Why can America have nuclear weapons but Iran can’t?


Some people ask why America can have nuclear weapons while other countries can’t. Isn’t this a double standard? Yes it is, but America can’t un-invent the nuclear weapons it already has. It could of course scrap them tomorrow and trust leaders like Kim Jong Un and Valdimir Putin to do the same. It would also have to trust Ahmadinejad not to develop them in the first place. Whether you can trust such men depends largely on your world view. Liberals generally trust all non-westerners because this is how they have been educated and they see anti-Americanism as a virtue, as though they were fighting for the little man, the underdog. In reality it is just the same old prejudiced preference for one group over another, just with the novelty of seeing everything done by your own side in the worst possible light while bending over backwards to give the other side the benefit of the doubt.

Personally I think it would be rash for America to get rid of its nuclear weapons in the hope that other countries will never use theirs to threaten America or any other country. If it were to ditch them it would immediately be at the mercy of any country who had retained, could build or buy nuclear weapons off the shelf, including non-state actors like Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah. This would be a bad thing, not only for America but for most civilised countries. After all, many democratic countries, including all of western Europe and Japan, rely on America’s protection. After World War II Western European countries pretty much handed over their defense to America so that they could spend their budgets on lavish welfare programs instead of weapons. These programs turned many once responsible citizens into whining, state-dependent cretins.

America provides the most aid to countries in need, as well as putting much of its expertise at the disposal of the world. When there is a disaster it is America that turns up first. It is probably the most benevolent super-power the world has ever seen, despite what resentful cultural Marxists claim. These are the same silly people who claim that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians. The truth is that Israel could kill every last Palestinian tomorrow if it so chose. Instead it goes to great lengths to minimize casualties among Palestinian civilians while targetting the terrorists who are doing everything they can to kill every last man, woman and Israeli child. For this the Israelis get no thanks.

I am pleased that Israel probably has nuclear weapons. Just having them is enough to make its noisy neighbours think twice about attacking it again. Nuclear weapons are necessary for Israel in a way that they aren’t for, say, Wales. The Welsh can rest assured that England and Scotland aren’t going to attack them any time soon. The Israelis on the other hand would be foolish to trust Iran and Islamic terrorist groups not to attack it. Israel’s strength is the only thing keeping it in existence.

There are plenty of westerners who simply can’t wait for the day that America falls from its position as top dog and Obama is doing his best to accommodate these people. Yet I think they should think long and hard about what a future run by the Chi-coms, Putin or any Islamic country would look like. And a world lead by no country would be worst of all. It would be like a city from which the police have fled, leaving ordinary people to fend for themselves against roving gangs. If America is not going to play policeman of the world, who is? The UN? Don’t make me laugh!

Most people agree that the fewer countries that possess nuclear weapons the better, and although it is unfortunate that half a dozen countries already have them, it would be good if countries that don’t yet have them continue to do without them. There is, after all, an international agreement to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons and most countries signed up to this, including Iran, though it now looks set to renege on that promise. This frightens not only Israel but other neighbouring countries, including Saudi Arabia, which now has to consider also going down the nuclear road. The Saudi Arabs trust America not to bomb them but they don’t trust Iran and this proliferation of nuclear weapons strikes many people, including me, as a bad development.

One reason I don’t mind America having nuclear weapons is for the same reason that I don’t mind policemen being armed. This doesn’t mean that I trust all policemen absolutely. I just think it is better that the police has more power than criminals, otherwise they can’t do their job. Some people dislike this distinction between good and bad countries, responsible and irresponsible, and think it smacks of racism. They believe that countries like America, Britain and France are just as likely to use a nuclear weapon aggressively as North Korea, Pakistan and Iran. I disagree. And yes, I know, America is the only country to have used nuclear weapons in a war by dropping two atomic bombs on Japan. However, it was a different era, the war in the Pacific had been raging for years and 7,000 American soldiers were dying a week with no sign of the Japanese giving up any time soon. Not dropping the bombs would have meant the deaths of more Americans and Japanese through conventional weapons and things would have dragged on indefinitely. And I say this in spite of the fact that I live in Japan and the majority of my friends are Japanese. Many of them admit that Japan was ultimately responsible for the disaster that befell it. Strangely the people who go on and on about how terrible it was to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki often have nothing to say about the fire-bombing of Tokyo which killed around 100,000 people, mostly civilians. This figure isn’t much smaller than the number of people who died as a result of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs.

I agree that allowing some countries to keep their nuclear weapons while others make do with conventional weapons is a double standard, just as it is a double standard that adults can drive cars but children can’t and Japanese sushi chefs are allowed to handle sharp knives while residents of mental asylums aren’t. Yet this is a double standard that only people obsessed with egalitarianism would quarrel with. Such people believe that religious maniacs and demagogues who misrule their countries are to be trusted to the same degree as the leaders of stable democracies. After all, they say, aren’t David Cameron and Robert Mugabe both men and aren’t Britain and Zimbabwe both countries? To look any closer than this strikes some people as racist.

Other people sigh exasperatedly and wearily explain, as though talking to an especially stupid donkey, ‘But of course you feel like that. You are a westerner! But you have to realise that Iranians and North Koreans feel exactly the same way’.

I do realise. Yet you could make the same argument about anything. I think that Berlin is the capital of Germany and water is H₂O yet there may be some fool somewhere who believes that the German capital is Frankfurt and that water is H3O. I believe I am right and the madman believes he is right and the cultural relativist scolds me, ‘But don’t you see? He also thinks he’s right! What makes you privilege your view over his?’

The obvious answer is that I privilege my view precisely because it is mine. The less obvious answer is that the existence of a difference of opinion does not mean that both parties are equally right or wrong. Some questions have a right and wrong answer and whether Iran should have nuclear weapons might be such a question. I discuss all of this nonsense here. Thus someone with no dog in the race, say some Martian up in space looking down at the Earth through a telescope might say, ‘I couldn’t care less about the fate of that blue planet down there but those desert countries sure look volatile to me. They’re always fighting! I don’t understand why those richer, stabler and militarily stronger countries are just standing by while the desert people arm themselves with destructive technology, ready to square up to the civilised ones. How strange. Anyway, turn the telescope and let’s see what’s going on on Venus’.

The truth is that if I were an educated Iranian or North Korean I would be scared to death that my government was developing nuclear weapons because I would know that they couldn’t be trusted with them. Yet if I were an Islamic fundamentalist or an indoctrinated North Korean nationalist then I would want my government to go toe-to-toe with the evil American Imperialists. But I’m not, so I don’t.

Even if all countries did away with their nuclear weapons tomorrow we would still be left with conventional weapons of ever increasing power, including chemical weapons. And isn’t it deadly weapons that we are trying to get rid of, regardless of whether these are nuclear or not? Just as destroying all guns would lead to an increase in knife crime and strangulation, so limiting nuclear weapons would almost certainly lead to an escalation in smaller wars with conventional weapons. The existence of nuclear weapons is almost certainly why the stand-off between America and the USSR after World War Two remained a cold war rather than developing into a hot one. Perhaps those weapons are at this very moment keeping some aggressive nation in check but we just don’t realise it because it is hard to see wars not happening.

I’d be the first person to admit that my preferred course of action of keeping a precarious balance of power in favour of the West is a less than ideal solution and thus very easy to criticise. What is more difficult is to come up with a better solution. If anyone thinks they have one, please write to Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang.

