Sick to death of Islam


All sophisticated people are supposed to make sure their criticisms of Islam are aimed at Islamists rather than at Muslims or Islam. I’m getting a bit tired of this. The suggestion is that if Muslims could just get rid of the Islamist element in their midst then everything would be just fine. I admit things would be better, but they would be far from fine.

Firstly, moderate or not, Muslims would continue to live in Britain, continue to emigrate to Britain and continue to outbreed the native British. After a few generations Muslims would represent a large minority or even a majority. They already constitute a quarter of the population in towns like Luton, Slough, Bradford, and Blackburn, a fifth of the population of Birmingham and Leicester, 16% in Manchester and 12% in London. A few years ago there were just a couple of mosques and a couple of thousand Muslims in Luton. Now there are 26 mosques and 50,000 Muslims. See here Tommy Robinson’s experience of going back to Luton.

Once Muslims are in a large enough minority their attitude towards the non-Muslims whose country they have invaded changes (see here for present day examples of countries with large Muslim populations). We often hear how the majority of Muslims are peaceful but that could simply be because their numbers are still too low for them to have become very belligerent or because the British have bent over backwards to accommodate them. Muslims have been allowed to build thousands of mosques in which they preach whatever they like, set up sharia courts which treat women as second class citizens, and slaughter animals according to their own barbaric halal requirements. Almost everywhere Muslims are likely to be, like schools, sporting events and hotels, halal meat is served, often without informing anyone. It is simply less bothersome to inconvenience the native Brits than the immigrant Muslims who never stop moaning, despite being guests in our country. If Britain were to make a stand against Islamic practices then it might transpire that the majority of Muslims aren’t that peaceful after all.

The Muslim takeover of English cities could only be a matter of indifference to someone who couldn’t care less about British history, culture and ethnicity. Allowing millions of people from an alien culture into our country will clearly change our own culture but we aren’t supposed to mind. Though you still aren’t required to justify why you prefer vanilla ice-cream to chocolate or the Beatles to Beethoven it has somehow become necessary for native Brits to justify why they preferred their own culture to multiculturalism. Saying ‘I just did’ is not considered reason enough, though quite why I don’t know. Has anyone ever asked Muslims in Saudi Arabia if they would mind if they and their culture were replaced by millions of foreigners from a different culture? If they said they did mind, would we ask them why? Would we think them racist and narrow-minded? I suspect not.

Once Muslims find themselves in a large enough minority they will no longer look on the white natives as their hosts, even if they ever have done. In this debate over the niqab a Muslim woman opines at 14 mins 07 secs that British people are only fearful of Muslims because of their ignorance of Islam. She says that Muslims understand British culture “but do you [i.e. the British] really understand Islamic culture?” Douglas Murray tries to make the point that it isn’t the role of the host population to learn about the cultures that have chosen to invade it. Unfortunately the idiotic Yasmin Alibai-Brown jumps in and he can’t make his point. My point though is that the woman clearly thinks the obligations of host and guest are symmetrical and the former ought to learn about the culture of the latter, whether they want to or not. This has never been the case anywhere in history so what she bases it on I have no idea. There is no suggestion during the whole of the debate that the British have done this gaggle of ingrates a huge favour by letting them escape their crappy, corrupt countries to come here and pollute ours.

Once Muslim numbers are large enough they will see native Britons as just an annoying group that represents an obstacle to the creation of a truly Islamic Britain. They will think that they are doing us a huge favour by introducing us to Islam since they are convinced that Islam and sharia are good things. They have the same crusading mindset as Christian missionaries a couple of centuries ago. They believe that Islam will bring peace to the world, just as Communists believed Communism would make brothers and sisters of us all once we had embraced their miserable ideology.

The only time in history Muslims haven’t bullied non-Muslims is when they have been too weak to do so. Yet even if they don’t resort to bullying tactics (they are already doing so), even then things would be far from okay. You see, I simply don’t want Britain to be home to a large group of Muslims, peaceful or not. Whether British culture is better than an Islamic culture is not the point. The point is that I would prefer to stick to British culture, my culture, if it’s all the same to them, which it clearly isn’t. Muslims appear to think they have a right to impose their culture and religion on people whose country they have occupied, largely against the will of the inhabitants.

People have no problem understanding why native Japanese, Nigerians, Pakistanis and Eskimos wouldn’t want to become an ethnic minority in their own lands but when it comes to native Britons worrying about the same thing they are accused of being xenophobes, racists and Little Englanders. Yet people who simply want to maintain their native culture and live among their own people in their ancestral lands are not xenophobes or racists; they are normal. It is those who want to be supplanted by invaders who are suffering from some kind of psychosis. And worse than just being replaced is being replaced by an aggressive, supremacist band of ideologues who belong to a barbaric religion. Just read this example of Muslim boorishness. And here’s a German man being taunted by a Muslim about how Muslims will take over Germany and his daughter will be made to wear a headscarf and marry a bearded Muslim. This Muslim seems to believe that Germany has exploited the Middle East in some way; therefore it is okay for Muslims to take over Germany and take its women. The only ‘exploitation’ I can think of is that ingenious westerners showed dumb Arabs how to get oil out of the ground, gave them the tools to do so and then bought the oil off them at exorbitant prices. Maybe this Muslim would have preferred the oil to stay underground and for his people to still be riding around on camels, no richer than they were in the Stone Age.

