America is not for whites?

Native American women are so at one with nature that even wolves love them.

I just read this article by John Derbyshire that I recommend reading in full. It contained the following that I have adapted slightly:

Some people believe that the only people with any right to be in America are the American Indians. If true, this suggests two possible courses of action: (1) Non-Native Americans should all leave the U.S.A. (2) Non-Native Americans should learn an obvious lesson from the experience of the Native Americans: If you let masses of foreigners flood into your country for long enough, it will eventually become their country.

If everybody was forced to go back to their ancestral lands when the music stops, then white Australians and Canadians would have to head back to Europe. Jews would have to go…where, exactly? Back to the Middle East to be slaughtered by Muslims? Crammed into that tiny piece of land called Israel? Of course, finally having all Jews in one place would certainly make a nuclear-equipped anti-Semite’s job of wiping all Jews off the face of the earth a lot easier. Or maybe Ashenazi Jews should go back to Central and Eastern Europe where they could once again savour Slavic and Teutonic hospitality?

Indians and Pakistanis would all have to return home, as would the Lebanese of Australia. All black people would have to return to Africa, other than those who are the descendants of slaves. They could stay in the USA because they were taken to America against their will and can therefore be excused of everything until the end of time. Hispanics could also stay in the Americas because they are partly descended from Native Americans (hooray!) and partly from Spanish colonialists (boo!). Arabs would all go back to the Arabian Peninsula and would have to promise not to invade Christian lands again. The descendants of Anglo-Saxons would go back to Denmark and Germany. Those of mixed race? God knows. After all, all of us are from Africa if you go back far enough so maybe we should all go back there.

If everybody went back to their ancestral lands then there would be some very crowded countries and whole continents with almost no one in them. Australia would be virtually uninhabited, populated only by a few drunken aborigines. And if all whites and Asians left America leaving only Amerindians, black Americans and Hispanics to their own devices, who would finance the various welfare programs that these groups live off? After all, 25% of black Americans are on food stamps. So would America then turn into another Africa or Mexico if it were populated by Africans and Mexicans? I don’t see any reason why not. After a while we would see blacks and Mexicans paddling to Europe in the hope of guilt-tripping the white populations into subsidizing their dysfunctional lifestyles.

Anyway, After reading this article by a member of the Comanche Tribe, I doubt that getting rid of whitey from America would solve any problems for the minorities and would almost certainly make things worse.

Here’s a classic article by Garret Hardin from 1974, the final third of which, beginning with the heading ‘A Nation of Immigrants’, deals with this issue.


10 thoughts on “America is not for whites?”

  1. You have a common problem among entitled whites. It is called lack of empathy. You have little or no skill imagining yourself in the situation of any other person or people and seeing the world from someone else’s perspective. This is the hallmark of selfishness and the underlying component of most ignorance in the world. Furthermore you are unaware of the level of privilege you possess merely as a result of being born to the parents you were. You do not perceive how vastly easier your life has been, is, and will continue to be through no talent or merit of your own but simply because you were born white. You believe in stark opposition to reality and against all evidence that whites in America are the ‘victims’ of oppression and that the progeny of black Africans brought here as slaves and Native Americans (a people who are now virtually extinct) are somehow the people in control of society and are unfairly advantaged relative to you.

    But Whites are not society’s underdog in America, they are this nation’s rulers. Whites committed systematic genocide of the native peoples on the American continent to the point that now less than one percent of people living in America are Native American descendants. Whites kidnapped and enslaved black Africans and profited from the cruel and inhumane practice of slaveholding for generations. Instead of trying to empathize and understand the devastation this may have caused for these people and generations of their descendants you blame them for still being on this continent and condemn them as criminals and leeches on society. You believe, again incorrectly, that since slaves were freed in the 1860s that black Americans have no excuse to not achieve at an equal rate as whites do today. That is because you are ignorant of history and the well-known (yet apparently unknown to you) fact that blacks though freed from slavery in 1863 were systematically denied civil rights, suffrage, civil liberties, equal employment opportunity, frequenty lynched and subjected to segregation for a further 100 hundred years until the 1960’s Civil Rights movement finally secured at least in theory equality under the law for all American citizens. You are ignorant of the fact that though slavery ended 150 years ago, blacks did not actually gain equality with whites even in theory, until fifty years ago, a mere generation and a half. You believe insanely that out of forty-four U.S. Presidents, 43 being white and one being black (and only half-black at that) is a result of blacks simply being terrible, lazy people rather than obvious and telling evidence that American society has systematically favored whites as long as the United States has existed. A real shocking conclusion when you consider that every single founding father was white and that many of them owned slaves. Its really hard to imagine that they just maybe might have set up society with a bias toward white people.

