Donald Trump


Like most people, all I know about Donald Trump is what I have read in the media or seen on TV. The picture I have of him is of an egomaniac who knows little about things a politician should know, says something one day and then backpedals the next, is new and untried when it comes to politics and has terrible bouffant hair. According to the media he could well be racist, sexist, Islamophobic, dangerously unhinged and comparable to Hitler in many of his views.

30 years ago I used to parrot what I heard about Ronald Reagan, namely that he was a failed Hollywood B movie actor who was a bit thick but had the right face to become a president. I said that was all superficial Americans, especially Republican voters, cared about. It was only later that I realised that all I was doing was mindlessly repeating something fed to me by the media. It wasn’t my view since I didn’t have one, neither knowing anything about Reagan nor caring. Like most Europeans I looked down on all Americans as uncouth fools. Many Europeans still do.

It was only later that I learned that Europeans have absolutely no reason to feel superior to anyone, least of all Americans. It also turned out that Ronald Reagan was a very clever bloke. In retrospect it can’t have been otherwise, since it’s not possible to be the President of the United Sates and thick, at least not for long. Reagan wrote a lot of his own speeches and had very sensible intuitions on many topics that I have now grown to appreciate.

It was this realisation that all my political opinions were really those of the media that I had unthinkingly taken on that made me think twice about claiming my opinions as my own. The truth is that often I didn’t really have any opinions of my own and for all I know neither did the media, my teachers or anyone else. Everyone was wetting their finger and holding it up to gauge which way the wind was blowing. They then passed on that reading as their ‘opinion’.

This made me want to take a second look at men like Augusto Pinochet and Francisco Franco. After all, leftists were bound to dislike them but who doesn’t the left dislike apart from Stalin, Russell Brand and Jeremy Corbyn. I have also taken a closer look at Enoch Powell and discovered he was highly intelligent, knew several exotic languages and knew lots about far-off countries and cultures. So, not the bigoted, racist, Little Englander he was portrayed as. All he believed was that mass immigration into Britain was a bad idea and I now agree with him.

All this should have made me wary about believing the BBC caricatures of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the former apparently a stupid, arrogant, wannabe-cowboy and the latter a soulful, clever, humane black man. Yet still I swallowed it all. It is really really hard to keep in mind that your opinion of some famous person has been created for you by the media and is not a true picture. Expecting to get a true picture of George W. Bush from the Guardian is like expecting to get an objective, balanced description of communism from a Politburo apparatchik. I now think that George W. Bush was a bit of a berk, though not necessarily in the ways the left-wing media portrayed him. And I now think that Obama’s he has done more harm to race relations than any previous president and he misdiagnoses the reasons why some groups consistently fail in America. And since he misdiagnoses the problem, his proposed solutions can’t possibly work.

Knowing how the media hate Trump and will do anything to discredit him, I made a mental note-to-self this time not to believe all I was told and instead try to make up my own mind by reading between the lines. Having done so I have come to the conclusion that he is probably vulgar, a bighead and a bully. Even so, he remainns the person I would most like to become the next President of America.

Why? Mainly because I am more interested in the world view of a president than in his character. After all, I don’t have to share the same apartment with him, only feel the indirect effects of his political, economic and social policies and on most of these I agree with Trump.

Apart from that I detest Hillary Clinton. She is a shameless liar and she is a progressive liberal who stands for all the things I hate. She utters platitudes about the victimhood of blacks, women, Muslims and other groups. Like Obama, it seems she has never considered  the possibility that black people struggle academically, not because of white racism and oppression, but because they have a lower average IQ than other races. They also have higher levels of testosterone, which makes them more muscular and aggressive and thus better at explosive sports like boxing and basketball, as well as being more disposed to violent crimes and resisting arrest when stopped, thereby being more likely that they end up in prison or are shot by a policeman.

Just a quick note about the above. Though blacks commit over 50% of the violent crime in America, only about a third of the people shot by police are black. Therefore if the Black Lives Matter movement is serious about wanting equal treatment for all races they should be campaigning either for fewer whites, or for more blacks to be killed by police.

To return to Clinton, she is obsessed with differences in men’s and women’s earning. Yet women don’t earn less than men when you compare like with like. If women earn on average less than men it’s because they do more part-time jobs and choose university courses that lead to lower paid jobs. When men choose to work part-time or study subjects like English Lit. they also earn less. Duh. That is why women’s average earnings are below those of men. I believe Trump is more open to the reality of this issue than Clinton.

Muslims complain a lot about pretty much everything and progressive liberals listen to them. But I don’t want the President of the United State to pander to grievance mongers and whiners. As far as I can tell, Trump doesn’t pander.

