My nasty views on charity


About 6 months ago I noticed on my friend’s Facebook page that she was doing some kind of sponsored event to raise money for Africa. I stupidly asked her why people do fun activities (walking the Pennine Way, Parachuting from a plane) or just plain stupid activities (pouring cold water over their heads, photographing themselves without make-up) as a way of raising money or awareness. Why don’t they just ask people for money and forego the fun/stupid bit? If it’s in a good cause then surely people will give money. Also the time not spent running a marathon or walking from John O’Groats to Lands End could be used to put in an extra day at work and you, rather than your friends and family, could donate the proceeds to the charity of your choice.

My friend didn’t really get what I was saying and asked me to clarify, at which point I started to dig an even deeper hole for myself than the one I was already in. My explanation must have been rubbish because since then I have heard nothing from either her or her mother, who is the person in the family I am most friendly with. The latter now refuses to answer my emails.

So let me just lay out my views in all their nastiness. Firstly I think that asking for money to do some activity which is either pointless or pleasurable is weird. If you are going to raise money for the aged by, say, doing an old person’s gardening then I will certainly donate to that. But if you are going to tip a bucket of water over your head or cycle across southern France ‘for people in Africa’ then I won’t.

Then comes the charity you are raising money for. Most experts on charity for Africa agree that it has probably done at least as much harm as good. The money often undermines the work of local entrepreneurs who are trying to get a foothold in the market or it goes to corrupt government bureaucrats and criminals who know that the worse they can make the situation, the more western money will flow their way. Just one example. Some African criminals cut off the limbs of children because they know that photos of limbless African children will move rich westerners to give more money. People who donate are therefore indirectly causing the the amputations. In my view foreign aid and charity nullify any incentive a poor country has to improve itself as the more it improves, the less foreign aid and charity it receives.

Yet it would be dishonest of me to give the impression it is only the welfare of African people and their children that I have at heart. I am also bothered about the effect charity to Africa has on white Europeans.

I think there are already too many people in the world and there are certainly too many people in Europe and England. People in the environmental movement would generally agree with this and think a reduction in the world population would be a good thing. There is already a huge demand for the limited natural resources of this planet and some people are worried about climate change, allegedly brought on by human pollution. Though I don’t worry much about this, trying to fit 70 million people into a tiny country like England involves building over most of the green areas and countryside and this does worry me. I therefore welcome the falling birthrates of native Europeans since this ought to mean there is more space around. Land and house prices should fall as supply easily outstrips demand, which would then free up money for families who want a second child but at present feel they can’t afford it. These children would grow up in a more spacious environment and the native birthrate would stabilize around two children per couple, just what is needed for replacement levels to be met.

Of course none of this is happening because immigration and the relatively high birthrates of Muslims in England more than make up for the decline in native British birthrates. So, more housing is needed and there are fewer and fewer green areas but more pollution.

I realise the falling birthrate of native Europeans means that there are fewer workers to pay the pensions of the retired and that immigrants to some extent fill this gap. However, I think there are other ways this can be managed, just as the Japanese are managing the problem without resorting to mass immigration. Simply making it less expensive for would-be parents to have children is one option.

Anyway, importing millions of immigrants into your country, many of whom then go straight onto benefits, only exacerbates rather than solves the problem of funding pensions. What a country needs is not young people per se but people who are productive in some way. An unemployed young migrant is just as much of a drag on society as a pensioner, the only difference being that the pensioner has generally contributed to society over the course of his life and thus deserves to be looked after in his old age. The unemployed immigrant hasn’t contributed anything so doesn’t deserve to be looked after.

Though the European birthrate is declining, African birthrates are booming. In 1900 white people constituted 25% of the world population with black people around 15%. By mid-century whites will represent only 7% of the world population and by the end of this century Africans will make up 40%, having added an extra 3 billion people. If these Africans were happy to stay in Africa none of this would matter to me. Yet many of them seem reluctant to stay and help build up their own countries, instead preferring to move to the already prosperous societies built by previous generations of industrious white people.

