Too much equality

These blokes don’t look to me like they are starving. And rather than fleeing the alleged fighting in their own countries, shouldn’t they be at home defending their families?

If asked whether I would rather help my own family than someone else’s I would choose my own. I would also give preference to a friend over a stranger, local causes over national ones, national causes over international ones and Earth over Alpha Centauri. I prioritise the things closest to me.

Although this is pretty uncontroversial in most societies around the world and throughout history some white people frown on such ‘favouritism’. They don’t understand why Africans shouldn’t come and live en masse in societies they had no hand in building and why they shouldn’t immediately benefit from the welfare and social security programs that others have paid into. These Good Whites berate the rest of us for being heartless racists.

I have long given up on Africa and no longer care about it, if I ever did. Thirty years ago I occasionally gave to African charities until I noticed that this was a permanent feature of modern life. Previously I had naively thought I was donating to help solve a temporary crisis. Now I know that giving aid to Africa is a constant, like the speed of light.

Though the situation in some parts of Africa is dire, its population is nevertheless exploding, helped in part by western aid. In the past, when Africans had more children than they were able to provide for then some died. This was a natural check on their numbers. Then the West decided that any African child that died would be on our conscience. The African population exploded.

At some point I decided that maximizing the number of Africans on earth is not what I want and so stopped donating. There are 1 billion Africans now and there are projected to be 4 billion by the end of this century while the white population will dwindle to a tiny fraction of this. In my opinion there are already more than enough Africans in the world and the present ones have failed to create stable and civilised societies of their own. I can’t see this changing in the future.

World population increase most in Africa: Crowded Oshodi Market in Lagos, Nigeria.

If Africans stayed on their own continent and didn’t ask for aid then I wouldn’t give them a second thought. Yet it appears that many don’t want to stay in Africa and instead want to come to us, which I am against. With enough Africans here I’m sure London will soon start to look like Lagos. After all, why wouldn’t it? It is people who make a nation and if your country is filled with Africans, of course it will look like Africa. Here is a great 6-minute video on the impossibility of taking in all the world’s poor.

Some westerners believe that Africans will assimilate and become indistinguishable from Europeans in all but skin colour. They believe that Africans would integrate with us rather than the other way around but I’m not so sure. I have seen how young whites copy the lolloping walk of black rappers and sometimes even talk like them. I also suspect there is a tipping point that societies reach when it no longer makes sense for law-abiding citizens to remain so. They then join in the crime and corruption that has become the norm in their society. They would be fools not to.

Yet western liberals claim that the low IQ scores, low academic achievement, high crime levels and sky-high illegitimacy rates of Africans have nothing to do with the nature of Africans. They think there must be something in the African air or soil that causes Africans to fail. Or maybe it’s the legacy of colonialism or slavery. Yet even where there was no colonialism or slavery things are no better. Africans fail almost everywhere they go so ‘good whites’ have to keep attributing this to white oppression and institutional racism.

This has to be nonsense. Biology determines our behaviour to a large degree and it is no mystery that blacks are on average more aggressive, more impetuous, commit more crime and find intellectually demanding tasks more difficult than whites or Asians. No need to try to seek out ever more trivial examples of alleged ‘white privilege’.

Once large numbers of African immigrants show up in Europe it won’t be long before an alliance of black race hustlers and self-hating white liberals springs up to blame the inevitable failures, the dysfunction and the pathologies on white privilege. Black-on-white crime will soar, driven by a sense of black victimhood and the intuition that whites are a guilt-ridden race and thus an easy touch. The black-on-white crime will be described in the media as a regrettable though understandable reaction to ‘poverty, disenfranchisement and dispossession’, whose root causes are, of course, the legacy of colonialism and slavery and ongoing white racism. This will all mirror what has been happening in America for the past 50 years. Very few will dare to point out that crime is poorly correlated with poverty (crime, for example, doesn’t increase during recessions), that everyone in Britain has a vote so no one is disenfranchised, and far from being dispossessed, immigrants are given lots of stuff that by rights belongs to us, not them. They arrive here with nothing so of what have they been dispossessed? Their dignity? I think it would be more dignified of them to stay in Africa, protect their women and children and start to build a viable society of their own rather than throw themselves on the mercies of people who don’t want them here in the first place.

The rare examples of white-on-black crime will make headlines for days on end and the BBC will interview various people claiming that ‘African lives matter’. The parents of some dead black youth will be made Peers of the Realm and asked to give talks at the UN and on British university campuses. New laws will be drafted to make sure blacks aren’t over-represented in prisons or under-represented in academia or important governmental positions, despite their high crime rate and low school scores. All the evidence that most inter-racial crime is black-on-white, that blacks have high crime rates wherever they live and whatever the conditions, and that when given positions of responsibility they are generally more corrupt and less competent than other races will not be mentioned.

I have no desire for British people to be falsely accused of oppressing blacks when the latter fail, as they inevitably will. Nor do I want my country to change its laws just to spare the blushes of people poorly adapted to the modern world. What I would like is for Africans to have only as many children as they themselves can support, which is surely not too much to ask. Anyone who demands less of them is a racist with double standards, one for whites and a lower one for Africans.

Unlike some westerners, I don’t think it is the responsibility of Europeans to pull Africans out of poverty. I think the clever and industrious Africans, instead of trying to escape their fellow blacks, should stay in their spacious continent and try to improve it rather than cram into our already overcrowded little continent. Even if there were room I think most Europeans are sick to the back teeth of their countries being flooded by immigrants.

Some people may see all this as racist and unfair. I think the idea of fairness evolved especially strongly in white people and is related to the scientific aim of seeing things objectively and neutrally. This is why both science and atheism arose most strongly in Europe. But when objectivity and even-handedness undermines loyalties so that you find yourself unable to take your own side in an argument, then you know things have gone too far. Our present desire to be not only fair to others but to actually favour them over ourselves is threatening our very existence. Other races don’t indulge in such self-destructive behaviour and it’s time we also stopped.


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