Celebrate your demise


Imagine that Mexico had poorly educated white Americans streaming across its borders, putting a strain on its welfare programs, its educational institutions and its prisons due to the immigrants’ high rates of unemployment, low school achievement and high levels of crime.

Imagine further that these white Americans, with their demands that Mexico change to accommodate their culture and language, come in such large numbers and with their higher fertility rate, that by the year 2042 it is forecast that Mexicans will no longer be the majority race in Mexico.

To add insult to injury, imagine that Mexicans are required, not merely to remain sanguine about all this, but to actually celebrate in the name of ‘diversity’ their dwindling numbers and influence in their own country. Any company that doesn’t employ its fair share of whites will be refused government contracts, and anyone who refuses to join in the celebrations is labelled a racist bigot or Mexican supremacist.

Can any sane person really believe that Mexicans would be happy about this? Why on earth would they be? Likewise, why should Americans be expected to celebrate the current influx of illegal Mexicans?

Only people who don’t care about their culture could remain indifferent to the threat of being swamped by large numbers of immigrants.

The truth is that it is natural to want things to go well for yourself, your family, your tribe, your race or the group you identify most closely with. We understand this at an instinctive level when it comes to Hispanics, Blacks, Aborignes, Chinese, Jews, Arabs and everyone else. It is something that doesn’t need to be explained, or apologized for. Yet when it comes to whites, this natural feeling of preference for the company of people like them is called racism, bigotry and supremacism. How has this come about?


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