Here is a recent article on this subject by George Jonas, an eminently sensible man and here’s another. And here is Thomas Sowell with more recent articles from 17 March and 8 April 2015.


47 thoughts on “Why can America have nuclear weapons but Iran can’t?”

  1. Hello!

    Everything you said made absolute sense for someone who sees the world in black and white, good and bad. But the fact remains is that you seriously need to do some more research. Think about all the wars that USA have taken part in and research their REAL reasons as to WHY they invaded.

    Oh “weapons of mass destruction”… pfffttt PLEASE! Oh Iran has Muslim terrorists…. YEAH RIGHT. It all comes down to commodities. USA hates the fact that countries in the Middle East have oil. FULL STOP.

    Example: Gadafi… he wasn’t the nicest mad on earth he probably did deserves to die (I don’t judge) but the fact remains is just before USA intervened and publicly said they weren’t trying to kill him… we find out that the US are bombing up his places in Tripoli. WHY you say? If it wasn’t because Gadafi was a horrible dictator why? Well,
    Gadafi had a plan to quit selling Libyan oil in US$ — demanding payment instead in gold-backed “dinars” and wanted all other African and Middle Eastern countries to follow. Do you know what this would result in, had he succeeded? The US$ would have been WORTHLESS.

    Alas this all comes back to Nuclear Weapons, because USA will invade Iran as they want too now accept all forms of other currencies, it’s only a matter of time and their goal now is making Iran look bad for having nuclear weapons… (the same shit as USA) as this will be advantageous.

    Who on God’s earth gave USA the right to rule the world? Why does the US feel the need to send troops in places that do not concern them? We’ll I guess it does concern them… in a selfish manner.

    I SAY FAIR IS FAIR. Let Iran protect it’s self like ISRAEL.

    Whichever way you want to look at this… Israel came and stole the land from the Palestinians. Oh and now they want to protect themselves… sure I guess they have their right to, everyone is pretty pissed off because they did that. Common decency is that Israel would allow SOME land to the Palestinians. BUT NOOOOOO they are left with one shitty strip that is the most over populated area in the world. And even with that they are still fighting wars with guns against the arabs with sticks and rocks.

    I don’t want you thinking I say all this because I am and Arab or Moslem. I’m just person interested in where the world is heading.

    Being in charge of a country is tough work. I respect that hard decisions will be made. Being in the same position I can’t say I would do things differently when you have to put your people and nation first above any other.

    But I just wanted you to know there is more out there in the world then simply black and white. I don’t even think there is good and evil anymore either. Who sets the standards to say what is good and what is bad anymore anyways?

    Sorry if I came across rude. Please forgive, me just very passionate about this topic.

    1. Maybe you didn’t read closely enough, but the research was done. It may not agree with you, but it’s a legitimate point of view.

  2. Hi COTW,

    Don’t worry, you didn’t come across as rude. There’s nothing wrong with passion. However, you assume that our opinions differ because I haven’t read enough. This is the problem with such arguments. Each side believes that he has read enough while his opponent hasn’t. I hardly need to say that I believe that it is you who hasn’t read enough and is locked in an ideology that has been fed to you by the liberal media and your teachers. I can well imagine what you have been taught and why you believe that the USA is the worse nation in the world. I have had a different education and I have seen enough, travelled enough and read enough history to know (or think I know) that despite its imperfections the USA is about as good as a super-power can be.

    Even so, thanks for commenting.

  3. You need to come down the ladder my friend. In which utopian world are you living?
    Obama is a good person and Ahmadinejad is a bad person?
    Its almost like as if a child has written this article.
    Listen My friend, You need to open your eyes and see around and listen to what your saying.
    Amercia was and is the only country to ever use nuclear weapons ona nation that is now more prosperous than you.
    Afghanistan and Iraq? The America you boast of cannot even capture afghanistan in all these years even though there is no proper military there just the scattered Taliban.
    America gives aid? John Stuart Mill said There is no free cup of coffee and the states just dosent gives aid without geting something back.
    I would suggest to you, read some articles of your fellow citizens regarding 9/11, war on terrorism, Free trade etc. You ‘ll know better because apparantely you dont trust the Iranians and North Koreans.

    I am not a iranian, neither a north korean. Just a person who uses her mind.
    Good Day !

    1. great comment. i felt this person entire article as if a child who was filled with crap by his parents wrote it. this person probably never left his state and his knowledge is based on cnn and george w bush. the country is great is just the government that fills these people heads with crap and unfortunately majority of the people are not books and research friendly. too lazy eating fast food and reproducing. with respect.

      1. Wow, if that is you being respectful, what are you like when you are being disrespectful?

        Anyway, SlimJim, just to put you right on one or two of your assumptions, I am not American and have only spent two days in America. However, I have lived in various countries in the world. Now I live in Japan. I have never watched CNN in my life and I think George Bush must be one of the stupidest presidents in US history. I eat the same things as other people, I read books because I am a teacher and I have no children, so reproducing isn’t one of my priorities.

        Now we have got that out of the way, perhaps you could tell me why you disagree with me. I take it from your comment that you are a book reader and a researcher so maybe you could teach me something. Go ahead.

      2. you are abseloutley right.this jerk does not know a thing about the world.I bet his greatest achievement was getting D+ instead of D in history .

  4. Hi Suniya,

    You seem to believe the reason I think as I do is because I haven’t heard the other side of the argument. You may be surprised to know that your way of looking at things is the majority view and I encounter the same beliefs as yours every day. Therefore it is not unfamiliarity with what my ‘fellow citizens’ think that makes me ‘write like a child’. You seem to think that if I only read a book by Noam Chomsky, or an article by Robert Fisk, that I would suddenly slap my forehead and say, “Of course! Why didn’t I see that before?”

    Suniya, when I left university I used to think along the same lines as you. We British are very anti-American and I was no exception. However, over the years I have read and thought a lot and I have changed my mind on world affairs. Incidentally, I live in the country that America dropped the bomb on and most people here understand why they did it, even if you don’t.

    The fact that I have a different point of view to you does not mean that I am less well read than you, nor that you should be so sure that you have access to the truth while I don’t. At least my mind is open and I’m willing to admit that I might be wrong. I wonder of you can say the same?

    Oh, and please don’t call me ‘my friend’. It is very patronizing. I am a teacher, not your pizza delivery boy.

  5. Kazi,

    Because you didn’t comment it is hard to know what point you were trying to make by just publishing a link to a list of wars that the USA has been involved in. It is certainly much bigger than the list for say, Iceland, so what does that tell you? Maybe that Iceland is too small and weak to fight wars and that it is very isolated. Or do you think these facts are of no importance? Is Andorra therefore the most virtuous country in the world?

    Here is a list of wars involving Russia:


    It looks similar to the list for the USA. This is because Russia has a long history, is big and powerful, and is not isolated.

    Maybe you also have to look at who the USA has fought. Are you suggesting they shouldn’t have fought the War of Independence against the British, Hitler in World War II and Stalin and his chums during the cold war? Shouldn’t they fight groups like Al Qaeda or Harakat al-Shabaab Mujahideen? If that is what you think, then perhaps you should just come out and say so. Simply listing the number of wars a country has been in doesn’t tell you whether these were righteous or aggressive wars. That shouldn’t really need pointing out.

    I think you need to state an opinion rather than just sending links if you want your views to be taken seriously.

