Misunderstanding Islam again


Three British Imams have come out and informed ISIS that it would be un-Islamic to kill the London taxi driver who was delivering aid to Muslims in Syria. That’s great. Still, it does strike me as odd that such things need clarifying. Islam appears to be unique in having to talk its followers out of committing violence.

Why is the Religion of Peace so often misunderstood by its own votaries? After all, other religions rarely need clarification from their holy men as to whether they can or cannot cut off the head of a man delivering humanitarian aid. Do Muslims have such a poor grasp of the nature of their religion? I mean, if Islam really is a religion of peace, as we are always being assured, surely Muslims should be aware of this? Is the Koran written so poorly as to make it unclear what the Prophet expects from his followers? Can’t they read? Why is it that so many Muslims distort the Prophet’s true message? Or could it be that they are interpreting the Koran literally i.e. correctly, while Barack Obama, David Cameron and a handful of Muslims are desperately torturing the texts into meaning something different than what they say? If the latter, then exactly who is guilty of distorting the true message of Islam?


One thought on “Misunderstanding Islam again”

  1. If you want an explanation of how Islam can be a religion of peace whilst at the same time being a religion of ruthless aggression and conquest then see this talk from Bill Warner:

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