Can you Adam and Eve it?


Have you ever thought about how strange it is that God sent His only son to earth to atone for our sins? The story goes like this. Our ancestors became sinful and the only way that God could forgive us was to send down his only son to be sacrificed. This would atone for our sins and make us clean again.

The story of the Original Sin is the biblical story of the Fall in the Garden of Eden, where Eve ate an apple from the Tree of Knowledge. Whether or not you believe that Adam and Eve were historical figures (welcome, biblical literalists!) or that the story of the Fall is just a metaphor for human sinning (welcome also, sophisticated Christians!), all Christians believe that Jesus was sent to earth to atone for our sins.

To see if this all makes sense, let’s try an analogy. Imagine that someone walks up to you in the street and for no good reason punches you in the face. Once you have recovered sufficiently to raise your bloody face, you state calmly, though nasally, that the only way for the attacker to make things good with you is to murder your son.

Huh? The attacker looks at you nonplussed. “Yes,” you continue, “if you murder my son, whom I love dearly, then I will forgive you for punching me in the face. After that your original sin of punching me in the face will be atoned for and you shall be clean again and fully forgiven”.

Why does sending your son to be killed by the very people who did you wrong make any more sense than this? If someone can make sense of it, please explain.


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