White guilt

white guilt
A dopey father and son apologize to black people for slavery. Does the father genuinely believe that he and his son are guilty of crimes committed by whites 150 years ago? Of course not. He’s merely ‘virtue signalling’. Tellingly there are no descendants of Arab slave traders on this march. I suppose they’re just not into mawkish displays of self-abasement.

I’m white but feel no white guilt. Nothing bad that I have ever done was caused by my whiteness. Neither as far as I know am I related to white people who did bad things to coloured people. I have traced my family tree back two hundred years and all 32 great-great-great grandparents seem to have come from the working poor. No sign of a Jamaican plantation owner or colonialist in India.

Yet even if any of my ancestors had turned out to have exploited coloured people, what has that got to do with me? I am no more responsible for what English people did before I was born than modern Turks are for the atrocities committed during the Ottoman Empire.

In the past almost everyone was a racist, including black, brown, yellow and red people. It isn’t that coloured people were more virtuous and dove-like than whites, only that they were culturally less advanced and thus found themselves on the losing side of most wars. This doesn’t mean I think it is okay to invade and conquer backward cultures, but back then they thought it was. But that was then, this is now. Lecturing a marauding Viking, Norman, Hun, Mongol, Zulu, Arab, Comanche, Ottoman or British colonialist that it is morally wrong to conquer weaker cultures would be like trying to explain to Lionel Messi why it is wrong to score goals. Conquering other peoples is just what humans did. Now humans try and restrain themselves.

Some silly white people confuse being culturally backward and militarily weak with being virtuous. This is what Bertrand Russell called ‘the fallacy of the superior virtue of the oppressed’. In reality these people were no nicer than anyone else; merely unable to defend themselves against a stronger group.

white guilt1
Some more pathetic creatures abasing themselves.

In the past slavery was the norm. Not even Jesus considered taking slaves wrong. It was just what had gone on since time immemorial. Americans joined in the slave trade for 2½ centuries before deciding the practice clashed with their Christian idea of the equality of all men. Americans then fought a civil war over the issue in which 620,000 soldiers died and America bankrupted itself. The practice was then proscribed in America and the Royal Navy sailed the seas stopping any ships carrying slaves.

So although slavery was by no means unique to white cultures we were unique in outlawing it. Therefore, if white people are going to feel anything at all about slavery it should be pride in having put a stop to it. I though feel no personal pride since I had nothing to do with its abolition.

Here is Jim Goad on the fraudulence of concentrating only on the role white people played in the Atlantic Slave Trade and here is Patrick West on the silliness of feeling guilty for crimes you had nothing to do with.


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