Boiling a frog


Christopher Hitchens once said that 9/11 was the biggest mistake the Islamists made. Until then Islam had largely crept under the radar of most westerners and the stealth Islamisation of the West could have continued pretty much unopposed. Until then only a handful of well-informed people voiced any concern about Islam.

I think the same is true about the current migrant crisis. Like the proverbial frog being so slowly boiled that it fails to notice, western societies have been so steadily enriched by immigrants that only a few hate-filled bigots have bothered drawing attention to it. That is, until the current migrant crisis brought the subject to everyone’s attention, including those who until now studiously refused to think about what mass immigration means to a native population on the receiving end of so much lovely cultural and racial diversity.

So though my initial reaction to the migrant crisis was one of despair, I am starting to think of it as a blessing. Now, even if the native populations choose to go full-steam ahead have themselves replaced by more exotic people for whatever self-hating, guilt-ridden reason they have, at least they will know what they are doing. In this they are in a better position than the frog who, even as he croaks his last, is still oblivious to what is going on.


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