Conspiracy Theorists


Conspiracy theorists believe that the truth always lies hidden and has to be unearthed. They therefore regard as hopelessly naive those who think things are generally as they seem to be. Freudians are the same. They believe it is clever to interpret a dream about a train entering a tunnel as actually being about sex. Strangely they don’t believe that a dream about sex is actually all about trains and tunnels.

Believing you are clever makes you feel good about yourself so you have an incentive to believe that things are not as they seem and to dream up unlikely interpretations of events. The weirder the interpretation the better. While you are insightful and can see beyond mere appearances, others are plodding, stupid and blinkered and stuck inside a conventional box that they don’t even realise they are in. They are the dumb stooges of malicious governments and capitalist media outlets while you with your innate brilliance have managed to escape from the matrix.

Sometimes added to this superiority complex of conspiracy theorists is the Dunning-Kruger Effect. People who are not very good at something tend to be bad judges of what constitutes ‘good’ in that field. So if you are rubbish at logic, reasoning and rationality you will probably also be a bad judge of what good logic, reason and rationality looks like. In this way conspiracy theorists are doubly handicapped, firstly with bad reasoning and secondly in having no way of recognising how awful their reasoning is.

Most of us naturally tend to overestimate our own ability and it takes experience, realism and honesty to rein in this natural arrogance. If you have never bothered that much about reality then you probably won’t be able to distinguish between your own ineptitude and someone’s else brilliance. Both will look the same to you, though you will probably judge your skill to be superior. If your grades in college are low you will assume that your teacher dislikes you, doesn’t understand what you’re trying to say or is annoyed that you aren’t toeing the line. That your essays really are God-awful probably won’t enter your head.

The end effect of combining the incentive to believe that things are not as they seem with the Dunning-Kruger Effect is a world filled with the kind of comments you see every day on the internet.


12 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theorists”

  1. The internet has many faults of course – one of which needless to say is to convince conspiracy nuts that they are not alone in their delusions – but one of the great joys is on the other hand stumbling across one of those mini-eureka moments when we can say ‘Ah yes! That’s it! I see now…’

    And so it was with this wonderful post – thank you! Thank you for introducing me to the Dunning-Kruger Effect which I fear I am going to be boring many dinner party companions with in the future.

    As someone for whom conspiracy theorists hold a grim fascination, this really has helped me understand them a little more not to mention the strange dynamic that I see being played out over and over again in their forums and message boards.

    Although it only goes to underline why – as I think you have already found out in any attempt to challenge them on 9/11 or Lee Rigby – that you should never bother trying to argue with them. This is just poking a stick into the cage of a rather loud but essentially dumb animal. It will make lots of noise without anything good coming out of it except for a bad smell.

    Or as the old proverb goes, don’t wrestle with a pig. All that happens is that you get dirty and it really enjoys itself.

    But back to my new favourite – the Dunning-Kruger Effect. This makes so much sense when you look at the conspiracy forums and realise that so many of these deluded individuals actually think they are endowed with superior intelligence and reasoning.

    One of my favourites – and I use that word carefully as reading these sites is the internet equivalent of picking at a sore – is Chris Spivey and his weird mob of followers. A man who has the incredible gall to call himself a researcher and an investigative journalist while ignoring all of the basic rules concerning provenance of information, sourcing and fact checking.

    Note to any wanna-be ‘truth-seekers’ – googling an incident on the internet and believing the first (usually mis-spelt) diatribe that you find is not investigative journalism. And criticising the MSM while using the Daily Mail as your main source of information is not going to give Woodward and Bernstein a run for their money.

    I speak now as someone who has worked in research for a major media organisation for the past 15 years so I think I know a little about it. Oh but wait…of course, what am I saying?! I am one of them. So I can’t be trusted.

    So please disregard everything I say as I am needless to say the slave drone of Rothschild zionist paedophile masonic aliens who have removed my brain.

