Muslim and black immigration

Oh, do the okey-cokey!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that men are more dangerous than women, young men more dangerous than the elderly, the poorly-dressed more dangerous than the well-dressed, swaggerers more dangerous than mincers, the unintelligent more prone to crime than the bright, blacks more aggressive than east Asians, and Muslims more prone to crime than Quakers. Europe’s prisons are starting to fill up with Muslims who have committed crimes, as opposed to acts of terrorism.

If I am being followed by a swaggering, young black man wearing a hoodie and a vacant expression I am more worried than if the person behind me is some sweet-faced old Japanese lady. Does this mean that all young black men are criminals? No. Does it mean that Japanese women never commit crime? No. It’s just a question of frequency.

What, apart from the high crime rate, do I have specifically against immigration from Muslim and black countries that I don’t have against Hindus, Sikhs, Chinese or the French? Well, some Muslims are terrorists, which I consider to be separate from crime. Though acts of terrorism are usually more devastating than criminal acts, the latter depresses me more. Terrorists generally believe they are acting in a righteous cause, just as Communists did, so at least there is some hope of persuading them out of their delusion, just as Maajid Nawaz became convinced that terrorism was the wrong path. Maajid is clearly very moral and exactly the sort of person you would want as a neighbour (my acid test), whereas criminals, not being motivated by anything but personal gain or just plain hatred, are probably beyond argument and persuasion: they appear to live in an amoral universe.

Some Muslims want to build mosques all over our country, some join Muslim street gangs that harrass gay men and scantily-dressed women, while some middle-aged Muslims groom pre-pubescent white girls for sex.  In France Muslims make up 70% of the prison population but only 10% of the general population. Some women wear ugly burqas, are over-represented as welfare recipients and have more children than we do, meaning Muslims will one day form a majority in my country if they are allowed to stay here long enough. They also have the nerve to argue that since they have done us the favour of invading our country, the least we could do is to learn about their culture and adapt to it. So not only do most of us not want them here in the first place, we also have to learn about their culture and change our ways to accommodate them. The nerve! See here at 14 minutes 5 seconds for an example of this mindset.

As for black people, they have very high rates of crime and any random black male is about 7 times more likely to violently assault you than any random white male. This is true in America, South Africa and African countries that have been colonised and those that haven’t. Basically, wherever black people are in large numbers there will be a lot of crime, especially violent crime. They have horrible rap music, underachieve at school and are more disruptive both in class and outside, probably due to the same body chemicals that make them manly, muscular and good at many sports. Like Muslims they are over-represented as welfare claimants and are thus a drain on the public purse. Their bell curves for intelligence and their ability to defer gratification are left-shifted, which is not good if you live in a modern democracy, though not necessarily bad back in the ancestral environment of Africa.

Cultures and genomes co-evolve and if you live in a violent society those who are themselves violent will survive and have more children than more timid people. Little by little the placid ones are eradicated from the gene pool. Over centuries toughness gets written into the gene pool and anyone who survives is by definition tough.

Over the past thousand years or so western societies have slowly managed to purge their societies of those inclined to violence by creating a culture that punishes rather than rewards violence. In such societies the intelligent, as well as the meek and placid can flourish. However, by asking these docile descendants of farmers to welcome into their midst people from cultures where disagreements have traditionally been resolved by violence and whose genomes have undergone little in the way of domestication, it is like asking a group of labradors to welcome a pack of wolves into their territory.


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