Tommy Robinson


Before watching this video of Andrew Neil of the BBC interviewing Tommy Robinson, the leader of the EDL, I had some respect for the former and very little respect for the latter. That has now all changed. I have never seen such an obvious ideological attack on an interviewee. I thought the BBC was supposed to be politically neutral? There was no attempt to either understand Robinson’s point of view, nor even to listen to him. Everything was twisted and distorted to highlight the worst possible interpretation of his character and his views.

On the other hand, I was impressed by Robinson’s calm and dignified responses and he can feel proud of the way he conducted himself. He could no doubt have countered with slurs about Neil’s own private life, which is far from monk-like, though he chose not to do this. Quite why Neil thinks that Robinson’s past is so germane to the discussion, I don’t know. Either way, it has really come to something when a respected BBC presenter of a flagship news program is given a lesson in manners by an alleged ‘street thug’.

As well as proselytising to a cowed and terrified population, Islam is spreading in Britain through mass immigration and the high birth rate of Muslims. Even if it is not the goal of most Muslims to turn Britain into an Islamic state, this will happen anyway whether they want it or not. Once you have a majority of Muslims in a country, or even a large minority, then your fate is pretty much sealed. And which currently majority Muslim country would you be happy to live in?

Even if many Muslims aren’t intentionally involved in extending the Ummah, they still don’t find the prospect of an Islamic Britain nearly as frightening as do non-Muslims. And why should they? After all, they clearly believe that Islam is a good thing so why wouldn’t they want to spread it?

One thing is now clear. If Britain is ever going to be saved from the growing Islamisation it is now experiencing it won’t be saved by men like Andrew Neil, who seem to be happy to stick to the liberal left consensus of the BBC regardless of where this might take us all. As far as I can tell, Neil has absolutely no problem with the creeping Islamisation of Britain and Europe.

The only people likely to save Britain and Europe are men like Robinson who are a bit rough-around-the-edges and have a less than spotless past. Coming over all sniffy about men who are willing to make a stand is a luxury we can ill afford.


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