The white man’s burden

The White Man’s Burden

Here’s a good article by Fred Reed on the inability of black people to get to grips with the modern world.

Why would I link to such a ‘hateful’ article? Because I’m sick and tired of liberal dishonesty and cowardice and of blacks blaming whites for their own shortcomings. Yes, I know there are some clever black people like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams. I also know a woman who is 6-feet-tall, whose existence does not refute the claim that men are on average taller than women.

Fred has written several earlier articles on pretty much the same topic here, here, here and here. Interestingly he is not quite so sold on the idea that whites are more intelligent than Mexicans, Central Americans and South Americans. This could simply be because he is married to a Mexican woman and they live in Mexico. However, Fred himself says he is dubious of claims of a significant difference in intelligence between the two races because, unlike sun-Saharan Africans, Mexicans etc. had indeed achieved a high level of civilisation before the arrival of white people and their villages, towns and cities are often quite nice places to live in. All of this is in stark contrast with black civilisation when first encountered by whites and in contrast to black villages, towns and cities of today, which are no longer restricted to sub-Saharan Africa but can be found in the Caribbean, the Americas and Brixton in London, among others.

I think Fred has a point here since the alleged IQ gap between whites and Mexicans hasn’t led to any significant difference in standards of civilised behaviour. In a similar way, the higher IQ of east Asians of whites hasn’t led to east Asians countries being significantly more civilised than our own. This could either mean that IQ tests are not worth the paper they are printed on or that there is not a direct arrow from high IQ to the creation of pleasant communities. The latter seems more likely to me.

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