The English Defence League

July 7 2005 terror attacks first anniversary

If our rulers and our media ever looked on the EDL in the same way they look upon Islam they would write something like this:

If members of the EDL vandalise a mosque this has nothing whatsoever to do with the EDL. The core message of the EDL is peaceful. Attacking mosques is a distortion of their peaceful message. Even if an EDL member admits to attacking a mosque because he believes this is what the EDL manifesto advocates, then he is merely guilty of misunderstanding what the EDL is all about. He has been radicalised through watching too many online videos that falsely tell him that he is slowly losing his country to an influx of Muslims.

Proof that the EDL is a peaceful organisation is demonstrated by the fact that the majority of EDL members don’t go around smashing up mosques. And even if there are some colourful passages in the EDL manifesto no one takes these seriously. Although EDL members have been arguing over the true interpretation of their movement for a long time, our politicians are astute enough to know with certainty that the true essence of the EDL is peaceful and that any violent interpretation of its message is a hijacking and corruption of this peaceful movement.

If a mosque is ever broken into by an EDL member the first thing we must do is to reach out to all other EDL members to show them that we don’t blame them for the acts of a minority. We must also protect them from mindless bigots like members of Unite Against Fascism, who ignorantly tar all EDL members with the same brush. These thugs are EDL-o-phobic. All good people must be vigilant that there is no backlash against innocent and peaceful members of the EDL by left-wing extremists.

The police is now training all its officers in putting worried EDL members at their ease. Anybody found writing hateful anti-EDL comments on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, or shouting hurtful things at EDL members, can expect harsh penalties, either in the form of prison sentences or fines.

I just went to the EDL website and I have to say that it is far more in tune with the views of a civilised person than mainstream Muslim views. Nothing about killing apostates, killing gay people or treating women like second class citizens. All they really want is for their country not to become Islamic and not to be swamped with Muslims, something that in the long run boils down to pretty much the same thing. I’m damned if I can see anything wrong with that. Neither am I convinced that it is the EDL who damaged one or two mosques after the beheading of Lee Rigby. This could have been done by Unite Against Fascism or a Muslim group as a way of discrediting the EDL.


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