Of Pit Bulls and Border Collies


A survey of U.S. dog attacks from 1982 to 2006 found 1 record of bodily harm attributable to Border collies, but 1,110 records attributable to pit bull terriers.

I got the above fact from a book I’m reading called The 10,000 Year Explosion by Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending. The fact suggests to me that pit bulls should be banned while border collies can stay as they are. However, I’m sure there are some people out there who would feel differently. They might argue along the following lines:

Even though there have been a lot of people attacked by pit bulls, this does not mean that all pit bulls are dangerous. You are guilty of tarring all pit bulls with the same brush when you label them dangerous. I have handled many pit bulls and they are good dogs. How many have you handled? None?

It is often not the dogs themselves but people like you that are the real problem. Labelling pit bulls as ‘dangerous’ is breedism. Without breedists like you, pit bulls would probably never attack anyone. You antagonise them.

All dogs should be considered innocent until proven guilty. We should wait until a dog actually attacks someone before jumping in and labelling it dangerous. Only then should we consider taking it off the street.

Probably pit bulls that attack people have either been mistreated by us in the past, or the person they attacked somehow provoked them. I don’t believe that it is their ‘nature’ to be aggressive. And quite frankly, I don’t blame them when they do turn nasty. I would do the same if I had been subjected to the levels of abuse they regularly suffer from bigots like you.

And maybe they just sometimes get confused and misunderstand things. It is more a case of being misguided than being malicious.

Apart from all that, it isn’t only pit bulls that attack people. There was, after all, that single attack by a border collie. Thus to be fair, you should call for a ban on all dogs if you are worried about attacks. Anything less than this would be double standards.

The fact that border collies are a native breed while pit bulls are a very recent arrival is no reason to favour collies. This country needs a diversity of dogs. Our country is much more vibrant for having diverse dogs.

In the face of such arguments most of us find it easier just to give up. The brainwashing is total and no counterargument will penetrate such people’s skulls. We either have to wait for them to be swept away by the next trendy ideology to sweep the nation like some dance craze, one that will hopefully be less destructive of common sense than Political Correctness, or hope that their beloved pit bulls turn on them.


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