    And the above examples only cover the historic aspects of your ignorance. The next reasons you are living in delusions are scientific and philosophical. You seem to imply that white Europeans have done all the good for this continent. You don’t tell specifically how but I’m imagining your reasoning is something along the lines of ‘well, whites brought technology and roads and guns and shopping malls and ipads and churches and electricty and Wal-Marts and gas stations and therefore are contributors and the natives didn’t do jack shit’ That’s probably what you believe in your ignorance but of course the reality is that development of technology represents only a narrow slice of intelligence and means little as actual evidence to the level of advancement or wisdom of a society. This will probably be more than your privilege imprisoned worldview can comprehend or fathom but white european culture is still infantile in many aspects relative to the Native American understanding of the world. For example, white culture clings to the absurd, childish and imagined idea of ‘property’ and believes vainly (and in denial) that man can ‘own’ pieces of the earth. Yeah, that’s right, human beings who live at the max a hundred years can have ‘ownership’ over something that has been around for billions of years and will continue to exist billions of years after we all go extinct. Man can definitely ‘own’ and have dominion over the land and nature because as every intelligent person can see, nature depends on humanity to survive and without human beings here all the plants and animals would die and the earth would crumble….. Oh wait.. None of that is true. White Europeans do not live in harmony with nature and earth, they are killing it at an alarming rate. Of course that problem will solve itself if humans don’t correct course and learn to coexist with the planet the way the ‘savage’ indians did. White Europeans and their theories on property and their love of useless material shit is systematically annihilating the planet. Humanity will not survive one more century if it continues polluting and populating at this rate.

    Speaking of survival, this brings us to the greatest technological achievement of white europeans: weaponry. Technology for killing. The one thing white europeans are amazing at is killing people. Nuclear bombs, nerve gas, napalm, white phosphorous, depleted uranium shells, weaponized anthrax, cruise missiles, aircraft carriers, gatling guns and daisycutters are all great testament to how clever white people are. These great technologies make life better for everyone and show our amazing capacity for good. No the truth is that white society has advanced much farther in its technology than it has in its wisdom. We have far more destructive capability than we have the wisdom or maturity to use responsibly. The combined disregard for the planet as well as the accumulation of enough weapons to kill all life on earth hundreds of times over is a sad testament to how ignorant and guilty our people are.

    And finally, our people are less happy than the native peoples were. Whites work all day at jobs they hate to buy shit they don’t need. We are tricked by advertisers and peer pressure to long for material possessions that do not serve to enrich our lives. Divorce is rampant, anxiety, depression and suicide are common. Our food is poisonous, we put children on psychoactive drugs before their brains have even halfway developed. The midlife crisis is a common cultural meme, and the best part of many a working man’s day is sitting for a few hours watching a screen and not thinking. Millions dull the emptiness of their lives with alcohol, further poisoning themselves. Citizens worship sports stars and reality television but are uninvolved in local politics. Our givernment creates hundreds of useless laws every year, taxes the people to death, inflates the currency and devalues their savings. The only viable political candidates have to have sold thmselves to the banks and other multinational corporations. The mass media is owned by a total of five corporations, and exists to disinform the populace so that they do not awaken to their plight and revolt. Both major political parties pretend to be differnt to one another but really represent the same narrow interests of the ultrawealthy. The only way to get anything done in government is through bribery. President Obama’s terms and George W. Bush’s have much more in common than they do in contrast. I don’t believe native Americans encountered any of these wonderful conditions in their ‘primitive’, ‘savage’ society. Whites came to this continent and instead of starting fresh and mimicking the indians way of life they wiped them out and created a newer but basically just as shitty version of Europe. White people have had so much power but so little wisdom. I hope you learn something from this.


