Ethnic faces

race faces
Would these women be even more beautiful if their faces were mixed? I doubt it.

I have a friend who believes that mixed race people are generally more attractive than single race. I sent him pictures of ugly mixed race people and beautiful single race people to see if I could change his mind. I couldn’t. It was only when I pointed out that he didn’t actually believe that races exist that he dropped that line of talk.

I suppose it is possible that people of mixed race could be on average more attractive than unmixed. It could work in the same way that an averaged-out face is often more attractive than a quirky individual face. A black and white face merged might smooth out the extremes of both. However, this can’t be the whole story since it surely can’t be the case that a cross between a human and an armadillo would result in a creature more attractive than either of its parents. And a nose halfway between Japanese size and European size wouldn’t be an improvement since Japanese noses look more natural to me than the giant conks of white people.

Personally I haven’t noticed that mixed race people are often more attractive than single race. The mixed race person who most quickly comes to my mind is Rio Ferdinand and he is no oil painting. When people swoon about the alleged beauty of mixed race people I suspect they have professional models in mind, not your everyday mixed race person you see in Tesco.

Anyway, below are some typical female faces from different ethnic groups. All of them are beautiful but I think a slight disservice has been done to Japanese women. Though this Japanese girl is certainly nice, I see at least a dozen prettier girls in Tokyo every day.

race faces

Below are some more pictures of ethnic types. I think they were created by taking dozens of pictures of different women all belonging to the same ethnic group and superimposing them, one on top of the other. This gives you an averaged out, typical face of that race. As mentioned above, averaged out faces tend to be more attractive than individual faces because the former have had the individual peculiarities smoothed out. The Indian girl is my favourite among them, probably because she is smiling more than the others. (Why did the researchers do that? Do Indian women smile more than women of other races?). There is little to choose between the others though the Greek girl would probably get the silver medal with all the rest in a dead heat for bronze. As an aside, I generally find the Tibetan or Mongolian look lovely but the composite Mongolian girl here is not so attractive. I think her eyes are just too narrow.race faces1

Below are some real life mixed race people. Although it’s not fair to compare them with either the models or the idealised types above, I can’t help remarking that these real life people of mixed race look a bit weird and alien, though the woman on the right is striking, in a reptilian kind of way. Yet I still don’t see what my friend and other people think is gained, aesthetically speaking, by mixing races that are already beautiful in their own way. (Honesty obliges me to make an exception of aborigines and pygmy bushmen, who probably would benefit from a bit of mixing). To balance out that last slightly racist observation let me gain a few brownie points by saying that I often find Nubian women very attractive. Not the pouting, smouldering sexbombs but the normal ones.

race faces 2


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