The stupid Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge

Last night I watched Chris Broad (an ex-cricketer) and a local TV news presenter empty buckets of ice water over their own heads. This was apparently part of a nationwide craze to ‘raise awareness’ of the disease Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Quite how emptying cold water over your head helped sufferers of ALS was not explained. I suppose it raises awareness and you can ask your friends and family to sponsor you as a way of raising money for the ALS charity. But then again you could simply ask your friends and family to donate to the cause without emptying water over your head, running a marathon, parachuting from a plane or cycling across France. So raising awareness must therefore be ‘the point’, if indeed there is one.

Of course, once everyone’s awareness has been raised to all the diseases in the world we will have completed a full circle and arrived back where we started. After all, raising awareness of one illness inevitably means dimming our awareness of others – unless you want to spend all your waking hours thinking about illnesses. It’s analogous to the way some people insist on standing up at football matches. Once one person stands up, the person behind him is forced to stand up so he can see, then the person behind him stands up and so on. Finally everyone in the stadium is standing and things are exactly as they were before, sight-wise.

I personally would like to raise people’s consciousness regarding the dangers of Islamic radicalisation and the tendency towards Cultural Marxism in our schools, universities and the media. So perhaps I too should empty a bucket of ice water over my head as a way of raising awareness about these things? Maybe Benjamin Netanyahu should empty ice water over himself to draw attention to the Palestinians’ visceral hate for Jews, or Michael Gove should do the same to highlight the problem of Britain’s poor education system? Perhaps Mark Carney of the Bank of England should take up the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness of the UK’s mounting debt? Maybe we should all simply do away with reasoned debate and purposeful action and everyone just post videos of themselves tipping buckets of cold water over their heads on Youtube.


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