  6. you racist son of a bitch.your country is the only country to have used nuclear weapons against innocent people. it supported saddam during the iran-iraq war even though iraq used chemical weopans.it supports israel even though israel kills innocent people.I hate hitler and I do not deny the fact that 6 milion jews were killed by him but right now millions of moslems are being killed by israel. US govermant shot a missile at an airbus passenger plane during the iran iraq war(filght 655) and never even apologised for it. your govermant killed people and and sentenced bradley manning becuase he told the truth.I hate ahmadnejad cause he killed people in his own country.but you are worse than the devil himself.

    1. John Monica, first of all calm down.

      Secondly, I am not American so what are you talking about?

      Thirdly, it was me who pointed out that America was the only country to as yet use nuclear weapons in anger so why you chose to repeat what I had already said is a mystery to me.

      Fourthly, no one is denying that Bradley Manning told the truth. The question is whether a country should allow its citizens to give away state secrets and not stand trial for it. If he had tried that in most countries he would be dead by now. If governments simply allowed their citizens to give away all state secrets then how, say, would you go about intervening in Syria when Al Assad’s army, navy and air force already know where and when you are going to intervene? What would be the point in a midnight attack on Bin Laden if Manning has already told him that the Navy Seals are coming?

      In truth the point about Syria doesn’t bother me much since I don’t want America to intervene. I want both Al Assad and the Muslim fundamentalists to lose so am happy to see them kill each other. Neither should the West have intervened in Libya or Egypt. Just let the crazies get on with it and stop blaming the West for trying to separate them.

      Fifthly, please state in what way Israel is killing millions of Muslims? Where do you get your information from? If Israel wanted to kill millions of Muslims they would all be dead by now since Israel has the power to do so.

      The truth is that Israel goes out of its way to ensure that non-combatants aren’t injured in the fighting. Please compare this stance with that of the Muslim side which wants to kill every Jewish man, woman and child in Israel. Please remember that about 20% of Israel’s population is Arabic Muslim. Why hasn’t Israel killed them if your idea is correct? The truth is that you just made it up, didn’t you? And if, on the other hand, it is not a lie, please post your (credible) evidence here and I will include it in a future blog.

      Sixthly, if the devil is only as bad as me, then none of us has anything to worry about. I dislike violence, dislike stupid prejudice (as opposed to sensible prejudice) and want to no harm no one unless they are seeking to harm others. I don’t know what race you think I am racist towards. Is Islam a race? If it is, it’s news to me. I have a friend from Iran and one from Iraq and I’m a big fan of the way Hindus and Sikhs have made lives for themselves in my country (Britain). I am a huge fan of the black economist Thomas Sowell. Please save your anger for people who place bombs on buses, fly planes into buildings and behead journalists. Getting angry with an internet blogger who believes that the American government is more trustworthy than that of Iran is a waste of your righteous energy.

      Lastly, why do have a girls’ middle name?

  7. This is the dumbest post ever on this topic. Stick to your McD’s job and stay away from writing pieces on Global politics.

  8. I’m an educated Iranian and oppose the regime in Iran. However, with all due respect I do not find you well informed on the nuclear issues. First, no one expects the US to destroy all its nuclear stockpile for the reasons you mentioned. However, I disagree with the proposition that that the US’s opposition to Iran’s (peaceful, IMO) nuclear program is because US thinks Iran has an Irresponsible government. Declassified documents from US clearly show that there was a strong tension between the Shah of Iran-a staunch ally of the US- and US over Iran’s peaceful nuclear program. Simply put, the US and its allies are not comfortable with any country who might challenge the world order they have established. Pakistan and India do not challenge America’s hegemony and get away with nuclear weapons. Iran’s current and previous regimes dared to challenge Ameica’s hegemony and they have to be taught a lesson.

    On Israel needing nukes, what Israel really need is peace with other countries of the region not nuclear bombs.

    BTW, If America, Israel and UK having nuclear bombs does not keep you awake at night it does keep me awake.

    1. Hi Reza, thanks for the comment and you sound to me like a totally sensible bloke with sensible opinions. However, I disagree with some points.

      Firstly, Iran signed up to the nuclear non-proliferation agreement and then went back on its word. It started secretly setting up a nuclear program and, over the past 20 years, has consistently lied about the nature of its program and has obstructed inspections at every turn. Hassan Rouhani even bragged about doing so. Wherever there was contamination of nuclear material they have stopped inspectors coming in for long enough to be able to destroy the evidence. We know this from the way installations change on satellite pictures before and after inspections, and how the inspectors always find the buildings freshly painted. any tell-tale signs of particles of Uranium at high levels is passed off as the fault of the countries Iran bought it’s facilities from.

      With all due respect, the only way that Iran could challenge the hegemony of America is by having a nuclear weapon. How else could they do it? Through economic hegemony? Iran is hardly China in this respect. Short of having a nuclear weapon, the only way that Iran could challenge America is through the spread of the Iranian governments own brand of fundamentalist Islam This is much more of a threat than Iran’s economy, and one that many sensible people are pleased America is doing something to stop. My guess is that even some Mulsims are happy about it. However, perhaps many Muslims feel that Islam is the solution to the world’s problems and of course if you believe this, then you won’t understand why the West would want to stop both Iran and Islam from growing in power.

      In what way would Iran challenge America’s hegemony in a way that Pakistan doesn’t? What is it that you see in Iran, apart from the fact that it is run by fundamentalist Islamic clerics, that you don’t see in Pakistan. Surely America doesn’t object to Pakistan having a nuclear weapon because it is already too late to do so. They already have it and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. This is precisely the state of affairs that America, and pretty much the rest of the world, wants to stop in regard to Iran. Maybe you haven’t noticed but there are very few countries on earth that are happy about Iran’s nuclear program. It isn’t just America or even just the West.

      You may know more about Iran’s nuclear program than me but I think your knowledge of Israeli history is shaky. It has been attacked 3 times since its foundation and have only survived because they were barely able to fight off the aggressors, who have all sworn not to rest until they force the Jews into the sea (including Iran). The weaker Israel is, the more tempting it becomes for its neighbours to attack it. It is already under constant low level attack on a daily basis. Getting rid of its nuclear weapons would just be an open invitation to Iran or some other Muslim country, either as a state or working through its proxy agents, to scale up the attacks any finally kill the Jews or drive them away for good.

      If you think that it is the Israelis were are thwarting peace talks then I’m afraid you have been taken in by anti-Israeli propaganda. Jews have looked for a peaceful settlement since 1948. Less than anyone do Israelis want to have to live in a state of emergency for the rest of their lives. Yet every time a good solution was put on the table, Arafat turned it down. In truth there is almost no way that he could have accepted any solution that left Israel in place, no matter how small. Since he was representing people whose main goal is the eradication of Israel, how could he accept any treaty? the same applies for those who have come after Arafat. And how can Israel deal with any side that wants it annihilated? The Palestinians have already made it clear that any agreement with Israel is just the first necessary step in destruction of Israel altogether, but as the Palestinian minister who admitted this sniggered, ‘We keep that to ourselves’.

      Thanks anyway Reza for your comment, and for keeping the tone civilised, which many above didn’t.

  9. But why does Us have the money to upgrade their nuclear collection that costs about billions in a time of money crisis ? and i don’t trust the Us government neither , i think theire 1 of the most corrupted government ever existed. And what i still don’t understand is they are keeping to spy their allies with NSA and the allies still keep C***S***ing US and defend them in each way. is Europe such a p**** ? i think one day US will use theire Abombs i don’t see the point in investing and then not use them…… God bless u all . And sorry for my bad english.