Trump is the only candidate talking seriously about stopping the flow of Mexicans and Central Americans into America by building a wall. He is also talking about sending back illegal immigrants. Any president worth his salt should be saying the same thing. A nation that can’t protect its borders is not a nation and Obama has made it practically impossible for the Border Agency to do its job. Obama wants more illegal immigrants, partly because he appears to want open borders for all countries but also because he knows that once these illegals are given an amnesty, which they will, they will be new Democrat voters.

As Jason Richwine pointed out, Mexicans and Central Americans have a lower IQ than white Americans, Jews and east Asians. The more Hispanics that come to live in America, the lower America’s average IQ drops. This is not something any nation wants in the modern world when robots are increasingly doing work that low IQ people used to do. What will America do with all these newly-arrived, low IQ, low-skilled, Democrat-voting Hispanics when there are no unskilled jobs left for them to do? Go onto welfare, presumably.

Also, the more Mexicans and Central Americans come to live in America, the more America will start to resemble those places. And why wouldn’t it? It is the people who form the character of a nation. Mexico is as it is because it is full of Mexicans, not because there is anything wrong with the Mexican soil.

Then Trump talks about protecting American jobs. From a narrow economic perspective, outsourcing American jobs to India and China while bringing lots of low-paid immigrants into America makes perfect financial sense for big American corporations; the companies get to pay lower wages and thus increase their profits. This is why Mark Zuckerberg et al are all on board with mass immigration and globalisation and why they vilify Trump. Yet what is good for Facebook and Ford in the short term isn’t good for America in the long term. Now, I like the America that was built predominantly by white Americans. This is the country that people want to get to. If you replace the white people who built America with Mexicans and at the same time outsource American jobs to India and China you end up destroying the American working class, something that is already happening. I think people who like America should vote for a candidate who has America’s interests at heart, rather than the business interests of a candidate’s donors or for a candidate who is in thrall to some wrong-headed, outdated, 1970’s-style progressive liberal model of society.

All this demographic change is fine with people who want America to become blacker, browner, more Hispanic and more Muslim but for those who don’t, Trump is the only candidate serious about stopping this slide into one-world-ism (To be fair, Bernie Sanders says he is also concerned about protecting American jobs but with Sanders comes the whole package of unworkable, utopian, socialist ideas. And just as I no longer trust the media to tell me the truth about Trump, neither do I trust them to tell me the truth about sanders. I think it more than possible that his whole ‘authentic’ image is phoney. In the same way that politicians are good at confected anger and feigned outrage when it suits their purposes, so I’m sure Bernie is capable of playing up the ‘authentic socialism’ if he thinks there is a niche for that. You see what the media has done with its biased news reporting? It has made cynics out of all of us; people who no longer believe anything they are told, which is no more useful than believing everything you are told.)

Trump has said he would like to stop the influx of new Muslims into America until we know who they are. Given that Europe is letting in all-comers and has experienced recent bombings in Paris and Brussels I think this is a sensible policy. I really don’t understand the hysteria that this statement created. Probably it’s just more Muslim moaning and the usual Social Justice Warriors with their phoney, jacked-up indignation playing at Robin Hood. These people claim to be democratic but close down Trump rallies and see nothing wrong in stopping people who think differently from them from having their say. They compare Trump to Hitler and shriek that he will deport all non-whites if he becomes president. These people should really get a grip on themselves and so should the MSM. If Trump is assassinated, something I think that is more than possible, this phoney hysteria it will be to blame. People need a sense of proportion. The man is a conservative who wants to control America’s borders, stop Mexicans and Muslims overrunning the country is on the side of low-wage Americans. What is Hitler-like about that?

I want an American president who will stand up to countries like Iran, North Korea and Russia when American interests are at stake and to not get involved when they are not. Trump seems to me to be very unlike George W. Bush in that he seems to have no missionary zeal to create a ‘better world’. He has no ideas about bringing democracy to countries that don’t want it. He deals in realpolitik and after the debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan, that’s just fine with me. I think it’s a healthy attitude to just let barbaric countries get on with their barbarism, just so long as they leave us alone.

Finally, Trump has been getting advice from people like Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, an expert on immigration matters, who knows a lot more than Trump about the problems of immigration. As long as Trump is being advised by the right people, his ignorance in certain areas is not that important.

In a nutshell, I would choose as President of America a moderately competent patriotic businessman who can’t be all that bad since both the Guardian and the BBC hate him. I would be suspicious of anyone praised by those two media outlets. And when the alternative is Hillary Clinton, who I consider to be a money-grabbing, conniving liar who cares only about herself, then the choice is an easy one for me.

Of course, my ideal would be someone with Trump’s program who is also more politically experienced, more knowledgeable and more dignified; someone like Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu. But in the absence of such a person, I’ll take Trump over Clinton, Sanders, Ted Cruz and all the other Republican candidates, all of whom seem to be career politicians who lack all genuine conviction.


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