One big problem we have at present is ‘progressive’, anti-white education. Before you know it you have convinced every grievance-monger that they are justified in hating you and have every right to either chop off your head or take your country and your women. And Muslims are the biggest moaners and cry-bullies around. If they aren’t cutting off your head they are complaining that you have hurt their feelings in some trivial way, for which they want the full force of the law brought down upon your head. Or the place where your head once was.

Some people point out that there are many nice Muslims. Well maybe there are, but so what? Let them be nice in their own damn countries. Here is Brigitte Gabriel destroying the idea put forward by a simpering, vocal-frying Muslim woman that because most Muslims are moderate then everything is okay. I bet at the end of this blast the dope wishes she had kept her mouth shut.

The point is that if things continue this way, both Britain and Europe will be under Muslim control no later than the turn of this century. Then it really doesn’t matter how nice the majority of Muslims are or how much you prefer them to the allegedly ‘thuggish’ Tommy Robinson. You will have consigned yourself, your children and your grandchildren to life under Islamic rule until the day that someone, somehow, can win our country back. That is the point. I really can’t understand why so many British people are so sanguine about this and why the whole country doesn’t vote UKIP. Some liberals seem almost proud of the insouciance with which they are giving away our country. Maybe they think their professed blindness to racial, religious, and cultural differences reflects well on them. The fools.

You might not like Tommy Robinson, or Paul Weston from Liberty GB but these men are not the problem. They are just a reaction to a threat that our elites and politicians have created and are now unwilling or unable to deal with.

I personally think Tommy Robinson is a reasonable bloke. I have listened to him several times on Youtube and not only is he someone I would more readily trust than most politicians, his views are no more extreme than mine. In fact his only gripe is with Islamists, not with peaceful Muslims or with mass immigration as a whole. My argument on the other hand is with the whole idea of mass immigration. I am happ enough that the Ugandan and Kenyan Asians were allowed into this country in large numbers during the 1970s. For one thing they only found themselves in their awkward situation because they were brought to Africa by the British. On top of this, these people generally have a positive attitude towards Britain and have proved themselves capable of integrating well. They have been a boon to the British economy as well as to its culture. There is also little danger of Hindus and Sikhs out-breeding the native Brits since their families are not very different in size to our own so there is demographic stability. Nor is there as much first-cousin marriage as there is among the Muslim Pakistani community to burden the NHS with birth defects. But don’t we already have enough Indians and Pakistanis? Do we really need to keep importing more?

Unlike the Indians, I can’t actually think of a single redeeming thing to say about immigration from either Muslim or black countries, though I can think of plenty of bad things, like high crime rates, habitual drug use, low school achievement, high welfare dependency and the threat of home-grown terrorism.

Some people think that talk of whites being replaced by Muslims is scaremongering. Others agree that the demographic trend shows that the Muslim population has doubled in the last ten years and is likely to continue to expand in the future, yet they fail to see any problem with this. After all they say, why shouldn’t Britain become an Islamic country? Just because it never was in the past? Don’t you know that Britain has always been ‘a land of immigrants’?

Er, no it hasn’t. There has probably been a bigger change to Britain’s DNA in the last 60 years than in the previous 6,000 years. The British gene pool changed very little from the Stone Age until The Rolling Stones. Even the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings and the Normans didn’t change the core population much. But that has all changed now.

So if a desire for historical continuity is not reason enough for not wanting to be supplanted by outsiders, what is? What reason could, say, a Tibetan put forward for not wanting to be colonised by the Chinese other than stating that Tibet is the traditional land of Tibetans? And if that’s a reasonable argument for Tibetans, why not for us?

There is an important difference between having a population that is 99% native Brits, as London and my hometown of Leicester were until recently, and having a population that is 45% native Brits, as London and Leicester now are. Numbers matter, especially in a democracy where they are crucial. What will British Muslims vote for in the future? Once they form a majority there is nothing to stop them from making stoning legal for all Britons or dissolving Britain into the larger caliphate of Eurarabia.

I don’t blame Muslims for any of this. They are just doing what Muslims do and have always done; namely going forth and multiplying to spread their religion, by the sword if necessary. Yet in the past they at least met with some resistance from the people whose lands they invaded. Modern Britain and Europe on the other hand seem curiously toothless in repelling this invasion and continue to allow immigration from Muslim lands. Britain continues to allow the building of mosques in which hate speech goes unopposed by that allegedly huge, though quite possibly mythical, group known as ‘moderate Muslims’. We even give welfare to people who state quite openly that they wish to bring Britain down and turn it into an Islamic state. Have we gone completely mad?

Muslims have a higher rate of welfare dependency than native whites so the argument that they are good for our economy doesn’t hold water. Without welfare payments they wouldn’t be able to afford such large families. So in effect, Britain is financing its own demise. Great. I’m beginning to think that we British and Europeans are such a bunch of cowards and fools that we deserve to have our countries taken away from us.


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