  10. Hi Luciano,

    LL: But why does Us have the money to upgrade their nuclear collection that costs about billions in a time of money crisis ?…

    TUM: Because it is necessary if it is going to continue to be a credible deterrent. The fact that we are in a recession is neither here nor there. Anyway, the recession can’t be that bad if Obama is still insisting on pushing through Obamacare and give generous welfare handouts to people who sit on their backsides all day.

    LL:…and i don’t trust the Us government neither , i think theire 1 of the most corrupted government ever existed.

    TUM: Really? Have you looked at some of the African governments? And China? And Russia? And Iran? And Syria. And Italy? Could it be you think these governments are better because A) you know nothing about them and are not interested in knowing? b) the worse regimes are good at covering over their misdeeds and assume that where there is silence there is nothing to know? and c) you, like Wikileaks, are really only interested in attacking America?

    LL: And what i still don’t understand is they are keeping to spy their allies with NSA and the allies still keep C***S***ing US and defend them in each way. is Europe such a p**** ?

    TUM: How about trying to keep your language printable? I think we can all guess what the missing words are. You’re not a college student any more. Or are you? Or do you think your views gain weight if you throw in a little righteous anger?

    LL:…i think one day US will use theire Abombs i don’t see the point in investing and then not use them……

    TUM: Clearly you haven’t heard about deterrents. They worked very well during the cold war against Russia. However, if you would like America to give up their nuclear weapons and leave countries like Pakistan with theirs, a country which is pretty much descending into anarchy, then good luck with that. I’m sure that Russia or China will come to your rescue if it doesn’t turn out well, wherever it is you live.

    Incidentally, it isn’t that I trust America. I don’t trust anyone and I dislike Barack Obama. It is more that I trust the other countries even less, and a world without a top dog is more dangerous than a world with one. I for one am pleased that that top dog is America rather than, say, Iran or Russia. However, maybe you feel differently.

    I know, I know. You would like a world in which no country has nuclear weapons. So does everyone! It’s just that there are huge dangers in trying to achieve this. If you can’t think what they are for yourself, please read my article – again.

  11. Well said John Monica. I can’t believe such stupid people can actually write these bullshit in their blogs!!! This blogger has no idea what is going on with his own country let alone with the world! what a pity…

    1. Hi Raya,

      Two things. The first is that bullshit is an uncountable noun so it must be ‘this bullshit’, not ‘these bullshit’.

      Secondly you say, ‘This blogger has no idea what is going on with his own country.’ What is my country? Do you know? You assume that because I support America on this that I must be American. This would be the tribal way of looking at things. The fact that you make this assumption says more about your own way of thinking than mine.

      1. When did I say you’re American? ( I know you wish)… But you do clearly live in a society full of anti Middle East propaganda. I can see how you’re influenced and brainwashed by all those “Western” propaganda and media which are trying to manipulate their people just as much as the “totalitarian” regimes do, only in a soft, polite way! I don’t think you’ve ever really thought about anything or have ever had a chance to study enough to understand the West dirty strategies towards the Middle East. So I doubt if you’ve heard of Dr. Kevin Barrett an American former university lecturer and a member of the Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11 (SPINE) also a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance. ( He is American by the way, YAY). He is making a really good point when he’s talking about P5+1 talks in Geneva : “Well, a deal should be reached. There is no reason not to. In fact, the whole so-called crisis over Iran’s nuclear programs is really a gigantic hoax…. They should really be meeting in Geneva to talk about the countries that actually do have dangerous nuclear weapons and pose a threat to their neighbors. That would start with Israel which is the most aggressive outlaw nation on earth which has more than 400 nuclear weapons stored; that would include the United States, Russia, China, India, Pakistan and the other nuclear countries. Those are the countries that under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty are supposed to be reducing and eliminating their nuclear arsenals.”… your opinion about Israel or Middle East are just so naive and funny! Try to study more useful stuff rather than sticking to grammar for your “uncountable nouns” bullshit 😉

  12. I dont buy your “Im not American” BS, you are either a liar or have spent more time than you want to admit in America. But that is not here nor there, your view on America in the World, and the way you label other countries as irresponsible is missing huge pieces of information. Like the fact that American interests have been in the middle of most wars, and Americas exploitation of resources and other countries around the world, but most importatnly its effects on the economy/politics of other nations and natural resources has been the cause of countless deaths. America has been a country determined on self gain at the cost of others since its birth, starting with the genocide of countless Native Americans and African slaves, to the most recent war crimes committed against the Muslum world. Its a shame to read that people still believe in the sham called Liberty the US goverment has worked so hard to create and maintain, it is becuase of people like you, and the American people who support US forein policy that other nations suffer.

  13. Really? You think the world would go better if America didn’t exist? Who would fund the United Nations? Who would have intervened in Bosnia? Who would have stopped the spread of Communism if Reagan hadn’t done so? Who would stand against the cancer of Islam? Which country wouldn’t have reacted to a terrorist attack like 9/11? Or maybe you think it was an inside job so that Bush could spend lots of American dollars and soldiers lives trying to keep the peace in Iraq until they pull out over a decade later and lots poorer?

    I have to say that I find you a bit odd. You know nothing about me and yet insist that I must be lying when I say I’m not American. Peculiar. I have spent precisely two days and one night in America and I thought Albuquerque was one of the ugliest places I have ever seen and that American customs officers are impolite. However, that doesn’t change my opinion about their nuclear policy, though I’m sure it would yours.

    I used to hate the country as much as you appear to. We Europeans are brought up to believe that Americans are stupid, ignorant of other places and are really just a load of patriotic rednecks. It took me several decades of travelling, reading and thinking to disabuse myself of this idiocy. Americans are, in general, no more stupid and ignorant than other people. Still, if you want to stick to your racist beliefs that white Americans (and Jews?) are uniquely bad, that’s up to you. And good luck with your world run by a load of Putins, Mugabes, Islamists, Ahmedinejads, Saddam Husseins, Guddhafis, Assads, Chinese council members and the rest of the rabble.

    Even so, it’s a pity that you have simply believed everything your leftist teachers and anti-American media have told you. I can tell this from your comical list of all America’s alleged misdeeds throughout history. Please go to your library and read any reputable book on American history and you will see just how silly your list of accusations is.

    1. Hi.

      I think you make some good points in this article. It’s easy to poke fingers and draw faults but I presume many of these commenters have not bothered to research other nations histories and put in context the contrast of a world without America as the worlds superpower.

    2. Theunrecordedman, first of all, calm down.

      Secondly, nobody is saying (at least I am not) that the world would be a better place if it were run by Nazis. The fact is, there is no other nation on the planet that has had the opportunity that America and American policy makers have had in running the world in the last 50 years, and in my opinion they have sucked at it. Can Russia, Israel, France, Cuba, Venezuela or any other nation in the planet do it better? I am not knowledgable enough to pretend to know that, but the fact is America has made it a priority to ensure no other country ever gets that oportunity. And the only reason America is now positioned to be that superpower you so aggresively defend is because they have, countless times, screwed over every nation they can get involved in, killing thousands and even stealing land (Yes, stealing, look it up).

