People I read


John Derbyshire

Thomas Sowell

Ed West

Patrick West

Rod Liddle

Steve Sailer

Douglas Murray

Sam Harris

Theodore Dalrymple

Mark Steyn

Satoshi Kanazawa

George Jonas

Victor Davis Hanson

Pat Condell

Steven Pinker

Gregory Cochran

Toby Young

Niall Ferguson

Charles Murray

Richard Lynn

J.P. Rushton

Roger Scruton

Richard Dawkins

Milton Friedman

Lee Harris

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ibn Warraq

Derek Turner

Jared Taylor

Bruce Thornton

Christopher Hitchens

Pascal Bruckner

Allan Bloom

Tom Wolfe

Bertrand Russell

Geoffrey Miller

Peter Brimelow

David Horowitz

Henry Harpending

H.L. Mencken

Daniel Hannan

Douglas Carswell

George Orwell



Front Page Magazine

The Spectator

City Journal

Quarterly Review

Spoken Verse

Hoover Institution

Craig bodeker videos

American Conservative


PJ Media


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