We’re gonna change the world

women unit

I’ve just been listening to some old Matt Monro songs. He had a good voice and sung some good songs, too. I don’t know if it’s just me but the world seemed more romantic in the days when he sang From Russia with Love. Probably just me.

In 1970 he sang a song called We’re gonna change the world. The lyrics are unusual for a Matt Munro song but he does the up-tempo stuff as well as he did the ballads. The song is about a group of women’s lib demonstrators who go on an early morning march. It describes the individual demonstrators at various points along their route, with one woman sitting in front of traffic and getting dragged away by a policeman and another getting ‘her face slapped by a man she tried to goad’. There is also a woman called Annie Harris who is woken by the marchers, looks bleary eyed out of her window and then goes back to bed. Later we see Annie in the office, pausing from her work to think about a man called Don, whom she loved and who ‘died for others to live better’. Annie wipes away a tear then gets on with her office job, perhaps thinking that she might now be married to Don if he hadn’t died doing his activist work.

In many ways the demonstrators described in the song got the world they wanted. Women now have equal rights and equal pay, despite what some moaners claim. (There are very good reasons why women earn on average less than men; they often work part-time and study things like English Lit. rather than nuclear physics. Of course they will earn less, just as a man who studies the History of Art will probably earn less than a lawyer or doctor).

Women’s liberation improved things for many women but it also indirectly contributed to the breakdown of the family and left fewer jobs available for men. Unmarried mothers became the norm, as did divorce, both leading to higher crime rates since the children of single mothers get involved in crime at much higher rates than children from two-parent families. This could either be because children need a father figure or because the children of feckless men inherit the feckless genes of their fathers, just as they inherit from their mothers an inclination to make stupid life choices (why marry a man who is likely to abandon you and your children in the first place?)

Socialists got the strong trade unions they wanted and proceeded to run British industry into the ground with unrealistic demands. This almost brought Britain to its knees at the end of the 1970’s and I remember the black-outs very well, having to have dinner or a bath by candlelight. Luckily though socialism seems to hold much less appeal than it once did. Yet we still have the welfare state that Social Justice Warriors of their day wanted. This huge bureaucracy now employs legions of left-leaning state employees who cater for an ever-growing underclass of welfare spongers.

Feminists, Social Justice Warriors and other activists got the multicultural country they wanted and now we all live with that. For which, many thanks.

We’re gonna change the world

Shirley Wood gulped down her breakfast
Shut the fridge and joined the throng
Margaret Beatty snatched the milk in
Scanned the news and went along

Annie Harris drew the curtains
Screwed her eyes up, had a peep
Saw the marchers, heard their voices
Making early morning noises
Stumbled back to bed and tried to sleep

Come with us, run with us
We’re gonna change the world
You’ll be amazed, so full of praise
When we’ve rearranged your world
We’re gonna change your world

Shuffling through the cold black morning
Went the marchers, spirits low
Grunting greetings, grimly pressing
Onto where they had to go

When the sun came up, they brightened
Stopped to have their thermos brew
Annie Harris got up gladly
Pondered for a little, sadly
Then got on with what she had to do

So, come with us, run with us
We’re gonna change the world
You’ll be amazed, so full of praise
When we’ve rearranged your world
We’re gonna change your world

At their target, numbers swollen
‘Up the marches’, banners go
Chanting, shouting out with leaflets
Protest for everyone to know

Sit in front of all the traffic
Harried, busy shopping wives
Try to stir their ostrich notions
Whip them up to wild emotions
Put some fire into their wretched lives

So, come with us, run with us
We’re gonna change your world
You’ll be amazed, so full of praise
When we’ve rearranged your world
We’re gonna change your world

Shirley Wood was dragged still sitting
By a policeman from the road
Margaret Beatty had her face slapped
By a man she tried to goad

Annie Harris in the office
Paused in typing, thought of Don
Glanced again at his last letter
Died for others to live better
Brushed away a tear and carried on

Come with us, run with us


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