      I dont hate the country, I love the country, the people and the principle that nation was built under, but the people who have run it care more about the American Dollar than the countless lives they destroy, including their on soldiers and their families.Do you really believe the fary tale that America is the saviour of the world, and is always off fighting evil and bringing freedom to the less fortunate? You seem to have travelled quite a bit, so have I. How about visiting Iraq one of these days, or better, yet, one of the many indian reservations in New Mexico where you visited, have them tell you the story of freedom they recieved from the American saviour.

      Lastly, silly list of accusations? really, you have NEVER read about the trail of tears? What about the Mexican/American war? but I am a few hundred years away, let me bring it closer. The Iraqui war? does it ring a bell? Panama? Japan and the atomic bomb? I have seen what a world run by American interests looks like, and I dont like it. I say give someone else a chance, America has fucked it up.

  14. Waddya mean ‘calm down’? If I were any calmer I would fall off my chair.

    Sorry, I don’t ‘aggressively defend’ anything. I just think that if countries like Pakistan and North Korea have the bomb, I’m glad that America and Britain also have it. This is just an opinion and not something I ‘aggressively defend’, any more than I ‘aggressively prefer’ chocolate milkshake to vanilla.

    [America] screwed over every nation they can get involved in, killing thousands and even stealing land (Yes, stealing, look it up).

    I would prefer you to look it up and then tell me since it is you making the claim. You see, this is the kind of silliness I was talking about. America has got ‘involved in’ Britain, but it hasn’t stolen its land or killed thousands of its people. Therefore ‘every country’ is already an exaggeration. Nor has it stolen land from other countries it is ‘involved in’, like Sweden and Norway and Italy and Canada. Has it stolen land in Afghanistan or Iraq? Surely it was ‘involved in’ those countries? Or did you mean it has killed thousands of people and stolen land from those countries where it has killed thousands of people and stolen land? If so, why didn’t you say so instead of exaggerating? Either way, please list the countries you have in mind.

    My own view about Red Indians (I believe that is the politically correct term) wanting to keep the continent of America all to themselves is that they were like holidaying Germans who think they can put their towel down by the swimming pool so that from then on no one else can use that area. The settlers arriving from Europe, backed up by the US army, were like so many Brits happily tossing German towels into the pool. You can try to reserve a whole continent to yourself if you like but you had better be stronger than the people trying to get in. Or do you believe that half a dozen people can claim a whole continent for themselves simply because they were there first?

    Anyway, crying that you need at least 100,000 acres per person to continue living ‘in the old ways’ might cut some ice with a modern day anthropology student from Berkeley but I don’t think it would have got you very far with the US army two centuries ago. You seem to be accusing 19th century European settlers, American politicians and army officers of not having the delicate sensibilities of a progressive modern day liberal. This is like saying they didn’t even let the Indians use their smart phones. Your thinking is anachronistic. And even righteous you, wherever it is that you and your own family now live, probably ended up there only after forcing someone else of their land. You might have to go back multiple generations but probably no further than the time scales you are talking about here, so please don’t come over all sanctimonious. This is simply what happened in the past all over the world.

    As for Iraq, if you wish that Saddam and his crime family were still in power and torturing his people and threatening neighbouring countries then that’s up to you. I actually read about Saddam’s torture chambers before the invasion and I knew an Iraqi living in exile and I happen to think that it is a good thing Saddam is now dead, along with his evil sons. And neither do I hold the Americans to blame for the fact that Iraqi Shi’ites and Sunni can’t stop slaughtering each other long enough to build a reasonable country for themselves. To paraphrase Dr. Johnson, the Americans forged an opportunity for the Iraqis, but they aren’t obliged to make them take it. Do you think the Russians would have made a better job than the Americans of intervening? Would they have done everything perfectly? But of course, you want Saddam to still be in power so this question doesn’t really arise.

    The main thing that is wrong with your argument, for what it is, – it’s not really an argument at all since you merely repeat the same stuff I’ve read a hundred times in other comments pages – is that you compare the imperfect world we live in with some Utopia that you would like to live in. I personally don’t think America has so far done a bad job at all, given the nature of the human animal and the animosity that all tribes seem to have for each other. That we haven’t yet destroyed ourselves strikes me as being a minor miracle. The world is now a much less violent place than it ever was in the past so maybe we are doing something right. However, if you believe that having the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians or anyone else as world leader would make things go even better, then I think you are either overestimating Iranians or are vilifying Americans.

    Please try to compare our present world, not with some impossible dream, but with the kind of place the Soviet Union was for 70 years, or what most Muslim countries are like today, or what living in China has been like for most people throughout this century. In short, try to disabuse yourself of the idea that many frivolous people on the left have, namely that any change must be for the better and if America would only step aside some wonderfully virtuous country would step forward. Incidentally, which is your favourite candidate for this or haven’t you thought of one yet? After all, it’s much easier to just go on moaning and moaning than to actually come up with a better solution.

    1. Very long and detailed response, so I wont go over the entire thing and create an equally long reply.

      You seem to look at things through the eyes of Bill O’riley or many folks of the like who see the world outside of America as a barbaric waste land filled with criminals and evil-doers just waiting at the opportunity to blow themselves up and anyone in their vicinity. You know who also had similar outlook on life? extrimists like the KKK. The evidence you continue to cite has been proven time and again to be either non-existant, or extremely exhagerated. I am not defending Saddam, his sons, or any other dictator, but the fact that countries have internal issues does not give the US or any other country the right to get involved “in the name of freedom”. The US has countless issues as well, what would be their reaction to a company of Russian soldiers arriving at their shores to “liberate” the African-American community from racial profiling?

      And the fact is, the US does not get involved in most cases, only when there are strong interests, usually tied to financial gain, involved.

      You cannot deny the US has an aggresive foreing policy, usually resulting in Military intervention. Would that be the same stance China would take? what about Brazil, or France? I doubt it. But what would be better, is if the UN actually served for what it was created and countries actually respected the organization, especially on matters of war. You would not need A-Bombs then.

      The US is a bully country that overuses its power around the world, and that has negative effects. It creates armed conflict, animmosity towards its citizens and poverty, resulting in death.

      The reason for mentioning event so far down the history line is to make the point that it is not a synthom of power, after WW2, it has been in their agenda from the begining. I disagree with you when you write ” This is simply what happened in the past all over the world” and brush it off. It goes along the same lines as saying 100 years from now “the world was always at war, the Holocast was just what people did back in the day”

      Finally, I will be realistic and use the world today as an example. What would happen if the US stopped intervening in every country they can get rich from?
      1. Muslum exremists would turn on each other.
      2. With a balanced playing field in the war arena, where countries stop being aggresive and take a defensive stance instead, poor countires (corrupt law makers) would not have as much need to prostitute their resources on the possibilities of military “freedom”
      3. The UN, sole power to dictate military intervention, would actually be useful
      4. The US would become less wealthy

      That is the reality I see. Do I see hordes of Muslums arriving at your doorstep blowing themselves off? or Iran blowing Israel to pieces with their A-Bombs? I dont think so. There is absolutely no credible evidence that any nation has planned to attacked another with an atomic bomb since Japan. No nation has been as evil as that.

  15. Please explain to me how America got rich by invading Iraq. The overall cost of the war is estimated to have been about $2,000,000,000,000. Do you think Afghanistan was profitable? Or Bosnia? These invasions were always going to cost more than any gain that could be made so I don’t see why you think they were undertaken for profit. And the other countries that made up the ‘coalition of the willing’. Were they also in it only for profit?

