Back to blood?


White liberals would be horrified if you suggested that they should vote along racial or ethnic lines. However, this is precisely what most other races do. In the recent elections in America 92% of black people voted for Obama. Mexicans also voted overwhelmingly for him, probably because they felt that he better represented the interests of their particular racial bloc rather than Obama being good for America.

It seems natural that you would vote according to your selfish interests, yet white middle class Liberals continue to vote against theirs. In doing so they are consigning white Americans to an increasingly insignificant role in American life. Liberals might claim not to mind this demise; after all, for them race is either not important or just a social construct. But I think they soon will mind once they see what kind of society replaces the current precarious predominance of whites. If they think that white people are going to be fairly-treated by blacks and Mexicans who have been taught (often by whites) that the white race has exploited and enslaved them and then stole their land, then they are in for a rude awakening.

It is really only western liberals that find the preference for genetically similar people a barbaric sentiment, yet strangely they understand a preference for family over other families. All other cultures find both familial, racial and ethnic preference totally normal. For them the tribe is simply as extension of the family, which indeed it is. But liberals feel that culture, not genes, should be the decisive factor in life and that, with the right education, everyone can overcome his primitive tribal loyalties and find allegiances in universal liberal ideas, like the Brotherhood of Man.

This may be a beautiful dream but all of history tells us that these liberals are wrong. Their error comes from mistakenly thinking that our nature is basically good and we can easily overcome the bad aspects of our nature, like a tendency towards violence. They also believe that everybody will soon become blind to race and the very idea of race will become like some weird fossil from the past. Some people have already consigned race to the scrap heap of damaging and false ideas. Yet though violence does indeed seem to have decreased throughout history, it is by no means certain to continue to do so. It is equally uncertain that nationalism and a preference for one’s own kind will be eliminated by education. A preference for people like ourselves is too deeply ingrained in us to be simply magicked away by wishful thinking.

At the moment we are living through a very unusual period of peace and prosperity and some people have mistakenly assumed that this is the norm and things can only continue to get better. Yet if liberals would look at how the rest of the world works, and at how things have worked everywhere for most of history, they would see that we are living in an atypical bubble which shows every sign of bursting soon. Just look at how Europe is in slow motion collapse and how America has an incredibly large debt.

Liberals don’t even have to look far in either time or space. It was only 70 years ago that Europe tore itself apart along nationalistic and ethnic lines, and the same was still happening in the 1990s in Yugoslavia. Ethnic tensions also became apparent after the break-up of the former Soviet Union. And this is just Europe.

Maybe it’s because I am pessimistic by nature, but my guess is that what comes after democratic liberalism won’t be anything good. I think that in the West we have less freedom than we did 100 years ago and things will get worse. Despite advances in technology our nature hasn’t changed since caveman days. A caveman armed with a club is a scary sight, but one armed with nuclear weapons is even scarier. In some places civilisation seems to have re-primitivised, as in some of Europe’s former colonies. Being unable and unwilling to fence itself off, I think that the rest of the civilised world is also heading for a new re-primitivisation. It would be nice to be proven wrong – but I don’t think I will be.


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