    -A rightfully ashamed white man of European descent not living in denial.

    1. Hi Concerned Citizen,

      Thanks for taking the trouble to write so much. I don’t actually hold many of the positions you attribute to me. You got an idea in your head, mounted your hobby horse and rode it off into the distance.

      I am well aware that I was born in a reasonably good country at a good time in history to pretty good parents and can take no credit for any of that. However, some people are born taller, better looking and cleverer than me. Is this fair? After all, their height, beauty and intelligence wasn’t due to their hard work. Should they offer to cut their legs off, scar their faces and undergo brain surgery just so we can be equal? Luckily I am not envious or resentful enough to bother about such things. Neither do I care that many people are richer than me or live in bigger houses. Do such things worry you? Are you envious and resentful like many social justice warriors? Will you only be happy when everyone earns exactly the same, possesses the same wealth and lives in identical houses, regardless of how hard they worked? I suspect so.

      As for me learning from you, if I had never heard your argument before then I might indeed have learned something. Yet your view is the generally held view in my society (Britain) and I was taught it in school and at university and I see it every day on the BBC. I can read it every day in the Guardian and the Independent newspapers. Most people on the internet have the same opinion as you so I am very familiar it. Reading your comments made me feel like a Russian dissident being read the official party line by some Soviet Apparatchik. I myself used to believe something similar to you, though not quite so tendentious. Still, thank you Comrade for rehashing it one more time.

      If anyone needed to know at a glance just how vacuous your thought is, all they needed to do was to read the following quote from you:

      white culture clings to the absurd, childish and imagined idea of ‘property’ and believes vainly (and in denial) that man can ‘own’ pieces of the earth.

      So you would like to go back to a time before people owned their own houses? When anyone could take what is yours because nothing actually belonged to you? The Communists tried this in Russia and soon found that people couldn’t be bothered to work once they realised they weren’t working for themselves but for the so-called ‘community’ (ha ha). Everyone became a slacker because no one is as interested in his neighbour’s well-being as he is in his own. That’s human nature. Oh, I forgot, leftists don’t believe in human nature.

      So if Native Americans didn’t believe that you can ‘own’ pieces of the Earth’, then how could they object to white men moving onto that land if it didn’t belong to the Native Americans in the first place? By your own logic they were ‘childish’ to believe that the land was theirs. Can’t you see this contradiction in your argument?

      There is something called ‘the tragedy of the commons’. This is when some common resource is plundered or completely neglected precisely because it belongs to no one in particular. If you want people to look after things you have to give them ownership of it. Just look at the difference in care between private property and rented accommodation. No one bothers to look after what isn’t theirs. Yet you don’t want people to own property. Strange.

      Well, if you are so keen on doing without property there is nothing to stop you giving up your house and persuading your family and friends to do the same. Yet something tells me that you won’t actually do this and you are a posturing hypocrite.

      I find it telling that you describe yourself as ‘A rightfully ashamed white man’. This phenomenon is called ‘white guilt’. It is something you often find with liberals who have been brain-washed while at university. They turn into self-hating whites who attribute the failure and crimes of all other races to whites. In reality this is a form of condescension. The idea is that people of other races can’t even screw up without it being the white man’s fault. Can you see how patronising this is? You clearly see non-whites as helpless pawns pushed around by whites. Yet people of other races rarely see themselves in this way. They feel like active agents, just like whites.

      Honest black people like Thomas Sowell realise that many blacks fail because of their culture of victimhood. It is telling that black crime and black illegitimacy rates shot through the ceiling only after 1964 when black people were given preferential treatment such as Affirmative Action. Until then they were slowly closing the salarial and academic gap. However, 1964 is when white liberals and men like Jesse Jackson started telling blacks that if they failed it was because of white men. Liberals are thus part of what is holding black people back. They are peddling a politics of resentment which only worsens racial problems and stops blacks from taking an honest look at themselves and their culture.