    Let me tell you how I think your thinking goes. You assume that America only ever intervenes for financial gain because this is what you have been told by people around you. Believing otherwise would make you unpopular so you have no incentive to question it. When it isn’t immediately obvious what that gain might be you simply make something up. Once you start from the rule that America is only ever interested in money then all of their acts are interpreted in that light and anyone who questions this is naive, gullible fool who has fallen for American propaganda. The idea that America might not always act out of a desire for monetary gain simply won’t enter your head. I suggest that you at least try to question this rule of yours.

    So you dislike intervention? In that case you must be quite happy to see the West sit back and let Syrian’s kill each other. Obama and Cameron wanted to intervene but their respective parliaments wouldn’t let them because they had learned their lesson from Iraq. I too don’t want any more interventions but not because I think they are wrong. I just see no way of helping Muslim countries without them viewing it as an attack. And things aren’t helped by white liberals accusing their countries of war-mongering. So my attitude now is to side with the non-interventionists and just let all those people who have the misfortune to be born in some God-awful country meet their fate. I would even stop all foreign aid, just to show that we really aren’t inteferring. I would also stop funding the United Nations since it is just an organisation that gives crooks and Third World demagogues a platform for their nasty ideologies and anti-Semitism. And in the end, what is the point in having the UN if the members can never agree on any course of action?

    Why would Muslim extremists turn on each other if America stopped intervening in Muslim countries? They hate us not because of our interventions but because we don’t adhere to Islamic laws. We could migrate to the Moon and they would still hate us. Clearly you have never listened to what Islamists say. Muslims have generally always treated non-Muslims like ‘cattle’ right from the start so don’t imagine that their hatred of us is due to our foreign policy. They hate us for what we are, not what we do.

    Please listen to Ahmadinejad saying that he wants to wipe Israel from the map, or the latest ‘moderate’ (ha ha) Iranian leader calling Jews ‘rabid dogs’ and calling on Muslims to do battle. You wouldn’t hear that kind of talk from any reputable western leader.

    As for your touching concern for black Americans, I feel that now slavery and discrimination is long gone, they only have their genes, their behaviour and a lot of well-meaning but foolish liberals to blame for their lowly position in society. You see blacks commit 67% of the violent crime in London but make up only 15% of the London population. black men in America kill at 7 times the rate of whites and you see the same picture everywhere else in the world, or is there a black country where you would like to live? You may say the problem is poverty but most races manage not to kill just because of poverty. Also, if poverty were the reason, you would expect murder rates to go up during recessions, but they don’t.

    This problem of black underachievement and crime seems to be partly a genetic problem and partly a cultural one, which is exacerbated by people like you who insist on blaming white Americans for the plight of blacks. The co-discoverer of DNA and nobel prize winner James Watson was forced to stand down as leader of the Human Genome Project when he suggested that he wasn’t hopeful about solving Africa problems since they seemed to be partly genetic. He was forced to resign, not necessarily because he was wrong, but because in our society you shouldn’t say bad things about black people, even if they are true.

    Anyway, please read my post for an alternative view to the tired old ‘black people fail because white Americans are racist’ explanation: https://theunrecordedman.wordpress.com/2013/10/12/if-america-were-really-racist/
    My guess is that if your Golden Rule is that America only acts for profit, your Silver Rule is probably that black people are never to blame for their circumstances. If they murder at seven times the rate of whites then whites must somehow be to blame for this. Just as America must never be seen to act selflessly, so black people must never be seen to do anything bad. Anyone who disagrees with this must be a racist.

  16. Raya,

    Somehow the reply button isn’t showing on your comment so I will reply here.

    When did I say you’re American?

    Previously you wrote:

    This blogger has no idea what is going on with his own country let alone with the world!

    The talk was about America, therefore it is fair to conclude you meant I was American. Otherwise your comment makes no sense. Or which country did you have in mind when you said I didn’t know what was going on in my country? Please try to be honest.

    So I doubt if you’ve heard of Dr. Kevin Barrett an American former university lecturer and a member of the Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11 (SPINE) also a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance.

    I have just looked up Kevin Barrett. He is a Muslim convert (surprise, surprise), known for being an anti-Semite who blames the Jews for everything. His wife took out a restraining order on him after he committed domestic violence and beat up his son. Is this the man you want me to trust? Is this the most reputable man you can come up with?

    Apart from that, I suspect that his organisation, the so-called Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance, isn’t very Jew friendly. Calling Israel ‘the most aggressive outlaw nation on Earth’ doesn’t sound like he should trusted to run a piss-up in a brewery, let alone some supposed peaceful (ha ha) organisation. Please don’t make me laugh with the clowns you bring forward.

    But you do clearly live in a society full of anti Middle East propaganda.

    No, I live in a society that is suspicious of Muslims, not the whole of the Middle East. There is at least one good democratic country I can think of there. And perhaps we have good reason to be wary of Muslims. Or was it western propaganda that blew up London buses on 7/7? Was it western propaganda that blew up trains in Madrid? Let me guess, Kevin Barrett says it was really the Zionists? And if you think that I think Muslims believe some barbaric things just because of western propaganda, please watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV710c1dgpU
    These people believe things that I don’t. They think that the word of Allah i.e. that apostates and gays should be killed, should be made law. Me finding this barbaric has nothing to do with the western media’s propaganda. This is Islam showing its true colours.

    You are right, at least one of us, or perhaps both, has been taken in by their sources of information. You seem very sure it is me. How can you be so sure? Simply because I don’t agree with you? I don’t understand how you can know that the Iranian government isn’t building a nuclear weapon, despite saying that it isn’t. Are you privy to some secret information that no one else knows about? Are your sources of information absolutely impartial and if they aren’t, how would you know?

    1. First, excuse me? The topic was about America? Are you sure? You’ve been writing here hundreds of words not only about America but about Israel, the West and the Middle East. Here is a simple example of one of those stupid statements “Just let the crazies get on with it and stop blaming the West for trying to separate them”… Of course you clearly support America’s strategies and I know the Europe is not even counted when we talk “West” but those statements could come from anyone “Westerner” who’s been brainwashed enough in that environment. Well, to be fair there are a lot of Westerners who are intelligent enough not to share the same idea that Fox news and CNN is projecting on them. So it’s fair to say you could be from any “Western” country. Again, I did not mention that you’re American.

      Second, “domestic violence “? and that’s the reason you can’t trust him? You gotta be kidding me!! Your beloved America and its presidents have done 100 times more violence either to the World (specially toward East) OR to their own families. How come you can trust them?!!! Oh I get it. You have a “selective” trust system in your mind that goes like this : if the guy is a Westerner ( plus point if he is an American woohoo) and is not a Muslim and a pro American and a pro Israeli. Theeeeen this guy is trustable! Aren’t you funny? LOL and AGAIN, did I say he is the most reputable person I can come up or YOU just assumed? I said he’s made a good point about Israel. The good point is a good point no matter who says that. As long as it makes sense and a good point worth sharing ALWAYS.

