idea. Of course members of one tribe are going to resent being ruled by members of the other tribe. They probably resent even having to share the same space and being made to tolerate their neighbours’ way of life.

Still, I find it strange that my friend agrees with all this. He is multiculturalism’s biggest fan and feels Britain still doesn’t have enough immigrants or enough diversity. He believes that it is only through living with immigrants that the British have managed to leave behind their narrow-minded bigotry and their stultifying, inward-looking culture.

This being the case, I can’t see why he objects to two tribes living together in Nigeria. After all, if multiculturalism and diversity are so great then mixing it up should be preferable to festering and stagnating alone. By sharing the same space the two tribes can exchange ideas about their different ways of doing things and enrich each other’s cultures. This, at least is what my friend usually believes. Yet for some reason in this case he doesn’t believe it. Why not? It appears that multiculturalism is good for white people but not for blacks. Huh.

I suppose my friend could argue that while multiculturalism is generally good, having two black tribes that can’t stand each other’s guts living together isn’t a great idea. I would agree with this, but then I’m not the one who has always depicted black people as the epitome of peacefulness and wisdom, like a race of Morgan Freemans. So why can’t two black tribes just get along? Could it be that they are just as aggressive and violent as whites? Could it be that they are even more so?

If my friend believes that it was a bad idea to yoke two mutually-hating black tribes together in one country, why does he then support Muslim immigration into the West? Doesn’t he know that the West has been at war with Islam, on and off, for the past 14 centuries? I know he believes that after a couple of generations immigrants integrate into the host country but this clearly isn’t the case with Muslims. The first generation was just grateful to exchange their God-awful homelands for the West and so integrated reasonably well. However, their resentful progeny moaned of being ‘marginalised’ (i.e. they are surly, have no qualifications and are unemployable) and many feel antagonistic towards western styles of life. And this problem isn’t only with Muslim assimilation. Blacks and whites have been living together in America for nearly four centuries but does anyone really think this is working out well?

On the topic of multiculturalism, here is a good interview with the Australian researcher Frank Salter. And here is Kevin MacDonald writing about a Frank Salter talk.


2 thoughts on “Multiculturalism is only for whites”

  1. Haha, great point! This reminds me of an argument I had at a party with a flaming SJW lib a few years ago, who was enraged at how “the West” had caused the Rwandan genocide in 1994. It seems that particular act of mass slaughter wasn’t one tribe of black people deciding to hack another tribe of black people into pieces with machetes, it was the fault of western nations for making them live together in the first place. He refused to put even one iota of blame on the perpetrators themselves, it was all down to the wicked west for making them live together in an artificial post-colonial state. Oh, and by the way, he had a Phd, so that meant he was even more right.

  2. I think the real racists are those who insist that while whites have agency and are responsible for their actions, blacks are mere pawns to be moved around by other races and social forces. These people believe it is the West’s duty to help pull blacks out of poverty while at the same time claiming that we are all equal: equally intelligent, equally industrious, equally peace-loving etc. So while white people pulled themselves out of poverty some time after the Industrial Revolution, China is doing so now and the standard of living is slowly rising in most of the world, Africans still have to rely on foreign aid and foreign know-how to escape poverty? It seems to me you either believe that whites societies are superior and so have a duty to aid others or you think we are all equal and African backwardness is a complete mystery.

    The stupidest academics always put their qualifications just below their book titles. Although a PhD really does still mean something in certain subjects (Maths, Science etc.), all it guarantees in others is that you have fully absorbed the (often already crumbling) conventional wisdom and are impervious to counter-arguments, having no interest in finding out what is true but only in defending your position. A perfect example of this was the debate between J.P. Rushton and David Suzuki in 1989 in Ontario:
    Rarely has there been such a mismatch between someone genuinely interested in what is true and someone merely striking a pose, totally ignorant and uninterested in the evidence.

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