Young gifted and black

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Nina Simone wrote one of my favourite reggae songs, Young Gifted and Black, though I prefer Bob and Marcia’s 1970 orchestrated version of the song. I was listening to it the other day and the thought crossed my mind what a furore there would be if some white singer/songwriters wrote a song titled ‘Young Gifted and White‘. Social Justice Warriors, Black Lives Matter sympathizers and all ‘good whites’ (the name John Derbyshire gives to mainly middle-class whites who have been successfully indoctrinated into the lies of Cultural Marxism) would be bound to interpret the song as one more example of white supremacism.

So why isn’t Young Gifted and Black considered an example of black supremacism? I suppose you could view the song as a corrective to the overly-negative view of blacks prevalent in the late 1960’s. On this view the song was a much needed call for young blacks to have more self-esteem and pride and in their race.

If this was indeed Nina Simone’s motivation for writing the song then I think she was misguided. It turns out that blacks have the highest self-esteem of all racial groups, despite having the lowest measured IQs. Far more likely is that blacks suffer from an excess of self-esteem rather than too little. East Asians, who have the least self-esteem have been shown to have the highest IQs. This inverse relationship between intelligence and self-esteem might be explained by the Dunning-Kruger Effect: while intelligent people are clever enough to recognise their shortcomings, dumb people aren’t.

And contrary to what many people believe, a lack of self-esteem is not always misplaced. Some people are right to have low self-esteem. As Mr. Barraclough once remarked in the British TV comedy series Porridge, ‘I thought I’d better see the prison psychiatric department, let them have a look at my inferiority complex. Well, it’s not a complex, really. I am inferior’. Likewise, if you find yourself at the bottom of society it doesn’t follow that you are being held back by a lack of self-esteem or low expectations. You might just be a bit thick.

Take me for example. I failed all my school exams and left school at 16. It would be easy to excuse my failure by blaming my teachers for failing to enthuse me with an interest in academic subjects yet that would not really be true. My poor academic performance was the result of my being neither interested nor having the aptitude for such things. Some children don’t and I didn’t, though I do now.

It seems to me that the Black Lives Matter movement is just one more attempt to shift the blame for out-of-control black lawlessness, black familial dysfunction and low black achievement onto whites when a much more likely explanation is that they are all consequences of low average intelligence and high testosterone levels (ask yourself why prisons are packed with men rather than women: testosterone, of which blacks have lots). Black nature is therefore to blame, not white privilege.

So when will a black counter-corrective voice to that of black grievance-mongers like Nina Simone, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton arise? Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams have both done their best but they are just two men among millions. And even those two brave men shy away from the conclusion that black dysfunction and violence probably have their roots in black nature. The usual ‘explanation’ is that American blacks have a culture of violence but this explains nothing. Why do blacks have a culture of violence while Asians and Jews don’t? Why is this a worldwide phenomena and not just peculiar to American blacks? Despite what Thomas Sowell appears to believe, culture is not unrelated to genes but rather their visible expression. And any country unfortunate enough to be saddled with a large black population will find it requires a large police force, teachers who can handle out-of-control teenagers, a large judiciary and an expensive system of welfare to keep the blacks from rioting.

Black Lives Matter sympathizers often miss the fact that about 96% of blacks are killed by other blacks. Whites and Asians are also proportionately much more likely to be killed, raped and mugged by blacks than by other races. Thus BLM’s strategy of depicting blacks predominantly as victims of crime is simply delusional. I would call it a lie if it weren’t for the fact that these people clearly believe they are victims. They are aided and abetted in this delusion by ‘good whites’.

Even so, my negative views on race aren’t restricted solely to blacks. I also think it’s a bad idea for Japan to burden itself with white immigration and for the same reasons as given above: whites are on average less intelligent and more crime prone than the Japanese, though the difference in intelligence and crime rates is much smaller than that between whites and blacks. Whenever I hear someone say Japan should open its doors to immigration to rejuvenate its ageing population or hear a Japanese girl swoon at the idea of an ‘international marriage’ I immediately envisage Japan becoming ever more like England or America, something that in my eyes would be a terrible mistake. Even so, since young Japanese men appear loathe to marry or even date Japanese girls then a mixed marriage between Japanese and whites is surely better than no marriage at all. And the kind of westerners that Japanese girls are likely to meet might be slightly above the average for white intelligence and below their average crime rate.

I also think it’s a bad idea for blacks to let whites and Asians settle in their countries. Sure, if they do so then their country’s economy will benefit, as it did in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda and most other colonial countries. However, the country’s top jobs will be taken by foreigners because there simply aren’t enough clever blacks to do the intellectually demanding work and blacks will soon come to occupy the lower rungs in their own societies. This is bound to cause resentment and a desire for revenge would soon assert itself. Therefore I think it best for all concerned to let blacks run their own countries, no matter how badly. South Africa and Zimbabwe both demonstrate how blacks can run relatively wealthy and well run countries into the ground. Of course, if you were to patiently explain to blacks that it is in their economic interest to allow themselves to be ruled by whites and Asians there might be a lot less resentment. Even so, most whites show no sign of either wishing to explain this, nor of even knowing about it themselves. Besides, even after having something explained to them most people soon forget and prefer to slide back into their smoldering resentments.

Another problem is that white people would probably try and introduce democracy into African countries and there is good reason to believe that democracy only works in societies with average IQ scores above 90. This is because in a democracy you sometimes have to be prepared to sacrifice your short term benefits for long term ones, sacrifice your narrow personal interests for those of the crowd and you must occasionally be willing to put up with things peacefully when they don’t go your way, something anti-Brexit Brits – who presumably have IQ scores around 100 – have shown themselves very bad at doing. This willingness to sometimes subordinate your personal goals to those of the larger society around you requires brains and an ability to see the big picture. Sub-Saharan African countries have average IQs around 70, which according to this view is far too low for democracy to function properly. Even the push for democracy in Muslims countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as in those countries caught up in the so-called Arab Spring, perhaps failed for the same reason: average national IQ scores were too low.

If it really is the case that black people are not ideally suited by nature for the modern world then I agree that it’s rude to point this out. After all, they can’t help it. Still, when so many people repeat the polite lie and it becomes a virtue signal to repeat the lie then the truth finally gets lost. The present dominant narrative is no longer that black people are naturally hot-headed, impulsive and of low intelligence but that they fail because of white malice and white privilege. This makes blacks understandably resentful towards their alleged oppressors and the polite lie gets people killed. Just look at all the cops getting killed in America now. I think the root cause of this is not police malice towards blacks but black lawlessness, arrogance, impulsiveness and being too stupid to understand any of this. The truth needs to be reasserted before the situation gets even more out of hand than it already is.

If anyone feels that my dim view of blacks is that of the mainstream and that the beliefs of Black Lives Matter activists are those of a tiny beleaguered fringe then they can’t have read a newspaper, watched TV, seen a movie or used social media for at least 40 years. All you need to do is ask yourself who sounds more out-of-touch with accepted public wisdom on racial issues, Jared Taylor or Barack Obama; John Derbyshire or Nina Simone?


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