    And once you regard me as that then of course you can happily return to the grand conspiracy theories. Which if they have any use it’s to make the sort of people who read these forums reassured that it’s nothing to do with them and their inadequacies as to why their life is so shit.

    It’s the aliens/NWO/homosexuals/Jews/Masons/catholics that did it! (delete as applicable)

    Anyway that was a ridiculously long reply but hey, it’s a quiet day here in the office as we have just finished working on the next project. Of course I can’t tell you what it is but that murder that will happen next month on the streets of London….let’s just say, don’t believe everything you read eh?

  2. I think you will find, that the people who attempt to live their lives within the small delicate bubble created for them, by institutions, and at the same time, feel like they are doing something oh so worthy, are the ones who feel they are of superior intelligence.

    These kind of people who look up other obscure Freudian associated, psychological and or, sociological terms, in order to further their own personal justifications to themselves, and others; and as they are not too hard done to, or downtrodden, that therefore, a so called desire to understand inner workings of a very complicated structure, and not follow the run of the mill, issued to you from birth narrative type of person is thus, nothing more than a conspiracy theorist.

    You are the people, who have no knowledge of your own. In addition, you have no instinct either ! As in survival instinct, as is given by nature, to prevent you from walking blindly into situations of possible danger. This is further illustrated, by your ego inflated self indulgent reliance, on established frameworks, that you look to, in order to add weight, or give credence to your own very subjective, yet very limited real world, pseudo empirical uttering. Totally unoriginal, without any shadow of a doubt and therefore, without foundation.

    To all you silly billies, who feel that conspiracy theories are something to be labelled, in order for the likes of yourself to analyze and frown upon, without so much as a stop for a second, look at yourself, natural person minute. I say good, very good – as the likes of you lot show me, and others such as my self, just how effective, giving someone a life that is enhanced by financial remuneration and common core required objects is, as a mechanism, to further your own ideals, inasmuch as you people, are truly the ones who are the donkeys following the carrots.

    Sociology has for many years looked at elite theories, and the nature of who runs society. Sadly, many sociologists, who may have even started out with good intentions, are drawn into the allure of framework high education establishments (framework implemented by who, and what purpose does it serve ?)

    Thus, they then have a very limited scope, and as such, only seek to further themselves within that established framework. This is usually done, by re-evaluating old, well trodden, theories and studies offered by others.

    You are removed from reality, by your own reliance on what is offered to you by others !!! Therefore you are not natural !!! You have not experienced enough pain and hurt directed at you, through the actions of others, that would serve to make you sit up and think in any great depth, exactly what is going on.

    This is illustrated by your, yes your, false belief in your intelligence !!
    This is because you dare not venture out, into the realms of possible overtly critical analysis of your own musings.

    Make no mistake about it, the world is run by many people, who are conspiring all the time. They do this every single day, and have done, since long before your ancestors were even thought of, let alone yourselves. So you carry on being secure in not being able to literally see the wood for the trees !

    All the problems in the world could be solved at this time, simply for the want of money !!! That is why everybody needs it. It is a system that has been created to be used and abused by its controllers. It is they, who have no desire to solve any of the worlds problems. Seeking constantly to further their own position and aims, whilst letting severe hardship, and hurt come to many hundreds of millions of people.

    The real working of the methods that enable this to happen constantly from generation to generation, are often hidden in a variety of ways, and also, sometimes hidden within plain sight !

    They are very effective and the results on the intended target population, can indeed be devastating. As is perfectly exemplified, by looking at yourself, in this instance.

    You’re welcome…and you are entitled to your viewpoints…albeit that they really are wrong…and nothing you have said can be defended to the point of unequivocal actuality ! Nothing !!!!! Nothing !!!

    Haha, working for the mainstream media…that’s a good one..well done, I hope you enjoyed you inflated wages for contributing nothing to the overall knowledge of society, via your largely useless diatribe.

    Now go and get your Dunning Kruger methodolgy and analyze that !

    If you are so open minded, and open to input from all strata, you won’t have any objections at all, to displaying this on your site will you ??

