8 Pop groups I like

About a month ago I wrote a blog post called ‘Music I like’ which you see here. Because it has turned out to be my most popular post I thought I would write another post with links to the songs of 8 bands I like. Remember that you can open the orange links in a new tab by right clicking on them and choosing ‘Open link in a new tab’.

Teenage Fanclub – Baby Lee

Teenage Fanclub – Dark Clouds

Teenage Fanclub – It’s all in my mind

Teenage Fanclub – Cells

Teenage Fanclub – The world’ll be okay

Teenage Fanclub – I need direction

Teenage Fanclub – About you

Teenage Fanclub – Sparky’s dream

Teenage Fanclub – Don’t look back

Teenage Fanclub – Going places

Teenage Fanclub – Neil Jung

The Stranglers – Goodbye Toulouse

The Stranglers – Five Minutes

The Stranglers – No more heroes

The Stranglers – Golden Brown

The Stranglers – Strange little girl

The Stranglers – Don’t bring Harry

The Stranglers – Get a grip

The Stranglers – Something better change

The Stranglers – Rise of the robots

The Stranglers – Old Codger

Talk Talk – Have you heard the news?

Talk Talk – Renee

Talk Talk – Time it’s time

Talk Talk – Eden (radio edit)

Talk Talk – Desire 

Talk Talk – I believe in you

Talk Talk – Living in another world

Talk Talk – Give it up

Talk Talk – The party’s over

Talk Talk – Such a shame (the video makes me smile)

The Magic Numbers – Long Legs

The Magic Numbers – Love me like you

The Magic Numbers – Forever lost

The Magic Numbers – Take a chance

Ocean Colour Scene – We made it more

Ocean Colour Scene – For every corner

Ocean Colour Scene – Another time to stay

Ocean Colour Scene – The circle

Ocean Colour Scene – Wah wah

Ocean Colour Scene – The face smiles back easily

Ocean Colour Scene – Robin Hood

Ocean Colour Scene – Traveller’s tune

Ocean Colour Scene – On the way home

Ocean Colour Scene – Free my name

Ocean Colour Scene – The Downstream

Ocean Colour Scene – The song goes on

Ocean Colour Scene – Better day

Ocean Colour Scene – Daylight

Ocean Colour Scene – The day we caught the train

Ocean Colour Scene – Hello Monday

Ocean Colour Scene – These days I’m tired

Ocean Colour Scene – Free on the wind

Ocean Colour Scene – Mariners way

Ocean Colour Scene – The Downstream

XTC – Life begins at the hop

XTC – Generals and Majors

XTC – Radios in Motion

XTC – Ten feet tall

XTC – Senses working overtime

XTC – Science friction

XTC – Hang on to the night

XTC – You’re the wish you are I had

XTC – Outside world 

XTC – Atom age

XTC – Dance Band

Elvis Costello – Man out of time

Elvis Costello – You bowed down

Elvis Costello – You little fool

Elvis Costello – All the rage

Elvis Costello – The flirting kind

Elvis Costello – All grown up

Elvis Costello – How to be dumb

Elvis Costello – When I was cruel

Elvis Costello – Sad about girls

Elvis Costello – Motel matches

Elvis Costello – Secondary Modern

Elvis Costello – White knuckles

Elvis Costello – Black sails in the sunset

Gene – Where are they now?

Gene – Fighting fit

Gene – The British disease

Gene – Love won’t work

Gene – Long sleeves for the summer

Gene – We could be kings

Gene – Speak to me someone

Gene – Save me, I’m yours


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