White guilt

white guilt

A stupid father with his son on some march to say sorry to black people for slavery. What kind of a father would do this to his son? Does the father really believe his son is guilty of the crimes of earlier whites? And do you see any of the descendants of the Arab slave traders on this march? Nope. They’re not into self-flagellation and quite right too. It’s just one more kind of vanity.

I’m white but feel no white guilt. Nothing bad that I have ever done was caused by my whiteness. Neither as far as I know am I related to white people who did bad things to coloured people. I have traced my family tree back two hundred years and all 32 great-great-great grandparents seem to have come from the working poor. No sign of a plantation owner or colonialist in India.

white guilt1

Some pathetic creatures abasing themselves.

Yet even if some of my relatives had turned out to have exploited coloured people, this has nothing to do with me. They were them and I am me. I am not responsible for what people did before I was born. Apart from that, in the past pretty much all of us were racists, including black, brown, yellow and red people. The only difference between whites and coloureds was not that the latter had the greater virtue but that they generally lost while we won. Some shallow people mistake losing for virtue and a dove-like nature. This is like congratulating Liechtenstein on never having aggressively invaded Germany.

These daft people who do penance for being white are really just the flip side of those people who concentrate only on the good things white people have done – and there are many good things – and feel their shared skin colour allows them to bask in the reflected glory of a Newton, an Edison or a Darwin. Yet isn’t such thinking just a bit racist? Doesn’t it suggest that coloured people don’t have the same right to benefit from the past discoveries of white men as whites do? That seems to be the logic behind taking both the blame and the glory of past whites onto ourselves.

Even so, I may be doing advocates of white pride an injustice there. It may be the case that the actions of slave owners or colonialists only look shameful from our modern perspective, in the same way that sex was shameful to Victorians and being unpious was cause for a bad conscience in the Middle ages. Shame and guilt then seem to be culturally dependent whereas the achievements of Isaac Newton look pretty impressive no matter where you stand. If you think that Newton was ‘one of yours’ then maybe you are justified in feeling proud at having the same skin colour as him.

white kidsOne constant hope for overthrowing the poisonous culture of white guilt lies with uneducated whites. They are much more concerned with surviving and prevailing in life than in being inculcated with the latest cultural-marxist version of original sin. Yet probably the main counter-push will have to come from above from people who are sick to the back teeth of ‘virtue signalling’ through displays of affected contrition.