As long as Africans were poor they couldn’t afford the cost of a passage to Europe. Neither did they know much about how we lived in the West but the spread of western technology has now put paid to that. With mobile phones, computers and TVs Africans are now acutely aware of how much higher the standard of living is in the West than in their own countries and they want a piece of the action.

Though western technology, medicine, aid and charity have not managed to raise the standard of living of African countries to that of western countries, they have enabled some Africans to accumulate enough money to pay people traffickers to get them across to Europe. After reaching Europe these generally fit, strong young men set about settling in and then sending for the rest of their family to join them. All they need is a foot in the door.

It seems likely that Africans and Europeans have always had two different reproductive strategies. European women generally have just one or two children who they carefully nurture to adulthood. African women on the other hand tend to have lots of children, often by different fathers, and farm out the raising of these children to siblings while the mothers themselves go out looking for a new temporary husband. The single parent family is not a recent phenomenon peculiar to Detroit. African mothers have often been the sole breadwinner and always accepted that some of their children will die, simply because feeding all those mouths on one person’s small income was never viable in the first place.

However, richer nations have stepped in and taken it upon themselves to make sure that as few African children die as possible. This is a good thing in itself but these nations should insist that Africans try limiting the number of children they have to just two or three. With a booming population and just enough money to get some of them to Europe, Africans (and Muslims) are now filling up our own continent.

It was largely the white race that built the modern world and enabled everyone, including Africans, to live longer, healthier lives and for more children to survive. I find it unlikely that blacks and Muslims are going to take up the mantel of champions of progress when whites are a negligible minority. Some people appear to believe that simply by coming to Europe will change Africans into model citizens but all experience suggests otherwise. Blacks in America still hugely underachieve, even though they have been in America for hundreds of years and were freed from slavery 150 years ago. And White South Africans didn’t suddenly start acting like Africans when they moved from the Netherlands and Britain to South Africa. Consequently I doubt that the Africans now moving to Europe will experience a sudden jump in their IQ scores.

This being the case I am quite gloomy about the future of Europe. By making sure that no African child dies without a concomitant demand that Africans restrict the number of children they have or stay in their own continent the West is ensuring that the future of the whole world will be blacker, in both senses. Only people who assume that culture is everything and nature nothing could be sanguine about these recent developments.

So is there a solution? The only one I can see is for westerners to stop giving foreign aid and charity to the two groups that are overpopulating the planet: Africans and Muslims. By artificially inflating their numbers we are effectively committing self-genocide. I don’t think even Muslims and blacks who look forward to the day when whitey is no longer top dog and has lost his alleged privilege will benefit from our demise. After all, over the last 500 hundred years it has been almost exclusively white people who have produced all the advances in any fields of knowledge you care to name. Though east Asians are now stepping up to the plate a little more, I don’t see much reason to be optimistic about a world run by blacks and Muslims.

Anyway, I’m sorry that my friend and her family disliked my views so much that they broke off all contact with me. They are a really nice family and we have known each other for 30 years, though we have never talked about these things. It must therefore have come as a shock to them to find out how poorly my views aligned with theirs. Strange, he always seemed so nice.

Whether or not they now understand my views, I can’t say. though I suspect not. The progressive liberal bias of the education system and the media has influenced the average person’s views to such an extent that it hears even the mildest of racial criticism as the rantings of a neo-Nazi. Yet I suspect that even if I had managed to get my point across as I wanted to they would still view me as a heartless, uncaring racist. Some falling outs are not due to misunderstandings but to the incompatibility of world views. They must wonder why I spent so much time talking to their Sikh friend at their son’s wedding, given that my views on dark-skinned people are so despicable. (I did so because she was nice and interesting and the fact that she and her family live in Britain has nothing to do with my views on charity to Africa. Neither do I blame any immigrant for coming here and in my experience most of them are nice people. My gripe is only with the white elites who foisted mass immigration on a reluctant native population).

While I generally think it’s best to air your views and to hell with the consequences, even if this means losing friends (I have lost one or two in this way), I now regret having commented on my friend’s Facebook page. She is not a political animal and does social work with disabled or disadvantaged children, I forget which. She is just someone trying to do good in the world who didn’t deserve to have her good intentions questioned. I must have been confusing her with one of my unshockable, hard-nosed friends or just some random person I met online.