Darwinian selection


The problem with a small section of modern Brits is that they have no natural predators. There is no species that preys on them, and there are no foreign nations that want to invade their country – yet. And even if there were, the war would be fought on their behalf by a small group of men trained to do their fighting for them.

Within our borders we allocate the police to defend us (though in reality they can’t) and our government takes money from the clever and hard-working and hands it to the stupid, the weak and the lazy.

Is it any wonder then that, lacking all competition and need to shape up, this small section look like domestic farm animals? They smoke themselves ill, drink themselves comatose, eat themselves obese and then waddle around from shop to shop, talking in brain-dead voices about the latest pop idol and themselves.

Of course it is only such well-off countries as Britain that could produce such people. Society feels that the people with more should give to the people with less, regardless of how this gap came about.

So the government takes from one group of people and gives the money to another without thinking how this effects either group. In general the receivers lose self-esteem, become lazier and end up hating the people who keep them alive. The givers give grudgingly without the beneficial glow that comes from voluntary and spontaneous charity. So both groups lose. The ones that give have less money for themselves while those who receive lose their self-esteem and live ever more dysfunctional lives.

Some people in our society think that those who live dysfunctional lives are simply unlucky and I have some sympathy with this view. Lucky people are born beautiful, intelligent, strong and well-off. The unlucky aren’t. This is nobody’s fault and nothing can be done about it. It doesn’t matter what policies you introduce, they aren’t going to make the short taller or the ugly more beautiful.

But there is another kind of bad luck. You might be born lazy. You and your doppelganger might be identical in every way but he is hard-working and you are not. You are not to blame for this. You are just unlucky. Yes, you are unlucky but fortunately, unlike being born ugly or stupid, that isn’t the end of the story. Despite being born lazy you can overcome this handicap.

But how? If someone is born lazy, how are they to motivate themselves to overcome laziness? After all, that is precisely what being lazy means: not being able to motivate yourself to do what you should.

This is where the government steps in, or rather shouldn’t step in. By refusing to pay welfare to the lazy, these fat-arses would be forced to get up off the sofa. It’s either that or starving. And behold, ’tis a miracle! The fat and idle shall indeed rise up from their sofas and waddle about and, God’s truth, even work!


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