      Third, that’s why I call you a brainwashed! Did I say there are no terrorism in the world? And there are no fundamental Muslims in the world that you give me example of bombing? If you really like to give me a selective example, then guess what? If those actions are blamed by the world, including Middle East states as “illegal” and wrong, Israel has its “legalized” terrorism and has no one to blame.Oh I hear you’re so upset about the comment on Israel. What about watching this and update your knowledge? And please try to listen not that you can reply me back but to understand. Oh and please don’t hesitate to check their profile if they’ve done any violence towards their family so you can have some excuse not to trust them 😉
      ‎”Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionists are always chattering about ‘peace’ but, in reality, it is the LAST thing they want. Peace is not profitable and is simply not going to pave the way for Zionism to dominate the planet. However, divide and conquer just might. This is even all the more mind-boggling to most clueless US tax payers who cannot understand how a minority group of Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionists within the world’s total Jewish population of about 15 million can have come to control so much of the Western world……The religious Jews who by virtue of their faith, clearly contradicted Zionist nationalism, and who had lived peacefully with their Arab neighbors for generations, became unwillingly identified with the Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist cause and their struggle with the Arabs. They requested the United Nations that Jerusalem be designated as a defacto international city. They were confronted with the choice of either becoming a part of the Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist State, which diametrically opposed the interests of Jews as a religion, or abandoning the land of which their forefathers were the first Jewish settlers”.

      Forth, I truly believe YOU are the one thinking you know it all. I never claimed that I got all the sources neither pretended that I know it all. In fact I just see too much nonsense in your statements that make me think how confidence you are about your narrow minded analysis? And yes I can guess. The problem with close minded people is that their mouth is always open.

      Fifth, you said ” I don’t understand how you can know that the Iranian government isn’t building a nuclear weapon, despite saying that it isn’t…” Iran has always insisted that it does not seek nuclear weapons and says its reactors are only for electricity and medical applications. Iran also is a party to NPT which clearly states in its article IV : “Nothing in this Treaty shall be interpreted as affecting the inalienable right of all the Parties to the Treaty to develop research, production and use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes without discrimination and in conformity with Articles I and II of this Treaty.” They have all the right to enrich the uranium as long as it is for peaceful purposes. Israel on the other hand is widely believed to possess dozens of atomic weapons under a program dating back more than half a century. But in a major pillar of its national defense strategy, it neither confirms nor denies having these weapons – a policy known as “nuclear ambiguity” meant to keep its enemies off balance. Israel is among four countries believed to possess nuclear weapons that have not joined the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. (the other three are India, Pakistan and N.Korea). So how do you expect me to believe Israel is a good guy and that’s ok for him to have a bomb and enrich uranium while he’s not even willing to sign a treaty that’s supposed to bring peace for the world? Does your brain work or you just keep repeating what the media is trying to make you believe? Which one makes more sense? Iran that unlike N.Korea insisting that is not trying to make nuclear weapons or Israel who keeps killing innocent people and does not even deny of having nuclear weapons? So how would YOU know that Iran is building a nuclear weapon?

      1. Hi Raya,

        I don’t know that Iran is building a nuclear weapon. All I was asking is how you knew they aren’t. Simply because they say they aren’t? You actually misunderstood that whole part, but I can’t be bothered to explain it.

        I won’t comment any further as you seem to have concluded that I am brainwashed, in which case there is nothing I could say that would interest you. Anyway, it’s nice to hear that you, unlike me, are open-minded about this issue.

        Incidentally, maybe you should have mentioned the fact that you cut-and-pasted a large section of that last paragraph. You shouldn’t really pass things off as your own if you didn’t write them.

        Just out of interest, if you didn’t think I was American, which country did you think I was from when you said “he doesn’t know what’s going on in his own country?” I don’t understand how this sentence makes sense if you have no idea where I am from.

      2. First, “I don’t know that Iran is building a nuclear weapon” what??? your topic is all about “Why can America have nuclear weapons but Iran can’t?” but you don’t know if they’re building a nuclear weapons or not? Then what is your point? What were you trying to say in this looooong article?

        Second, are you sure that I cut/paste everything or just because you found some statement exactly as I mentioned here, you assumed that I pasted them? Do you even know my real name?
        “Iran has always insisted that it does not seek nuclear weapons and says its reactors are only for electricity and medical applications.” you can find it everywhere. From BBC to CNN to Barrens blogs,… because that’s how it is. EXACTLY the same phrase!
        Should I change the words on NPT article that sound like mine?
        Should I give you a reference of something very clear that you can simply go check it yourself? Do you think that I’m submitting an academic paper to you that I have to tell you which phrases are mine and which are “like” mine?
        Instead of picking on me that which phrase should have been in quotation marks, try to understand and learn the point. You don’t even give yourself some time to think. You’re too focused not to miss replying back my comments instead of trying to get my point.

        Last, I told you already that you clearly have a Western background. That means you can be from any European country. I mentioned in my previous comment why I said that you don’t even know what’s going on in your country. Because your statements show that you don’t even know what’s going on in West and by west I mean any Western country.

  17. Hi Raya,

    You cut-and-pasted from here: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/israel-minister-criticizes-boycott-iran-speech The reason I knew this is because the English suddenly changed from not bad to perfect.

    Do you even know my real name?

    Yes, your real name is Nadia. I used Raya because that was the internet name you used. Was that wrong of me? I thought that was the polite thing to do. However, if you wish I can use your real name.

    The West is not a country. Therefore you had no idea which country I am from when you said “he doesn’t know what’s going on in his own country”. Why not just admit that you thought I was American and you made a mistake? After that you made things worse by pretending that you hadn’t made a mistake, right?

    I have to say that your arguments are increasingly illogical and your tone hysterical. You seem to have learned that all western countries are the same, all its leaders are evil and on a moral level with wife-beaters and all its citizens are gullible. You probably learned that from Marxist lecturers at university so in a way it’s not your fault. You just absorbed everything they fed you.

    Despite what you claim you are not at all open-minded. For that reason I will not reply further and will delete any further comments you make.

    1. First of all it is COPY/Paste not CUT/Paste because when you take something off the internet you actually COPY it. You can’t CUT it. I used the same term for you because I thought this is YOUR terminology and you may understand better if I used the same term.

      You said “The reason I knew this is because the English suddenly changed from not bad to perfect.” OR you may want to put it this way: from the simple English that I could understand it suddenly changed to the difficult English that I had a hard time to understand. hah? 😉 Oh of course I’m not writing an article here, so I won’t choose my words to be in an academic level but if I use my favorite phrase, I absolutely won’t touch it 😉

      Second, are you sure my name is Nadia? I think you didn’t get my point when I asked this question! Never mind. Anyway you’re not allowed to use any other name than Raya here or I’ll take legal actions.

      Third, I don’t really need to tell you that what Federman says is exactly what I want to say. Did I claim that I made all these ideas by my own?

      Forth, of course the West is not a country but why do you think in political terms, they use “West” vs “East” ? Because Western states usually seek common interests. So when I say you have a Western background, it means you could be British, you could be German,OR you could be American… not as if all the western states are the same but their political interests towards the East is the same. I know you DIE to be American… poor you! Sorry I can’t give you that! No matter how much you wish to be from your “Promised Land” I don’t consider you American! Awww! Don’t get upset. Instead you’re European! From a country that never studied stupid Marxism and think all the blame is on stupid Middle Easterners which can’t just sit back and give us their oil and shut the ef up! ha ha ha

      I know you’ve realized that you have no answer to my arguments. Your attitude reminds me of the teacher who couldn’t answer the smart questions from one of his students, so he started picking on him and answered “first you go wash you dirty hands” instead of answering his questions. If you have no answer to my comment and are very afraid that I took you out from your comfort zone, get back to your turtle shell. My comments are not appropriate for the people like you who get uncomfortable hearing the truth. BUT you must delete your responses too. That will be fair. Because I spent some time answering your comments. However I’m happy others already commented on your “uncountable” bullshit.