      Self-hating whites insist on blaming themselves for the crimes of their forebears. If we insisted that all people carry the blame for the crimes of their ancestors then everyone, regardless of race, would be guilty of some terrible crime. If I were to blame a Turk today for crimes committed during the Ottoman Empire, he and everyone else would think I was mad. Despite what you might think, both blacks and Native Americans spent much of their time happily slaughtering each other, just like all other tribes the world over. The picture you paint of these natives living in harmony with nature is both touching and comical. Do you really think Native Americans were peaceful people until the white man arrived? If so you are very naive. And do you really wish to hang the crimes of yesterday’s generations around the necks of their descendants for ever more? Or do you only wish this for white people? If so, why the double standard? Is it perhaps because you have been brain-washed into becoming a self-hating white?

      What you are indulging in here is moral exhibitionism and you are drunk on your own phony righteous anger. Defending the vulnerable, downtrodden and dispossessed? Don’t make me laugh. In reality this is just a posture to make you feel good about yourself. You get to feel like Robin Hood without actually doing anything.

      Anyway, thanks again for commenting.

      1. Lol you speak a lot but your entire being can be sum as pnly this : asshole, racist, no humility, ego, coward and, tu sum it all up, complete asshole. Black people and mexicans are the only thing that prvent your white race to transform the whole america in sodom & gomorah like you did in california. Sodomite like you will go to hell. We, colored people, will send you into it white face.

  2. Concerned Citizen pretty much hit the nail on the head. And you did too, in a reply to him. You’re right, a lot of African Americans don’t make it because of their attitude of victimhood. But your point of view is that you are the victim. I would say White Americans who are upset about how things are in this country also have the victim mentality and yes, a lot of White Americans buy into that kind of mentality as well. Just look at the poll results after Donald Trump’s announcement for presidential candidacy. FOX News gets a lot of viewers playing to the “victim mentality” message.

  3. Wow, you think both Concerned Citizen and I hit the nail on the head. This is pretty good going considering we have diagonally opposed views! Maybe it’s a very big nail.

    I think you have to differentiate between justified victimhood and unjustified. For example, the Jews during the Third Reich had a justified sense of victimhood. I believe that blacks are the most pampered and favoured group in America, followed by gays and then Latinos. Blacks believe they are victims because they are low-achievers academically and find themselves incarcerated more often than other races. They feel like they are being unfairly targetted and race hustlers and the media encourage this view. Blacks don’t seem to realise that their poor school scores, high crime rate and dysfunctional family lives are due, not to white oppression or the legacy of slavery, but to them being on average less intelligent, more aggressive due to high levels of testosterone and less able to defer gratification. Their culture of victimhood only makes matters worse.

    Whites and Asians on the other hand have every right to feel aggrieved when they get passed over for jobs given to less qualified blacks, and their children miss out on university places because those places are reserved for blacks with lower SAT scores. They are also much more often victims of black crime than vice versa, yet the MSM don’t want to talk about this, only FOX does. Thank goodness for FOX.

    Yes, Donald Trump isn’t the perfect candidate but anyone who deviates too much from the middle of the road career politicians who have smoothed off all rough corners is going to look like a gorilla. However, he is probably the most authentic candidate in his views, which represent those of many Americans. Just because he wears an awful wig and boasts about his business acumen doesn’t mean he can’t stand for the right causes. I’d certainly rather have him as president than Mitt Romney and co., what is generally called ‘conservatism inc.’

  4. Well Thank you so much for sharing your views in lieu of hopefully factual information. Informative and for the most part agreed. I’m listed on the Daws rolls as native american. I dnt ride the victim train. Although, your statement on the whites drunk on phony anger. Defending, the vulnerable, downtrodden or dispossessed. Makes me laugh too. The damage is done. Exactly Robin Hoods who won’t rob their own wallets. We dnt need them talkin the talk. We need them walkin the walk. So shutup with all the crying Johnny come latelies. What’s done is done. We wld feel better with shut the hell up and pay up.

  5. The news. To quote someone else “Don’t read the news and your uninfformed. Read the news we’re misinformed. So how bout the media start reporting fact n truth. Wishful thought

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