    Without wishing to appear too judgemental, the fact you title yourself fielding gray, speaks volumes.

  3. Aww I made a typo cos I was laughing ! I am sure you know I meant methodology…after all, you are so intelligent. Well done !

    1. I think the typo was the least of your problems. You needn’t have worried about it, I would never have noticed it in amongst all the other stuff. When you say you were laughing, did you perhaps mean maniacally cackling?

      In a way it’s a pity because I can see you truly believe in something and I think you might also have something interesting to say. The problem is that your comment is simply too long and rambling. Apart from that there are too many big words in it that make it hard to read. At one point it started to sound like a piece of writing generated by one of those random writing machines which turn out grammatically correct sentences and sound like they should make some kind of sense, but what that sense might be is elusive.

      It may be that I’m not clever enough to understand what you wrote but that is your problem rather than mine since I assume you wanted me to read it and understand it, right?

      In the normal way I would have deleted your comment simply because of your tag: I don’t allow bad language on my blog and I find it a bit pathetic that a grown-up would use such a childish language so as to shock. However, because you obviously put so much effort into your comment it would be a shame just to discard it so I will let it stand so others can read it. Even so, you may be disappointed. Almost nobody reads my blog. It could be several years before anyone stumbles across your comment.

      If you could simplify your points, cut out the big words and make the whole thing a fraction of the length of this comment I would be happy to read it, think about it and comment on it. I might even agree with you on some things.

      Just out of curiosity, am I right in thinking that English is not your first language?

      All the best,

      The Unrecorded Man

  4. Haha you are funny…and yes, your self analysis is certainly correct a couple of times in this situation. I was mostly talking to the other gimp, who passed comment on your site…Big words ? Not clever enough to understand ? Hmmm ! English not my first language….? Soothing Vitriol.

    You know it’s a classic comment pal…Yes, some people do believe that complex analysis, and technical detail appear to ramble; sort of like dyslexic people reading the newspaper, I feel. Stick at it…The sense is only illusive to those, who are sadly, not equipped with the tools to absorb it. One day you may develop them to a satisfactory level of competence to be able to observe the true nature of society. You’re welcome ! As is Fielding, unless he is attending a Mirror group, 3 week journalist refresher course, or one of his dinner parties !

  5. No Nicky, the delusion of grandeur, emanates from people, who feel they are right. They feel they are right for siding with those they do not understand, via a psychological comfort zone, granted to them, by those in control.

    As such, due to their very limited exposure to the real issues and problems of this world, or those initiated by those they can see no wrong in. People such as yourself, simply accept things as having a natural tendency to occur. You types, largely try to explain this away, by saying something along the lines of; oh, that’s just the way things are, and the way they turn out based on macro group dynamics.

    Sadly, you are very, very wrong. As it is the way things are made up and presented, and initiated, through specific desires of those aforementioned people to indeed, control and shape the directions others have to take in order to survive or (fit in) through compliance to their socially constructed system.

    You cannot see it, due to the fact that you are very limited in your life experiences and analytical abilities. This is vividly visible through your severe lacking to comprehend any structured malice. As such, it is you, and the likes of you, who are suffering from delusions. You would support these beliefs even more, and with more conviction, if you really understood the actions and also obtained real befits from them.

    As it is, you are probably just a mediocre cog in the machine, who feels a certain amount of self righteousness, and ego inflation, as you have managed to obtain some benefits from the scenarios presented to you in life, buy others ! Which then, as such, have enabled you to obtain enough within that system to pass comment on it in a complimentary manner.

    You do not have self analytical ability FULL STOP !! You won’t see that either, because, you are delusional. Do you see ?

  6. Most English speakers say ‘watch’ the following video, not ‘observe’ the following video. Where did you learn to talk like that? You also have an odd habit of saying ‘you’re welcome’, which most native speakers understand is only said in reply to ‘Thank you’. And where did you learn your punctuation?