      By the way, I know it’s really bugging you to hear that you are one close-minded person on earth but that’s the truth about people like you. Close-minded people are never ready to listen and learn. And of course they never like to be called a close-minded because they “think” they’re not. That’s why they have the most horrible approach to any type of discussion that makes them uncomfortable.

    2. Wow! I guess Raya fucked you up well 😉 and what did you have to say? Keep correcting her spelling or grammar instead? Did you ever get her point? Let me guess who you are. A desperate English teacher who can’t even find a proper job except teaching his mother tongue in some Asian country? Wow what a big deal eh?
      Raya, do NOT waste your time on dickheads!
      Just my 2 cents 😉

      1. I have to say that was a remarkably good guess. Not only did you guess my job but you also guessed my continent correctly. It’s almost as if you had read my profile.

        You’re right, Raya really got the better of me. I now realise that I was taken in by American propaganda and that it was ridiculous to think that Iran might constitute a threat to anyone, least of all Israel. This is certainly a relief to me (and Israel, I imagine).

        Thanks for the intelligent comment, Rosana,

        The Unrecorded man

      2. Thank you Rosana! I’ve already realized that;)
        And when he mentioned about his “profile” I just realized that even a person like him must have a “profile” for God’s sake! I don’t know if you’ve checked his profile already because I never did till few minutes ago lol He says he “works” but he does not mention what he actually does for a living! “Teaching his mother tongue” is a good guess! I loved it :)) I mean what else can he do except talking blah blah in his “mother tongue” checking for “countable” and “uncountable” nouns? 😀
        Oh and I had a good guess too when I said he must have a Western background and since he’s very confident with his Engish, he must be coming from an English speaking country and England is one of them. Wow! Now I see all the “logic” behind his comments. Hey Unrecordedman of course you should worship your “lord” and do it as much as you can. (read it with your cute British accent 😉 )

        BTW Unrecordedman, I found a bottom somewher to send you an e-mail and I sent it twice and asked you please remove my friend,Nadia/ the facebook account’s comment from this thread that I used her account the very first time I commented here. I was using my frined’s laptop and didn’t realize I’m using her fb account to comment. I do not want to get her involved with something she’s had nothing to do with. I am the one responsible for all the comments.

  18. Raya,

    I don’t understand you. You have insulted me (and lied) from the moment you first posted a comment. You then asked me to do you a favour, which I might have done if you hadn’t started insulting me all over again. Would you do someone a favour who was always insulting you? I don’t think so.

    I have now changed my comment settings so that I have to approve all comments. Any comments that you send will go directly to spam and won’t even be read.

    Now please leave me alone and go and annoy someone else.

  19. All of the comments here have a point. The reality is that we as humans, dont tolerate each other even in our country. One can go to any country. United States, Japan, Honduras to mention some and you will see citizens killing their own citizens. Why? First, there is a lack of faith and too much media psychogical confusion. I say this, because, the media throws us, news. horrible news but at the same time it is throwing hate, and violence via music, movies and video games. Now going back to the big people. World leaders, One of the comments I read made sense until you really think about it. Why can some countries have nuclear weapons and others can’t? It also come down to believes and religion. But, who is right? Us , them? We wouldnt want other countries to impose us their way of living right???? Then why should we impose our way of living in other countries? This might sound cruel, but if they want to kil each other and treat women bad due to their religion. Let them do so!!! It’s their culture. Now I belive that the real reason as I read on another comment, comes down to money. The bible makes no mistake as to say that money is the evil of this world. Might we be so dependent on oil as too invade and go to war in other countries to acquire such. Are we making up excuse, justify invading other countries imposing our culture and trying to look good for the rest of the world just for the oil that we have become so dependent of? I belive in freedom and love my country which has given me opportunities and a safe place to live. But, I don’t have to go far to get myself killed. My own people will do it. Mostly for money, but I will most likely be killed by one of my fellow citizen that by a person from another country.

    1. Hi Harrold,

      Thanks for the comment. You wrote, “if they want to kill each other and treat women bad due to their religion. Let them do so!!! It’s their culture.” I believe this is the men’s culture but not the women’s. The culture of the oppressor isn’t necessarily that of the victim. However, I see your point.

      As to ‘But, who is right? Us , them? We wouldnt want other countries to impose us their way of living right????’

      No we wouldn’t, but neither did Hitler want Britain and America to ‘impose’ our views on him, but we did, and we were right to do so. Maybe you haven’t noticed because the politicians haven’t used the word, but we are actually at war with Islam, which is every bit as Fascistic as the Nazi ideology, right down to the Jew-hating and the intolerance of other points of view. Not imposing our view would mean letting Islam and Islamists grow unopposed. Sure, we would be able to feel good about ourselves and say we weren’t the aggressors, but that is small consolation for ending up living under Islamic law.

    1. Jomojomo, you are welcome to explain why you think it would be a good idea for Iran to have nuclear weapons or for America to unilaterally do away with its own. I would quite like someone to persuade me that I am wrong.

  20. Hi,

    I just came across this rubbish article and some of the great comments and facts that COTW, Reza and Raya have highlighted. Some people simply DO NOT understand the meaning of “common sense”! End of! However guys, thanks for trying to explain the quite obvious.

    It is a shame that in this day and age, there are a lot of human beings out there who simply see black and white, exactly like a “sheep”!

    And to the writer of this article, I am begging you to stick to your day job as you clearly haven’t got a clue…Sorry the truth always hurts!

    1. Hi SNH,

      Thanks for your comments. It’s interesting to get comments both from people who agree and who disagree, though I know some bloggers only let assenting comments through. Even so, it would have been nice to know what it was you disagreed with.

      One or two queries: Why is it a shame that people see things in black and white ‘in this day and age’? Wasn’t it always a shame? Do you have such a dim view of people who lived in the past that you think they were incapable of nuanced thought?

      And does the truth really always hurt as you claim? Does, for example, the truth that I am in good health or that the earth orbits the sun hurt me? I don’t think so. And if what you wrote really did hurt me as you seem to believe, why did I just choose to show it on my site? I could equally well have deleted it and flushed it down the memory hole. The truth is that I am more than happy to expose the quality of thought and expression of people like you.

      You write:

      ‘there are a lot of human beings out there who simply see black and white, exactly like a “sheep”!’

      Firstly, why is ‘sheep’ in inverted commas? Did you mean real sheep or “sheep” i.e. people like sheep? Either way you are getting your imagery mixed up. You probably meant to say that I see things too simply, right? However, sheep are famous for blindly following, not simplicity of thought.

      I suspect the following is what you wanted to say but were unable to. That I am a “sheep”, i.e. the kind of person who follows blindly like a sheep without actually being a physical sheep (inverted commas and with the verb ‘be’, not ‘like’), or you meant I was like a sheep, that is, similar to an actual sheep (no inverted commas and with ‘like’). What you ended up writing was that I am like a person who is like a sheep, so not actually that kind of person at all. Are you keeping up with all this. I suspect not.

      Why am I going into all this? Because someone who is unable to construct even a simple sentence and can’t keep his thoughts untangled over a couple of dozen words probably isn’t able to make a sensible judgement on the desirability of Iran’s nuclear aspirations. However, if you would like to prove me wrong and explain to me, lucidly this time, why a theocracy that is deeply unpopular even with its own people should be allowed to develop nuclear weapons, I am all ears.

      Thanks for your comments SNH. Bye for now,

      The Unrecorded Man

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