The Anti-Israel Left

Four children trying to get the attention of adult passers-by.

I never write posts about Israel and Palestine because the whole situation is too complex. I think I know some basic facts and also the claims and counter-claims of both sides but the rest is just a confusion, wrapped in an entanglement, inside spaghetti. Also the subject is so emotionally fraught that it is all but impervious to facts, rationality and a sense of proportion. Most of us have already made up our minds on the topic and one more half-baked blog post isn’t going to change anyone’s mind.

Even so, there are people out there who I believe have got their heads around this topic and I have just read one of them. A film maker and journalist has written a very good (though long) article explaining where the reflex anti-Israel stance of the Left comes from. It is, according to the article, mainly traceable to the Soviet Union in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

I think you are supposed to call ‘anti-Israelism’ ‘anti-Zionism’ but I don’t see why. After all, without a majority of Jews running Israel it would simply be merged into the neighboring Arabic countries by the Arabic population.

If anti-Zionists were consistent and objected just as virulently to the Muslim homeland of Pakistan then I would understand them, but they don’t. They single out Israel as a unique case and I just don’t see the uniqueness. And unlike some people, I have nothing against homelands and self-determination for ethnic groups. To me the whole anti-Israel thing smacks of double-standards and anti-Semitism.

Anyway, the article is here and here is a startling video about the kind of intimidation Jewish students suffer on American college campuses. I would have even more sympathy for these interviewees if the girls didn’t use horrible Upspeak and even more horrible vocal fry. Still, I have to say they are very brave in standing up to those loud and bullying Pro-Palestine students and professors whose numbers, hate and righteous anger are so much greater than those of the Jews on campus.


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