    My guess is that you are British, male, unmarried, about 50 years old and largely self-educated, having dismissed formal education as mere indoctrination. You wanted to plough your own furrow and learn from the school of life. You are more of a rebel, a lone wolf, an original thinker. You can see through things that others are taken in by because they have been sedated by TV and the mainstream media. Other people are sheep and cattle while you and a few others have seen through what this is all about. Am I right?

    Actually, I really don’t understand why you have decided to post on my blog. If you read ‘about me’ you will see that I dislike the state and want it to be as small as possible. I think a government is unpleasant but necessary, just as sewage plants are unpleasant but necessary. The government should fulfil just a few tasks. However, if you refuse to have any government at all not only will no roads ever get built and you will revert to a primitive society, which is certainly not the back-to-nature paradise most people imagine, but you will also be easy meat for any group of people who have actually had the foresight to band together. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger a society, the less vulnerable it is from outside invasion. This is why tribes became chiefdoms and then city states and finally nation states: there is safety in numbers.

    I enjoyed the video but it was far too simplistic. I already believe that employers (farmers) are more interested in profit than in their workers and I already believe that governments swell to the size that they are allowed to swell to. Government becomes a trough for the unscrupulous to eat from without actually doing anything. However, I’m damned if I heard a solution to all this in the video. The narrator said that ‘to see the farm is to be free’ but in what way? How does knowing you are on a farm free you? Surely knowing is worse than not knowing? He said as much himself at the start of the video when he said that animals can’t be threatened because they have no concept of death or impending harm. So how does it help a human to know he is on a farm? How does knowing you are in prison make actually being in prison any better?

    Please tell me how, if we do away with our present system, we should be living? Should we have no government and no capitalists owning the means of production? If no one owns the means of production, how does anything ever get made, accept for the odd pair of socks that your granny knits for you? Your granny would probably already be dead from the cold of your unheated house. After all, where will you get heat from? Should I flea to the Hebridean Islands where I can live off the land without any outside interference from government and capitalists? Maybe your history is a bit shaky, but we have tried this before and people actually prefer to live in cities and prefer working for other people than working for themselves on farms because that way they earn more money and the work is less backbreaking.

    Simply because I think that 9/11 conspiracy theorists are crazy doesn’t mean that I can’t see the problems with the current system or that I think life is perfect. It’s just that some of us have looked at the alternatives and decided that none of the presently achievable ones is any better than what we have now. And yes, some of us would love to shrink government down until it is tiny. Please join us in pushing for this rather than writing cranky comments under a sophomoric internet name while using unnecessarily long and peculiar words in order to sound educated.

    And believe me, anybody who writes ‘observe the following video’ sounds as creepy as someone who knocks on a strange door and says, ‘Open up, it is I’.

  7. Well Mr. English teacher, having read your response, I can only assume that you are in the habit of judging others from your state provided pedestal. Your assumptions about me are not really correct. I am formally educated or whatever you would wish to call it. Does that type of thing appeal to you ? Would it be something that you and your cohorts would use to present a critique, and then attempt to provide self propagated “feel good” analysis, as to the reasoning ability of others ?

    Observe the following video means exactly what it says. As in, not merely “watching.” Which does not imply any learning taking place. I suppose it is like that little phrase about looking and not perceiving.

    Now let us not be too worried about how you would like to judge my punctuation and grammar. If I am the one providing the setting, it is from my perspective that any pauses or breaks shall be implemented to the reader. Unless that is, you feel you can highlight some woefully inconsistent, and inadequate problem that arises due to the structure or lack thereof, which in turn prevents any understanding being gleaned from the content. After all, I my self would not be so pedantic so as to point out some trivial punctuation fluctuations in your compositions. I feel I understand what you are attempting to convey to others through your pages. Thus, I refrain from minor nitpicking as I am more interested in the content.

    For your information, I am not near my 50’s yet. Although, I do have one or two relationships behind me – ex wives club type of thing.

