For the last few months I have been following the migrant crisis in Europe on several websites and have become steadily more alarmed by reports of rapes: the rape of children, the rape of an open borders activist, gang rapes as well as the murders of an Italian couple, Christians beaten up, the swamping of small, settled communities by large numbers of migrants, the storming of borders, mayhem and rioting in Italymigrants refusing to register in countries with low welfare, the discarding of inconvenient passports and ID cards, the ungrateful responses to charity, complaints from the migrants that internet connections in refugee camps are too slow and the service poor and much much more.

This morning, a few minutes before setting off for work I typed ‘migrant crisis’ into Google. Top of the search findings was a BBC report entitled: Migrant crisis: Three million expected to reach EU by 2017.

I just had time to click on it and read the first two paragraphs before switching off my computer again and heading for work:

Three million migrants are likely to arrive in Europe by 2017 as the record influx via the Mediterranean continues, the European Commission says.

The EU’s executive arm said the influx would have a “small but positive” effect on EU economic output, raising GDP by 0.2-0.3%.

Phew! So everything’s all right then. Why had I been worrying? Those other websites had merely been scaremongering. So, the migrants would have a positive economic effect on the EU. Great. And no mention of rapes or violence so just let them keep coming! If both the BBC and Simon Schama, who lives in a nice big house in America, says Europeans should let all migrants in then I guess it must be okay.


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