Maajid Nawaz

Maajid Nawaz

Maajid Nawaz is probably my favourite Muslim. He is clever, articulate, civilised, brave and believes that all reasonable points of view should be tolerated. He is essentially a western liberal who just happens to be a Muslim. Maajid is trying to win over Muslims to his interpretation of Islam and good luck to him. His interpretation of Islam strikes me as lying somewhere between well-intentioned wishful thinking and straightforward delusion. He claims that you can interpret any text in an almost infinite number of ways and his interpretation is that Islam teaches peace and tolerance. In this he will be cherred on by all moral relativists worldwide though I personally find such shikanery dishonest. I don’t believe that Mein Kampf can be viewed as a love letter to the Jews, no matter how you cock your head or squint. Equally, I don’t think the Koran advocates love and tolerance to non-Muslims. But whatever. If Maajid succeeds in convincing other Muslims that their religion really is peaceful and tolerant perhaps Britain will in future be blessed with a fairly peaceable Muslim population rather than the increasingly radicalised one of today that never stops moaning about being victimised.

However, even if he manages to win over British Muslims to his rather untraditional reading of his religion some things won’t change. Regardless of how Muslims interpret the Koran, Britain will still be on track to become a majority Muslim country, probably some time this century. Birmingham already has more Muslim than Christian children and other cities aren’t far behind. There will almost certainly be more burqas in the streets, even in the fishing villages of Cornwall and in the Highlands of Scotland. More mosques will be needed for the burgeoning Muslim population which will change the landscape completely. I suppose they could just knock down most of the churches that by then will be practically empty of Christians. New mosques can then be erected from the rubble.

There will be little point in the BBC spending millions of pounds on serialisations of Jane Austen or Thomas Hardy novels since most of the country would prefer a brand new dramatisation of something more relevant, say, Return to the Protocols of Zion.

This is the best case scenario. The worst is if Maajid fails and Britain is populated by a large group of hostile Muslims who despise Britain, as many already do. Then there will be nothing left for the natives to do but sell their houses at knock-down prices and hope Australia or New Zealand will take them in. Alternatively native Britons might finally decide to try and take back their country, which would probably mean a full-scale civil war. God knows which side the government and the army would be on.

Either way, politicians like Tony Blair and his crew who allowed this to happen, as well as the media, especially the Guardian and the BBC who vilified anyone who dared question the sanity of importing large numbers of poorly educated people from alien cultures, have a lot to answer for. It seems to me that only Enoch Powell, UKIP members and the Daily Mail come out of this with any honour at all.


4 thoughts on “Maajid Nawaz”

  1. Islam cannot be reformed. The books say what they say. I cannot respect Nawaz, still less vote for any Muslim politician, until they become ex-Muslims. You cannot make compromises with intolerance..

    1. I’m inclined to agree with you. Unfortunately most people prefer cherry-picked interpretations of the Koran – just as some Christians don’t read their Bible literally – and liberal (small L) politicians determined to compromise with any non-western culture, no matter how vicious. Unfortunately cultural liberals hold the reins in all western countries and I don’t see anyone with any backbone likely to get popular support from a citizenship indoctrinated in anti-western propaganda from nursery school through to the 6 O’clock News.

      Literal honesty about Mohammed and the Koran is only displayed by jihadists. Until other Muslims manage to muster the intellectual honesty to take an unflinching look at their awful religion and realise that it is incompatible with life the modern world, I would rather support someone like Maajid Nawaz, since he seems to represent our best chance of civilising and domesticating Islam. In short, my position is that I don’t see how we can get there from here without first passing through either a full-on war at home and abroad with Islam, or dealing with moderates, modernisers and revisionists who bend the truth about Islam but are peaceable.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment and good luck with the fight.

  2. PS. This article is overly gloomy about the future. Islam is in the process of destroying itself. It cannot survive under the critical glare of the internet. The CAT is climbing out of the BAG. The truth about Islam is being revealed to the world, and no amount of bizarre denials by the likes of David Cameron and Theresa May can stop this. If you don’t believe me then hear it from a former Muslim, Mosab Hassan Yousef:

  3. This is just one man and he represents a tiny minority. Also, though the internet does indeed have the power to show people how barbarous Islam is, it also has the power to obscure the truth about Islam. I am by no means sure that the former will prevail over the latter. Even so, I really hope you are right.

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