    As for original thinking, hmm ! I suppose I do try to be original in my thoughts. That being said, I am aware of the limitations of such processes, and also the need for a broader context in which to compare them. I would say I drift towards the likes of Ivan Illich, in that most learning requires no teacher. This is certainly true to the levels of formal education provided by the state and its employees. Wouldn’t you agree ?

    Sadly you are correct, in that the large majority of people are asleep, and indoctrinated. I see how you feel inside that this is really the truth. I understand your points about how you, and millions like you, may well not want to admit the reality of the situation. I also agree with some of your reasons for them not wanting to believe that reality, which then leads them to simply occupy themselves and their minds with other actions and offerings.

    There is a major problem with such a shying away nature; it does not serve to stem the perpetual manipulation, and ultimately the coercion of these people into doing exactly what others want. So to a large extent, maybe they do all deserve exactly what they get. Even if it does eventually lead to their violent deaths in planned wars or social conflict.

    Personally, I would suggest a more caring system on the whole. The system could certainly be used in a far more non restrictive manner than it is. It could be implemented by people who have not been indoctrinated, and it could be used for widespread common good, without such massive inequalities. As it stands now, it is controlled for the prime benefit of those who orchestrate it. This is also done on a far wider scale than ever before. The results of this mismanagement are there to be seen, and felt, by all. That is why you, and many others have your blogs in the first place.

    Once again, you fall into some misguided belief that my history may be a little shaky. I am aware of historic events, and for you to suggest otherwise lets you down in my opinion. There are very viable alternatives to the way things are at present.

    I do not really think I despise the idea of a system. I simply despise the way it is implemented. Whilst at the same time, it is being too excessively manipulated, and its profits and benefits are being plundered without providing the intended amount of goodness that it professes to offer all those involved in its maintenance, and upkeep.

    I appreciate there are many people who cannot even begin to attempt to get their heads around such things, and they may not even want to. Such apathy or lack of understanding does hurt them though, especially in the long term. This will be shown via falling living standards, financial hurt, lack of the ability to keep warm, and general well being. These societal markers will continue to lose value as a direct consequence of the way things are going.

    The people who control the above mentioned factors do not care about such instances. They never have done, and they never will do. For them it is all about fine tuning, down to the lowest possible expense. We are now in the midst of this, and it is very apparent. Civil unrest, disobedience, and many other dangerous happenings will likely occur as symptoms. Where will you look to for your safety when this reaches its climax ? You may well have to move to the outer Hebridean Islands anyway.

    On the other issue, 9/11 doubters are not crazy. You have no direct proof either way, neither do any others like you. As such, you are overstating your claims of understanding, and reasoning. In carrying out such actions, you are merely reinforcing the structure, and the positions of those you claim to be against. You are attempting to analyse, and highlight your own flawed knowledge with a view to using it against others, in order to invalidate their beliefs. Beliefs, which are not without foundation into the bargain. No amount of analysis without true understanding of the nature of the minds of potential conspirators, their objectives, and rewards can be of value. So to believe any “Official” version of events, is to simply blindly follow. I am sure you see that.

    On a final note, I do see where you are attempting to come from with your thought processes. I shall ignore either your inferiority complex, or ignorance, or low level mockery of my intelligence. As it is merely another tactic to provide you with comfort, when pressed on hard issues to a far more rigorous extent than you are used to.

    I appreciate your efforts to vindicate yourself. We both know that attempting to ridicule my intelligence, based on any single set of criteria is seriously inadequate. In addition, there is nothing to ridicule
    apart from the inability of someone who would attempt to confuse certain aspects of what they see themselves as an expert in, as an indication of all knowledge, and cognitive ability when projected to others by themselves.

    I use the name I do for several reasons, these are largely based on practical experience. So in my instance, it is far from some light hearted or gimmicky jibe.

    I am not cranky and would not be with regards to a situation where many thousands of people died at the hands of others, especially others who have escaped natural justice.

    I was not going to say this but I have to now…As I have given you something. You’re welcome.

    p.s. I have read some of your other posts. So beware ! lol

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